Top Ten Worst Programming Languages

The Top Ten
1 Java

Java sucks more than a vacuum cleaner

Java gives me PTSD

DO NOT let java run all the time on the browser because you get so much crap-ware and viruses, also DON'T install the ask bar which also lets you get more viruses, at least mine craft now comes with it's own java - Harri666

LOL you people are dumb Java is the gold standard of languages and is no. 1 on this site's "best languages" list you hypocrites

2 Barclays digital playground

A massive rip-off of scratch, Everything is exactly the same but the blocks are smoothed down, you can tell that by watching one second of the advert. - Harri666

3 Scratch

This is a stupid programming language. And it's used for what? That's right nothing.


4 Python
5 Visual Basic

Awful syntax, weakly typed, outdated

Duh! - 50

6 HTML 5
7 Unity

Unity is not a programming language itself. Unity uses the language C# - TheLegend28

8 PhP
9 Perl
10 Swift
The Contenders
11 Lua
12 Brainf*ck
13 C++
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