Top Ten Most Annoying Things Other Motorists Do

Some motorists just love to be complete douchebags to the rest of us who drive properly. These are some of the things that these selfish motorist morons do.

The Top Ten

1 Park in the disabled bay

I hate people who are able-bodied who are too lazy to walk anywhere so they just park in the disabled bay. - Cazaam

2 Go slow in the fast lane

These people don't care if you're late. They just want to block up any places to overtake and force you to be late. - Cazaam

3 Use their full beams inappropriately

Careful you idiot, you might make somebody blind! - Cazaam

4 Take up two parking spaces

Park within the lines you dolt! - Cazaam

5 Carry dangerous loads

Please actually do something about that plank of wood sticking 2 metres out from your car... It could cause an accident! - Cazaam

6 Box your car in

Not again! That twank blocked me in again! "looks for authorities - sees none" Well, I'm going to smash your car up idiot! - Cazaam

7 Tailgate

Oh you never know when I'll just slam on the brakes and make you crash, better not do it in the first place ey? - Cazaam

8 Modify car to amplify exhaust noise

Customising your car is fine. Personalised plates? Sure, Bright pink alloy wheels? Sure, go ahead you're not annoying anybody. A loud exhaust? HELL NO. I can't stand people who want to pimp up their crappy hatchback with a really loud exhaust to feel like a supercar. It's loud, it's annoying, other drivers hate it, People who are asleep at the time you rip through their street hate it more than anyone else. - Cazaam

9 Turn without indicating

These things are done by only those motorists who show off and act like punks. - Kiteretsunu

I hate people who turn without indicating. That pedestrian might think he's safe as he doesn't see anyone indicating left... Then splat. somebody does without indicating. Don't be that person. - Cazaam

10 Text at a red light

When you're waiting at a red light, actually pay attention for when it goes green. Don't leave other motorists stuck because you didn't notice. - Cazaam

Texting in the car is the general idea. If you really have to, pull over. It isn't rocket science. - PositronWildhawk

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