Top 10 Anime and Game Pairs

Hmm... How about Kingdom Hearts and Bleach as the pairs

The Top Ten

1 Super Mario Brothers+Doraemon

Hmmm... If Doraemon can go to the magic warp pipe to Mario's world and Doraemon can meet him and Luigi. - AldoFitrian

Super Mario Bros.+Doraemon means if Nobita wants his imagination, Mario and Luigi can help him when he's trouble with his environment. - AldoFitrian

2 Kingdom Hearts+Bleach

If Kingdom Hearts+Bleach crossover means Sora can travel trough Ichigo's world and Sora can help him for fight the strongest villains (Master Xehanort+Aizen). - AldoFitrian

3 Overwatch+Sword Art Online

Cool, right if Overwatch+Sword Art Online as pairs. - AldoFitrian

Hmmm... What happened if Overwatch Characters meet Sword Art Online Characters. - AldoFitrian

4 Mortal Kombat+Tokyo Ghoul

Gory animes have Tokyo Ghoul and Gory games have Mortal Kombat. - AldoFitrian

5 Sonic the Hedgehog+Dragon Ball

Super Hedgehog Sonic and Super Saiyan Goku. - AldoFitrian

This should be like a fighting crossover thing

6 Fatal Frame+Gegege no Kitaro

I like this pair. I hope Metts can vote this list. How about Kitaro using Camera Obscura when he sees any Yokais along with Fatal Frame Characters. - AldoFitrian

Hmm... Kitaro wants to meet himself to Mio and Mayu and then, he can help them for ghosts who can haunt Mio and Mayu.. eheheh, that's just my Imagination - AldoFitrian

7 Arcana Heart+Sailor Moon

Arcana Heart+Sailor Moon = Cute girls and Badass girls. - AldoFitrian

8 Ninja Gaiden+Naruto

Ninjas! What happened if the characters from Ninja Gaiden and the characters from Naruto. - AldoFitrian

9 The King of FIghters+Katekyo Hitman Reborn
10 Street Fighter+Saint Seiya

The Contenders

11 Ninja Gaiden+Naruto
12 Kingdom Hearts+Bleach
13 Overwatch+Sword Art Online
14 HiHi Puffy Amiyumi+UmJammer Lammy
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