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1 Democratic Democratic

Republicans are ruining the planet. They don't care about the fact that climate change is only hurting our children. If republicans care about our children, and are so pro-life, why do they want them to live in a crappy future?

Bo - PumpkinKing109

These guys spawned the KKK and are supported by Commies so I don't know... - JustAnAccount

Both parties are money grabbing machines for the elite. Hopefully third parties or independents can become more prominent in the future.

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2 Republican

Honestly, this Government shut down wouldn't happen unless the Democrats tried to be good politicians.

Republicans and democrats are both cancer. - DarkBoi-X

Because the Republicans have protected America and the world, we as Republicans value capitalist American values and know that socialism doesn't work is a great evil. We value the Constitution, freed slaves and value the life of babies. And we created the path towards civil rights.

The equivalent of Conservatives more or less. - iliescu

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3 Independent

I am a democrat, but I do feel like I'm slowly becoming less liberal and closer to independent. Of course, I still oppose Trump and nearly everything he does, and most of his supporters do like to bash democrats for no reason. I'm just saying there are still some good republicans out there.

Still staying democrat though, although not super liberal, only moderately liberal. - Solacress

I'm independent because I don't like placing a label on myself. I agree with most democratic/left wing social views, with some Republican/right wing economic views. Both parties have their annoyingly stupid extremists, their pros and cons. But society leads people to believe that if your a Republican or a Democrat, you have to agree with everything the politicians of your party say. This lets the politicians easily manipulate the voters, which causes the state of the country to go way downhill. - ryanrimmel

Washington agrees with me when I say that political parties are no good and all they do is tear countries apart. They're breeding grounds for ignorant masses and paradigms. Communists and Nazis alike are political parties and proof of what damage they do. I'm not part of this Democrat Hippy vs. Republican Cowboy thing. I like to have my own unbiased views without all the propaganda. That's why Independent is the way to go - JustAnAccount

I'm an independent because I disagree and agree with all parties. It's cool because you see how stupid everyone is, in every party, because I don't favor any party. - AnnaOfArendelle332

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4 Libertarian


A party that just wants to leave you alone.

The only party that allows people to hold different opinions without forcing them on everyone. I'm a very conservative Christian, but I don't want to use government and laws to enforce morality on people. If people want to be prostitutes, or do drugs, I think that's wrong and I'll try to persuade them to stop, but I won't stop them by force or ask the state to do so on my behalf.


5 Green

The only party that cares about the future. - owlro188

The big 2 political parties are too busy worrying about minor problems, when in reality the Green Party is really the only option because without a functioning planet, how can social and economic problems even become relevant? We have to learn to maintain the world on which we live before we have the time to worry about smaller problems. - Dorito

I would be Republican, but I know Global Warming is real and that the environment must be preserved, so I'm Independent/Green Party. Surprisingly, a lot of Republican candidates this time seem to support the preservation of national parks.

I'm republican economically, but I don't like how most republicans just ignore global warming. Seriously, it's real people. And it is going to kill us if we don't do something about it!

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6 Bull Moose Party

"Bully! " -TR

7 American Independent Party
8 Constitutionalism


9 Socialism

Bunch of sociopaths

Not communism
That’s like saying far right wing republican she like trump are Nazis
There is a diference
I am a socialist

Communism for liberal sissies. - JustAnAccount

Ha! This is just communism! People won’t admit it though - PumpkinKing109

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10 Progressive

Better then democrats

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11 Pacifist Party

No fighting, no war. All just peace. Wonderful beautiful peace.

Keep dreaming Meanwhile, there are realities to try to deal with. Unless you're content with having others completely dictate your life and future and making you subservient. - Billyv

Actually The Pacifist Party Took Control for 3 Days. the Moment was called Woodstock - GreenDayFan21

12 Tory
13 Whig

Last whig was in the early 1800s

Modern Whig Party is alive and growing over at

14 World Workers
15 Freedom Socialism
16 Democratic-Republican Party
17 Black Panthers

When you invert the KKK - JustAnAccount

Basically the black KKK.You don't end racism with more racism.

I hate racist people. This is a hate group!

Just as bad as the kkk

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18 Federalist Party

rip - JustAnAccount

19 Tea Party
20 Peace and Freedom Party
21 Communist Party

The Communist Party of the United States of America is a true workers' party which intends to preserve the freedoms garunteed in our bill of rights while expanding them to include things like healthcare and education for all which levels out the playing field and builds true meritocracy, a fair chance for anyone to achieve the American dream.

Best party ever most littlest heil Hitler

It's a good idea but it would never work because we're to selfish.

They only tag along Democrats now... - DieGedankenSindFrei

22 Constitution Party
23 Party for Socialism and Liberation
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