Top 10 Ideas for a Disney Park Attraction Retheme

These ideas would work for a retheme of Disney park attractions, especially for attractions that have been dated.
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1 Buzz Lightyear’s Cosmic Rewind (Epcot)

This would integrate the attraction into Disney's intellectual property instead of being off-property, as is the case with Guardians of the Galaxy & all of Marvel & would be a significant improvement to Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters/Space Ranger Spin. Like the other attractions mentioned here, it would also feature prop guns, allowing people to appear to shoot the bad guys as the omnimovers move along the track. The theme involves Buzz Lightyear taking you on a trip back through time to catch the bad guys & return to the present, which means the reverse launch would still make sense. His line To Infinity and Beyond would be included at the beginning & end. It would feel more like a proper space trip with Buzz Lightyear & his crew instead of a slow dark ride.

2 Rock 'n' Roller Pop Coaster Starring Olivia Rodrigo (Disney’s Hollywood Studios & Walt Disney Studios)

It would be a huge relief to have something new instead of something dated and irrelevant. This would also fit with today's music trends & the fact that Olivia Rodrigo played on Disney series such as Bizzardvark & High School Musical (The Musical Series) & is among today's top trending artists, as opposed to Aerosmith. Aerosmith are also not so relevant in today's music world & are on a farewell tour, further making this a good idea. Plus, this should also replace Avengers Flight Force at Paris, which is such an irrelevant choice for a Disney ride even when they're unnecessarily using Marvel's rights.

3 Mission: STITCH (Epcot)

This would add some character to an attraction that has caused so much controversy & so many casualties. Stitch would be the narrator & your rocket ship would stay true to the theme. Green would go around Earth & Orange would go to Mars, as expected. The only difference is the introduction of Stitch. At least it would make more sense than Stitch's Great Escape (which was at Magic Kingdom).

4 Soarin' Over Agrabah (Epcot, Disney California Adventure & Tokyo DisneySea)

This would make so much more sense than the Magic Carpet spinner & be focused on flying your magic carpet over Agrabah. Of course, the seating would have to change to mimic magic carpets rather than a hang glider & the queue would also be Aladdin-themed, but all this would help stay true to Disney's property & theming.

5 Brother Bear’s Grizzly River Run (Disney California Adventure)

Brother Bear (as a animatronic) would be introduced & the ride would follow the story.

6 Hunchback Jamboree (Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland)
7 The Walt Disney Hall of Fame (Magic Kingdom)

This would remove a big piece of controversy & stay true to the Disney theming. It would focus on all the main characters and their importance for reasons.

8 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland)
9 Luigi’s Spinning Tires (Disney California Adventure)

Disney needs to bring back Luigi's Flying Tires at Disneyland, as it makes more sense for tires to spin instead of vehicles flying. It would make more sense to name it Luigi's Spinning Tires instead since the tires never flew.

10 Characters In Flight (Disney Springs)

Disney needs to honestly bring back Characters in Flight because it makes no sense to have a balloon ride on Disney property without it being themed to characters. It was a big mistake to remove the characters & go off-property in theming & they need to think about turning around.

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11 Country Bear Journey (Disneyland)
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