Top Ten Best Songs from Ronnie James Dio Holy Driver Album

Holy Driver has to be one of the best metal albums I ever listened to. Rainbow and black Sabbath are great, but this album takes the cake in my opinion. Its a classic album, with no bad songs and Dio's voice and vocals and Campbell's guitar playing were absolutely untouchable. Now lets check out some of his best songs from one of his best albums yet, shall we? ;D
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The Top Ten

1 Rainbow In the Dark - Dio

My top 3 would be the same - Rainbow In the Dark, Holy Diver, Don't Talk to Strangers.
It's always hard for me to choose between Rainbow In the Dark and Holy Diver, and say what is better. - Metal_Treasure

2 Holy Diver - Dio
3 Don't Talk to Strangers - Dio
4 Stand Up and Shout
5 Gypsy - Dio
6 Shame on the Night - Dio
7 Caught in the Middle - Dio
8 Holy Diver (Holy Diver)

I only added this item again because this track actually has only 9 tracks which is a bumber. I wanted to add 9 items to this list, but I don't think admin would let me, so please don't be mad at me :(
Anyways this song is the main song for the album itself and it is awesome! :D

9 Straight Through the Heart
10 Invisible