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TheAngryGrandpaShow is a youtube channel that is very hilarious. It involves a guy named Michael and his girlfriend Bridgette who record Michael's elderly dad having meltdowns over things that piss him off and/or destroying stuff that causes him to get pissed off. If you don't watch his videos already, you should because he's hilarious sometimes. Anyways, this a top 10 videos from that channel. Hope you like it!

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1 Angry Grandpa Destroys Ps4

Why Isn't this #1?! It's the #1 most popular video on their channel! When he slammed the PlayStation 4 against the glass table, I almost cried! (I'm a gamer).

Alow me explain: it's close to Christmas, and grandpa invites Michael over to bake Christmas cookies, but he doesn't come over because he thinks angry grandpa's gonna prank him. So, angry grandpa yells at Michael, and then leaves to get a wrench, comes back, and destroys Michael and bridgette's PlayStation 4 and coffee table in a fit of rage. Then, two related videos were made, one called ''GRANDPA KILLS TINA! (PRANK)'' where Michael gets revenge for the destruction of his ps4 by pranking Grandpa into giving their neighbor Tina Christmas cookies he baked, only for her to ''die'' due to an allergic reaction to the eggs. The other is ''ANGRY GRANDPA RUINS Christmas! (PS4 PRANK)'', where grandpa gets revenge for the ''killing Tina prank'' on Christmas morning by getting Michael and bridgette a brick for Christmas inside a ps4 box. The destruction of the PlayStation 4 is one of his craziest fits yet, and it's currently the most popular video on his channel (12 million views! ), so it ...more

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2 Angry Grandpa Destroys Kitchen!

In this video simillar to the pinwheels video (only Michael didn't actually hide it), grandpa gives kitchen nightmares a brand new name when he can't find his ''special candy''. So he rips the stove circles off the oven, pushes the oven to the ground, throws the microwave on the oven and hugely dents it, throws and flips tables and chairs, and bashes the fridge to death with a crowbar. This was the one destruction video in all of angry grandpa history that was SO out-of-control, Michael called the police on Grandpa! Grandpa was even arrested, but released shortly after! It's in the top 5 for a reason!

Grandpa can't find his candy, so he destroys the oven, microwave, fridge, and table! He got arrested after this video! It should be #1!

I thought it was so funny when Angry grandpa said "You buncha bastards! Clean it up." That is why this is my favorite agp video

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3 Angry Grandpa - Pissed About Pecan Pinwheels!

Michael and bridgette hide grandpa's pecan pinwheel swirls, and when grandpa can't find his guilty pleasure snack, he FLIPS OUT, throwing tables and yelling at bridgette and grandma, thinking one of them ate them. He finally finds the empty box (bridgette fed them to the dog) behind the microwave, and screams at Bridgette some more for the rest of the video. It was so funny, RayWilliamJohnson featured it in one of his videos. A video was then posted on TheAngryGrandpaShow called ''Angry Grandpa Responds To RayWilliamJohnson'', where he screams at RWJ for calling him Santa Claus and calling his videos fake.

4 Angry Grandpa Hates Casey Anthony (Not Guilty!?)

Michael records himself and angry grandpa watching the trial for casey anthony on july 5, 2011, on the news. When grandpa sees the judge charge casey anthony not guilty, he is NOT HAPPY. He yells about how she should be in prison for life or executed for killing her daughter, and eventually stops after a few minutes. The video was so popular, they showed it on Dr. Drew! It should at least be in the top 5!

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5 Angry Grandpa's New House.

After all the things that AGP destroyed Michael bought AGP a new house which is heart warming.

6 The Walking Dead Prank!

Michael, Bridgette, Tina, and a bunch of other neighbors pull the biggest Halloween prank ever on grandpa by making it seem like an ebola outbreak has caused the zombie apocalypse. Everyone except Michael pretend to be zombies and stalk them, and they even put together a fake news report on the zombie outbreak. Then, they tell him it was just a prank as he thinks he's about to die, and grandpa EXPLODES in a fit of rage! Then, grandpa got revenge a few videos later in a video called ''GRANDPA'S GOT EBOLA! (PRANK)'', where he and bridgette prank Michael into thinking grandpa met a fan from Africa and got ebola. ''THE WALKING DEAD PRANK! '' is the second most popular video on the channel (about 4 million views) for god's sake!

Anything with ZOMBIES and throw angry grandpa into the mix and you've got an OSCAR nomination.

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7 Angry Grandpa Plays Flappy Bird

In this video, Michael forces grandpa to play flappy bird. What follows is a series of flappy bird fails, threats to break the tablet, and LOTS of grandpa yelling! 3rd most popular video on the channel (3 million views).

His scream at 3:20 was golden comedy

i'm gay

8 Boeing Evicts Angry Grandpa Again
9 The PS4 Treasure Hunt
10 Angry Grandpa - Nair Removal Prank

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11 Angry Grandpa - The Hit & Run Prank!

Michael and Bridgette prank Grandpa into thinking he hit a person with his car the previous night while he was drunk. They put fake blood on his windshield and everything! It was a good prank...

12 Angry Grandpa Drives Into Swimming Pool!

Grandpa suffers a MASSIVE fail when he accidentally backs into and destroys his pool.

13 Angry Grandpa Hates Justin Beiber

Seeing how much this site Hates Justin Bieber, I'm surprised this isn't number 1. - nintendofan126

Grandpa gets mad when he keeps hearing Justin Bieber on the radio, so he goes on a (as RayWilliamJohnson would say) ALL CAPS RAGE, ranting on how bad he is and stuff. ''Nintendofan126'' is right! With how much this site hates Justin Bieber, I'm also surprised it's not #1! It's funny enough to be #1...

14 Angry Grandpa Plays The Scary Maze
15 Diet Coke & Mentos Explosion!

In this video, Michael pranks Grandpa into putting his face over a bottle of Diet Coke and dropping a handful of mentos inside it so it will explode in his face. When it does, Grandpa goes all super saiyan on Michael and Bridgette!

16 The Meanest Prank Ever!

This was kind of a dark prank, I mean grandpa is covered in fake blood when Michael shows up, and he makes it totally look like he killed a person, with fake blood on the floor, a knife with fake blood on it, and a bag of fake dismembered body parts. I can understand why Michael was SOOO mad when he found out it was just a prank! Great title choice, Michael, because it's true!

Grandpa pranks Michael into thinking he murdered someone. That title is no lie!

17 Angry Grandpa's Toy Room Meltdown!
18 Angry Grandpa Vacuum Repair FAIL
19 Tina Moves In - The Prank
20 Angry Grandpa - The Fake Bomb Prank
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1. Angry Grandpa's New House.
2. The PS4 Treasure Hunt
3. Boeing Evicts Angry Grandpa Again
1. The Walking Dead Prank!
2. Angry Grandpa Destroys Ps4
3. Angry Grandpa Drives Into Swimming Pool!
1. Angry Grandpa Plays Flappy Bird
2. Angry Grandpa Hates Casey Anthony (Not Guilty!?)
3. Angry Grandpa - Pissed About Pecan Pinwheels!



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