Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Mom In 2014

We've all been there: Trying to figure out a gift or mother's want and can use. Sure there are the stereotypical items like perfume and cookery but sometime she wants something more personal or luxurious.

This year, instead of the same old macaroni art, try to get your mother something she can use for years to come. Below are the best gifts for your mom for the 2014 Christmas season.

The Top Ten

1 Apple iPad mini

Mothers love gadgets too and if she like to be connected, then a stylish iPad is that way to go. Especially when it's small enough to fit in her purse.

I don't get it. Isn't the iPad mini the same thing as an iPad but "Conveniently" smaller? - username34

I got this for Christmas in 2014. Our whole family uses it however. - RiverClanRocks

2 Ugg Australia Slippers

Like putting your feet into a could. Fashionable and functional, these slippers are the pinnacle of cozy footwear.

I might be thinking about thus for my mom. - funnyuser

Sooo comfortable! Mom has always wanted these. "Had to spend money for uggs on you, she says all the time when I wear my baby pink uggs - iiiiiiiiii

I Like Sikhism, I Like Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Sikh Dharm Is The Best.

3 J. Crew Flannel Bathrobe

Not every mother wants to wear the same old bathrobe for years at a time. Something warm, cozy, and useful in the form of a bathrobe is the way to make her feel loved. Wrap her in a hug.

4 Calphalon Stainless Steel Pots/Pans

Even though cookery is somewhat of a stereotype, I don't know any woman - those who cook or not - who don't appreciate something high quality.

5 Amazon Kindle

If your mom is like mine, she loves her books. Why not get her something easier to carry around than the typical paperback?

Just love it! Light weight, word documents a huge plus, and great battery. Books are easy to read. Calendar is great along with swipe for the keyboard. Live my husband!

Great gift that all bookworm mothers will appreciate. My mum would love one!

Got my mum one of these and she loved it!

6 Shutterfly Personal Photograph

Everybody has a camera of some form these days. Why not take a beautiful picture and have the folks at Shutterfly print it for you. Get a frame (or make one) and give her something to display.

7 Prana Yoga Mat

Make sure that she has both the time and materials to start or expand her yoga practice. Keep her in shape and stress free.

8 Everlane Scarf

Infinity scarves are in fashion and warm/cozy. Get her something unique and comfortable.

9 Ahnu Boots

Great for mothers like mine who are always loosing their footing on the snow and ice. Warm, rugged, and still feminine/stylish.

10 Aveda Gift Card

From haircuts, to massages, to makeup/beauty treatments, Aveda is a one stop shop for all things pampering. Make her feel beautiful.

The Contenders

11 Jackie Evancho "Awakening" CD with bonus Christmas tracks

The gift that keeps on giving - all year long. - BobG

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