Things I’ve Learned Not to Do Since Joining This Website

Oh boy. I had so much to learn when I first joined.I thought it was funny to add ridiculous (and poorly executed) comments to items. I was also WAY too extreme with correcting grammatical errors. It’s for these things I apologize. But even though I still mess up,I have learned a bit since joining.
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1 Correct grammar

I know it seems like you’re helping someone while you’re correcting their improper grammar. Well,it turns out doing this hurts people more than it helps them. Correcting grammar isn't okay unless if you’re a teacher.

Doing this makes you seem like you’re a perfectionist which isn't exactly a good thing - Randomator

2 Fight without valid reasons

Alright. Let’s say you put a comment about how (insert something you don't like here)is horrible. Now,in comes a user who completely disagrees with you,and is ready to start a fight.There’s three ways you could handle this. No. 1: Fight this user with logic. Bring up knowledgeable points to this argument, and research all you can beforehand.
No. 2: Tell him he’s idiotic and then type in all caps so it seems like you’re yelling.
No. 3: Chicken out and don't do anything at all.
Okay let me just say number 1 is always the best way to win a argument.

It's surprising to see how few people, some of whom are even in a position to be a role model, realise this before they've already caused a riot.
Yes, I am a hypocrite. - PositronWildhawk

If you’re going to fight at least bring up valid arguments otherwise you’re going to get destroyed and look like an idiot in the process - Randomator

I definitely like this list. - Metal_Treasure

3 Be on this website every day

Take a break. Go read a book,call a friend,enjoy the outdoors,but don't be on here all the time. There’s so many other things that you could be doing with your day

Well, i’m here every day and I can't leave even for 1 day. - Userguy44

Unfortunately I have not learned my lesson. - RadioHead03

I was on here practically every day in the past. But back then I had a lot more free time on my hands. - PositronWildhawk

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4 Not listening to both sides of a problem

How will you be able to fix something if you’ve only heard one side of the story? Listen to both sides of an argument before forming an opinion.

Always get the full picture before choosing a side - Randomator

5 Make lists you’ll regret

Luckily,with Self-Moderated lists you can edit or delete them. Community lists,however are generally on there forever,and are unchangeable. Don't go making lists you’ll eventually wish you’d never made.

I made these lists. See “Worst Drummers Of All Time” - Userguy44

I kinda regret making the list on reasons why My Chemical Romance is better than Nickelback. Definitely a list I didn't like making. - RadioHead03

Well if you do then you’ll have to move on from it. - Randomator

6 Announce retirement without being sure you’ll actually retire

Nope. That wasn't okay to do. Learn from me,and don't announce retirement unless you’re 100% sure you’ll go through with it. Otherwise you will seem cowardly,and users will lose their respect towards you.

Thank god I didn't decide to retire. - Userguy44

Usually people go very slowly and gracefully, without making a big deal of it. - PositronWildhawk

7 Add irrelevant items/comments

Potatoes flying Mountain Dew llamas! It’s comments and items along the lines of that which aren't nearly as funny as the person who added it believed.

8 Go overboard when angry

Yeah... I may have gone overkill destroying someone to oblivion who believed Princess Peach is the best Nintendo character ever.

9 Get overly upset by someone not liking your opinions

Let’s face it. Not everyone will agree with you all the time.

Certain people spring to mind... - PositronWildhawk

Doing that is honestly immature - Randomator

People may disagree wherever they can, but do it in a nice manner. Every user has different opinions and we have to deal with them.
Nice: I hate this band/song, but I respect your opinion.

10 Rush everything you do

Take your time. If you rush,everything will be sloppy,and not well thought out.

Quality over quantity - Randomator

Good point. Too bad I always rush my lists. - Userguy44