Top Ten Most Annoying Songs On YouTube


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1 The Duck Song

When I saw it I thought it was the most unexplainable childish song in the world... And it was stupid

Hey, got any rifles to kill the duck?

Got any grapes?
No, duck for the millionth time we don't have any GRAAAPES!

It's okay but... Got any grapes? - masonkv

2 Gummy Bear

This is the number 1 form of torture.

What? This is a good song - masonkv


My bros love this song ahhh

3 Narwhal Song

So ANNOYED The First time I Heard it I Started screaming" NO PLEASE HELP ME"

This song is the best!

4 Butterfly

Annoying how can people like babies or people like this stupid annoyingg song

5 Badger Song

My friend used this to wake me up... I nearly punched him in the face!

6 Gangnam Style

I mean yeah this song was cool...2years ago for about 2 weeks.. Come on get over your selves then they try to bring it back? Come on what kind of insane world do we live in?

This song is suck. This song booming because PSY have a crazy dance. Anyone who says this song is amazing have a problem with their eardrum

I love that song

7 The Fox Song
8 Sitting On the Toilet

Don't watch it. It might give you cancer.

This song is just weird. - RiverClanRocks

9 Put A Banana In Your Ear
10 Friday

The song that everyone loves to hate. Even now people go back and watch it just to give it a thumbs down. It's crazy how it annoys the crap out of everyone.

I'm sure everyone on this knows how annoying this is. Annoying voice and stupid lyrics.

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11 Mass Text
12 Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius V 1 Comment
13 Chinese Food
14 Pokemon Go Song

Wow I have a Pokemon ad now -.-

I can believe this dumb song is going viral. -.-

The kid's voice is so anoying and squeaky but I do love Pokémon 💖 Pikachu

15 Derp
16 Baby V 1 Comment
17 #selfie V 1 Comment
18 The Happy Song
19 Darude Sandstorm

It's even played in PE at my school. How do I know? Easy. I got sick of seeing commenters saying "Darude Sandstorm" on a persons "what is the song at (insert part)? " comment. So I looked it up. Never again...

20 Stupid Hoe
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