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1 WWE lists

There is never a shortage of WWE lists, but it seems like some users make only WWE lists, and I get sick of it. - Turkeyasylum

WWE is horrible, it's just a bunch of stupid jocks jumping on each other, just watch UFC instead - simpsondude

Why are they so much of them!? They are pointless! - GoldenRocket

Hey WWE is great like... It's still good

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2 Reasons "this is better/worse than that" lists

Hello? It's called opinions! I absolutly hate lists like this. "Top ten reasons why cheese pizza is better than pepperoni pizza"? Makes me feel depressed knowing our society is like this. I hope this is not the future of the earth. And even if the list is something true, like, "reasons why inflated tires are better than Justin Bieber", I'm sure there's some people who disagree with that. Life is about opinions. And you need to express them sometimes. But this is just pathetic and ill-mannered and I don't anything to with these lists. - Plantera

I can say that there are loads of useless comparisons in these lists. Someone added why Adventure Time is better than Ebola. Just, why? - Turkeyasylum

Stop making these lists and get a life! Yes, I'm looking at a certain someone. - PositronWildhawk

Example : Why ISIS, Adolf Hitler Is Better Than Bronies

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3 Dating lists

I can't belive it is still popular. Once, my name was on the list of "users who should date britboy" while I was dating SOMEONE ELSE. This is creepy. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Seriously? Nobody who uses this site has a chance at a relationship, so why bother?

Dear kids,

Get a damn life and quit making these lists

Sincerely, EpicJake - EpicJake

Does this include "Top Ten People/Characters Who Should Date [user]" lists?

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4 Lists About Religion

Mommy always told me: "Never talk about religion or politics". I listen to her. - BKAllmighty

I don't get why people want to force conversion, or hate other religions. It is just nonsense. - Turkeyasylum

Religion & Internet don't get along. - DisROCK3T

Religion sucks. millions have died because of it.

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5 Users of TheTopTens that need to watch (insert show here)

These lists are all trolling lists. They just try to force-feed a show into other people. - Turkeyasylum

Like I mentioned before Family Guy and Dora are just some of these - simpsondude

Hey I am number 1 on the Big Brother one just why - BigBrotherSucks

Another way users abuse quantity. - naFrovivuS

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6 Justin Bieber Lists

This is my plan; We STOP making J.B lists, We start thinking about something else, less people talk about him, he goes out of business, and the world lives in partial peace! - FennikenFan9

But he's still a guy to bust my head off. - SuperBacca

The hate against Bieber is going too far, even though I can't stand him. - EpicJake

So a kid made a cringey song almost a decade ago. WHO CARES?!?! This is why I like going on other sites, because TopTenners are so stuck in the past. And even when Justin Bieber hate was "cool" it was still annoying and unfunny. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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7 Frozen love/hate lists

Frozen isn't as bad as the haters make it sound. - Comments

I actually happen to like Frozen, but the fanbases and hatebases both drive me insane. - Turkeyasylum

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8 Reasons to love/like/hate/not hate (anything)

These lists should be number one. Like really, who in their unrighteous mind would put all the effort into making a long list about the many reasons to hate a person they have never met. Like who? Stupid.

This is the only type of list that is on this website. They're stupid, but interesting.

People shouldn't force people to like something. - Comments

This is particularly true for hate lists. - NuMetalManiak

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9 User ranking lists

Like "Top Ten Users Who Should Watch Family Guy" I actually was strangely happy when I was number 1, guess I'm that desperate - simpsondude

I know! The britgirl worshippers are annoying.

User ranking lists have gained popularity (I just made one), but they keep getting more and more pointless. - Turkeyasylum

The list, top ten top tenners (confusing, right? ) is kinda offensive. I don't think there is the best TopTenner, I think there is top tenners. Because nobody's the best, nobody's the worst. - FennikenFan9

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10 Interesting facts lists

I would actually like to delete mine, but I think it's fine to keep it, so I know how much I've changed since I joined the site, since it was one of my very first lists.

I made one early in my user days, but now I'm regretting the items I put, and I wish I put a description on each one. It would have made a much better list. - Turkeyasylum

Some of the facts that people put on their interesting facts list are not actually facts but opinions. - NuMetalManiak

I have made a list like this. The only reason why is to celebrate 100 followers. - MusicalPony

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11 Spongebob lists

Even I can agree there are too many of the lists about this show. We have a list of pre-movie episodes and a list of episodes from seasons one to three. Can't we stop making these? And don't get me started on the season 10 list. - Turkeyasylum

I really love SpongeBob, but I don't think anyone should make anymore, unless it's something really interesting. - funnyuser

Hey this is an awesome show but all the lists about it are annoying. - cosmo

It's a good show but it's going too far - simpsondude

12 Ways to Kill a Person Lists

There are too many of these lists is the problem at this point, not who directed towards. Jokes stop being funny if told too many times.

Have you realized that these lists are meant to be JOKES?! I don't know if you guys can take jokes.

These lists should explain that it's all a joke, otherwise, people think its not a joke, and are serious about it. - FennikenFan9

This goes to show hiw much of a life the creators have.

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13 K-Pop Fan Lists

I still haven't understood why there are lots of K-Pop lists - Turkeyasylum

What does the "K" stand for? - FennikenFan9

Average k-pop song:
Bubblegum yeah party sweetness happy sunshine rainbow kitty yeah yeah by the way you are so hot like totally yeah! - ToptenPizza

14 Jackie Evancho lists

I do not even know who the hell is that girl and 1 user is making positives list about her and 1 user is making negative list about her - BigBrotherSucks

She isn't a goddess so why do people treat her like one? - FennikenFan9

Those lists are so annoying jackie is a great singer and a great person

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16 Celebrity hate lists
17 Best Songs On (Insert Singer's) (Insert Album)

I see loads of them, but it annoys me on how many there are. - Turkeyasylum

They're more popular than movie, book, or video game lists.

What's wrong with these lists?

These lists I think are good because you know people's opinions on albums. - lovefrombadlands

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18 Foreign Lists

No offense, but this website has been overtaken by Middle East people. They make lists about Iraq being the most beloved country. - SuperBacca

I agree that Muslims and Indians are taking over and making crap that no one cares about - bobbythebrony

What do you mean?! USA, Japan, Canada, Pakistan, srilanka, Singapore, India, China, Korea are the best countries so they are at theropod, you are just jealous of. Them

Lists about thing from other countries like Bollywood it's just that, why make it on an American site - simpsondude


19 Reasons why ______ is the worst user

Don't look for sympathy; just improve yourself.

No user should be treated with this title. - naFrovivuS

20 Best songs by a collection of different artists
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