Top Ten Answers to the Question: "What is God?"

Real answers to this question. Some are thought provoking and some are just daft answers. What do YOU think is the best answer, as we have no way of knowing, we each have our own opinion. Feel free to add your own opinion - however tenuous.

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1 Our own faith

I really like this answer. It makes a lot of sense. Well, to me anyway. - Britgirl

No offense, BG, but this answer is vague and self-validating. Seems a much better starting point is satisfaction of the Aristotlean need for a First Cause or Prime Mover. It provides a logical basic for God, for those who need such.

2 Our own emotions
3 The weather
4 Space
5 Love
6 My dad
7 Next doors' cat
8 A belief

"Hey, what if your (sic) a (sic) atheist? " If you're an atheist, you believe in nothing. Therefore, you have no belief. Ergo, you should have no conflict. You can, therefore, be perfectly content in being cataclysmically wrong. Sleep tight.

9 A concept by which we measure our pain

Sorry, I had to.

10 A myth

The Contenders

11 My CD collection
12 A fool
13 A being
14 Extinct
15 I don't know
16 Mom

I never see God but if I met God one day I tell him that I have someone just like you that is my " Mom ". love you mom - Righteous

17 42
18 Who you want him to be

To be honest I think that God can only excist if you want him to excist, and if you do, he is who you believe he is. He exists in people's minds in my opinion and that is fair enougj - jmepa1234

19 God only knows
20 The Ultimate Reality

This may well be the best answer. Think we have a thread winner.

21 The supreme being
22 The creator of the universe
23 Beerus Beerus Beerus is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama. Beerus made his first appearance in the 2013 feature film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.
24 Things You Believe In
25 Truth
26 Beautiful thought
27 Life
28 Honesty
29 A complete mystery
30 Person who does something perfectly
31 Personification of Order and Chaos
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