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1 Naruto: Shadow Clone Jutsu

A lot of people would want a clone of them selves, use this Jutsu and you have a new best friend, yourself you lonely pig. But this Jutsu is one of the best. Having hundreds of yourself beat a guy to death, pretty cool.

Sharingan is better in my opinion or having a tailed beast

This was the number one anime power I tried to do

Naruto is the best anime of

2 Blue Exorcist: Satan's Blue Flames

Being the son of satan: Not so cool
Having his blue flame power: pretty cool.
Kill anybody easy.

Awesome power. It's controlled by Rin's emotions,though,so it's not easy for him to control.

It was so cool to watch


3 Attack On Titan: Titan Shifter

Do you want to kill all the titans, then get the titan shifter power. Bite your hand.. POOF, you're a giant naked guy with no Gentiles.

4 Hunter x Hunter: Nen

The most complex, balanced and intriguing shounen "magic system" in anime, with nearly limitless potential without becoming a power-fantasy grind, that truly lets the author flex his creative muscles. Just watch the show to see what I'm talking about.

I don't really wanna explain, watch the show if you're interested.

5 Mirai Nikki: Future Telling Phone

Ever wanted to tell the future, look at your phone and see the lotto numbers, this is a big favor. Lower down on the Instagram people.

6 Dragon Ball: Spirit Bomb

Bullies at your school. Take care of them with a spirit bomb, say a few words, mass destruction follows.

Obliteration. Most destructive and powerful move I've ever seen in anime.

7 Dragon Collection: Dracolle

Reading is boring. But now it's not, take your book, summon a dragon or two.

8 Akame Ga Kill: Imperial Arms

Not really a power but still kinda cool. These weapons have mysterious powers that can insta kill.

Sharing an naruto it's awesome you can sense all of your opponent move

One of the best anime ever

9 Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiyan

I've tried to go Super Saiyan countless time!

Who wouldn't want to go super saiyan!?

I love every Dragon Ball thing!

This should be higher!

10 Naruto/Shippuden: Sharingan

The abilities of sharingan are
- genjustsu (mind attacks) nullification
- ability to cast genjustsu from eye contact
- sight of the chakra network
- ability to copy and use the abilities of others
- when in battle they know the next move the opponent will use almost before themselves

If you can see when people are going to hut you can tell like another person to help.

If a person trying to shoot you you have sharingan to move before it happens.

Sharing an is the ultimate in anime abilities and simply can't be beat!

The Contenders

11 Fairy Tail: Natsu's Fire Dinner

Have you ever wished to just, eat fire. Natsu can. Sure he has so many other 1 hit kill powers, but this is the coolest.

Natsu is cool

12 Code Geass: Geass

This should be at least 4. It is pure badassery. I think people underrate it because they've forgotten all of the other types of Geass. For example, Rolo's suspension of time and Jeremiah's negation of Geass.

I think lelouch is hot and that he can't die, and for me if I could I would vote 20 times yes because lelouch is just trying to make a home for his younger sister.

This is the best ability witch, if used properly, has unlimited potential.

This is down right the best this should be number one what an outrage

13 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stand Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is an anime and manga franchise originally written by Hirohiko Araki. It centers around the perilous journey of the members of the legendary Joestar bloodline.

Anyone could potentially get a stand and each stand has its own unique power. There is a rat with a stand that is a sniper rifle and a serial killer with a stand that looks like a muscular pink cat that turns everything it touches into a bomb

Stands are one of the most creative power systems out there

Its jojo bows bows bow magic of macical bows which are colored pink with bows on bows topped with another bow and her cringe voice

14 Devil Fruit: One Piece

Want any unworldly power you can barely comprehend? Well do you want to lose the ability to swim? Once you eat these weird fruits you'll gain an unworldly power but you will lose the ability to do something. Luffy ate the Gum-Gum which made him rubber, so he could stretch his body, but he lost the ability to swim. His stretching power is so strong that you could punch someone multiple times before a second has passed, all the while feet away!

You can get any ability from animal tranformation, elemental control and intangibility, to just AYTHING. The way they are used in one piece is pure MAGIC the epicness of the gomu gomu fruit, opp opp fruit and many others give amazing abilities from changing physical properties to being able to manipulate anything around you. HOW THE HELL IS THIS NOT TOP

Not only that, but if you have any devil fruit that includes protecting your body, then my friend, you are invincible to weapons and guns.

It is the best power! It is amazing along with the different gears he can use.

15 Dragon Ball Z : Kamehameha

Every child has tried this, even the ones who haven't watched DBZ. Should be first.

The strongest of 'em all!

16 Tokyo Ghoul: Kagune

This anime is awesome. A kagune is very powerful being able to shift to the persons self and be used as a weapon as ken ki's it is multiple temple like things. They are also partially alive as well

I'm watching this anime now and it really good! It's quite a violent and not for everyone but it's still awesome especially the different Kagune that each ghoul has

I would have the ukaku kagune. That's the kind Touka's got. She's my favorite character next to Uta.

Kagune should be on the top 10

17 Sword Art Online: Kirito

This is more skill than powers, kirito is a very good sword fighter, having his techniques would be awesome, killing monsters to getting married, this guy is awesome.

This is not a power someone get someone who knows more than one garbage anime to vote please

I can use swords and I like swords

Just to good

18 My Hero Academia: All for One

It's a savage power

Can take peoples powers... and also make hybrids...

19 Alchemy: Full Metal Alchemist

Make pretty much anything as long as you follow equivelant exchange...? HELL YEAH

This should be number one what

So cool to have.

20 Dragon Ball Z: Great Ape

Who wouldn't love to transform into a giant killer ape with energy blasts to crush their enemies. All you need is a tail and a full moon.

21 Naruto: Susanoo

I can't be hurt

22 Dragon Ball Z: Solar Flare
23 Dragon Ball Z: Fusion

Who would want to fuse to be a more powerful being."Fusion hah"

24 Dragon Ball Z: Big Bang Kamehameha
25 One Piece: Haki

You can Sense Attacks before they even happen or sense someone's presence from a distance, or harden your skin so it would repel attacks that would kill you, or if you are lucky, just look at a crowd of people and boom, they're down and out.

If your gonna fight someone use observation haki. And if you have some 100s and 1000s of weakling use conquerer's haki.

Haki > devil fruits, since haki doesn't have any weaknesses

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