Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Weaboos

I'm sure you have saw those people online who think they are Japanese.

The Top Ten

1 They say they are Japanese

They claim to be japanese while they are actually NOT

I'm a weaboo but I don't say I'm Japanese. I'd like to be, though.

2 They don't acknowledge the actual Japanese culture

They actually DISRESPECT Japanese culture - EpicJake

I do. I'm actually going to be doing Japanese martial arts.

There's more to Japan culture than those dumb cartoons - yungstirjoey666

3 They think eating sushi and watching anime makes them Japanese
4 Everything they post is related to anime

Not always. There's this black weeaboo guy on YouTube who breaks the norm. He mostly does reactions to heavy metal music videos and is a fan of it. - bobbythebrony

5 They don't listen to anyone's opinion
6 They always say "Kawaii"

UGH! *flips table* - Dawscr

If people don't know the word they will now from This Morning.

As a music geek, it gives me 2014 avril flashbacks... - ProPanda

*shoots myself with a gun* - BorisRule

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7 They think that watching Japanese anime with subtitles will help them learn the language V 1 Comment
8 They don't acknowledge what they are, they just say they are Japanese
9 They only draw anime characters

I can barely draw a human. Chibi cats and dog are easy to draw for me. I also draw ponies too, but those take time. - Pegasister12

10 They dress as anime characters

I had sex with my 13 year old anime girl pillow and it suddenly comes to life, is that bad? Please senpai answer! - RedAce66

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11 They want to live in Japan but don't want to eat Japanese food

Yeah. My biggest problem. I'm a weaboo but I hate fish, which is a big part of the Japanese cuisine.

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12 If you don't like anime, they call you racist.

Cory in the House is the best anime - yungstirjoey666

13 They say all western animation is bad just because it's not anime

Western animation is much better IMAO. - Therandom

14 Their favorite character in Undertale is always either Alphys or Undyne
15 They Care About Anime More Than Their Parents

Or anyone in real life for that matter. Maybe a weeaboo would care about their mum a bit, after all she gives them a basement to live in. - Entranced98

16 They sexually harass cosplayers or anyone that they think is japanese

These's morons are stupid enough to think that their favorite character is real by the fact that person is just a stranger is just a cosplayer and they think they have the rights to do it.

17 They think they are kawaii
18 They fetishize gay people

Yaoi is gross and stereotypical. Stop it. - Swellow

like yaoi - infinitecirculation

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1. They say they are Japanese
2. They don't acknowledge the actual Japanese culture
3. They think eating sushi and watching anime makes them Japanese



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