Top 10 Worst Mistakes Ever Made at Disney Parks

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1 The Closure of Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain has been such an iconic classic. It was a mix of entertainment and thrills, relaxing at times and thrilling at other times. It would've stood the test of time.

Unfortunately, the controversy of race in the wake of the protests after George Floyd's death (regarding Song of the South) led to the closure of this iconic attraction at the parks. It's being rethemed as Tiana's Bayou Adventure (which is themed to Princess and the Frog) and is surely unlikely to be as iconic as Splash Mountain. This was a waste of time and money. Even by the 22nd century, Splash Mountain will be missed by many and remain a memory.

2 The Closure of The Great Movie Ride

This took away much of the entertainment Walt Disney World guests had on the nostalgia of classic films. The replacement was Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway, which is less than half as great as the original attraction.

The nostalgia this gave everyone is gone forever, replaced with a ride based on the new Mickey Mouse shorts, which are done with anyway.

3 The Closure of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure Park

This was the biggest mistake in the history of Disneyland. The Hollywood Tower was part of the theming of the Tower of Terror and was located in California where Hollywood is. It was rethemed into Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, which doesn't really fit the layout. Disney has been focused on Marvel attractions as part of their greed.

It makes no sense to get rid of a ride named the Hollywood Tower in California. Hollywood is in California, and this ride was originally meant to be themed to the Twilight Zone.

4 The Demolition of The Sorcerer's Hat

This was one of the most iconic structures in the history of Disney parks. It was among the first things seen by people going to Walt Disney World. It was removed in 2015, leaving the Chinese Facade fully exposed. Disney's Hollywood Studios has less Disney magic nowadays.

An iconic landmark gone forever. The park looks less like Disney than it used to. Toy Story Land has the most Disney aspect of the park.

5 The Continuation of the Aerosmith Brand on Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

Aerosmith are no longer relevant, as opposed to many of today's stars. Plus, they're on a farewell tour, meaning they're retiring. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is so outdated nowadays and deserves a major retheme.

The band was never involved in Disney. Many thought that would ruin the thrill and musical aspect, but honestly, it should be rethemed as Rock 'n' Roller Pop Coaster Starring Olivia Rodrigo. She's among the top trending artists and does rock 'n' roll music, yet played on Bizzardvark and High School Musical: The Musical Series. Her driver's license could be shown on the cars and props. If only Disney were willing to be that generous.

6 The Failure to Repair the Yeti on Expedition Everest

The Yeti has been a huge part in the theming of Expedition Everest, but it's never been fixed. Surely fixing it would mean taking apart half of the attraction, but people just need to learn to have patience. Disco Yeti doesn't do any justice.

7 The Closure of DisneyQuest

DisneyQuest was known to be totally immersive and fun for all ages. It was among the biggest parts of what's now Disney Springs. It was closed down to be rethemed as the NBA experience, which doesn't fit with Disney at all and is just a waste of space.

8 The Licensing of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas's Likeness

Guy Fieri ordered the Walt Disney Company to renovate Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs to his likeness. It looks like an observatory on the outside but like his restaurant on the inside. The logo certainly matches that of his Vegas restaurant.

Its good service has declined and much of the memorabilia is gone. The only relevant thing is the footage of Hollywood pop culture. This shows you how crazy Guy Fieri is.

9 The Retheming of Characters In Flight to Aerophile

The balloon ride at Disney Springs was relevant to Disney property when it was Characters in Flight. It had more of a story back when it was that. Now it's Aerophile, which is just like any other tethered balloon ride with no theming.

10 The Demolition of The Earffel Tower

Now the only water towers at Walt Disney World are the Disney Springs sign as well as the AMC sign (also at Disney Springs) and the House of Blues sign (again at Disney Springs).

The Earffel Tower was a faux water tower located at Disney's Hollywood Studios until its demolition in 2016. The Paris version is still standing.

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