Top Ten Most Annoying Things Beauty Gurus On YouTube Do


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21 Talk about going back to drugstore products like it's a bad thing or a end all.
22 Poorly edit
23 Overuse of same adverbs

Saying "really really" in every sentence. We get that you like something but if you use it multiple times in your video, it loses value and it's annoying. Find a new adverb or just give a basic description.

24 Little poses or dances

Like when they start the video, you just spend a minute of watching them pose with the look. They try to act serious and sexy with it and it's hard to take serious

Every time they do the next toppic they have to shoot a full clip of them using it, I get why your showing you using it, but then they do the head bob thing where they pose like get on with the video

25 Talking in 3rd person
26 Make fun of other people


27 Think their life is so great

True... Hate that

28 Try to act goofy/funny to seem interesting

Have you ever noticed that they do random goofy things while they're putting on makeup? Like singing or wiggling their makeup brush and making a quirky face quickly before using it. That bothers me so much.

Ikr? They're not funny at all...

29 Pretending to love dumb items.

Whenever they're doing a tutorial, there seems to be an obscure object that they use 'everyday' and 'need to have'. When no one in their right minds would ACTUALLY have it.

Example: guys I use this satin galaxy beauty blender EVERYDAY. It's one of my all time favorites.

30 Be dumb on purpose

I hate it

31 Get full when they eat a salad and a cute little Starbucks drink
32 Being super loud randomly! it hurts your ears
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1. Overdo the cutesy
2. Talk for five minutes before giving you the information the video promised
3. Not put effort into their videos



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