Top Ten Most Anticipated Game Sequels

Most of the games on this list have not been confirmed, these are simply sequels to some of my all time favorites that I'm looking forward to being released.

The Top Ten

1 Last of Us 2

. Ever since I saw the first announcement of Naughty Dogs newest masterpiece I knew it would be spectacular, the relationship between Ellie and Joel is the best I have ever seen in any game before, this plus the amazing strategic gameplay style makes for one of this generations most gripping and heart wrentching tales I've ever seen. Hopefully Naughty Dog explores more of Ellie's backstory or maybe even continue on from joel's travels with her - Neonpheonix01

The game that won over 200 game of the year awards put it on the ps4 with 60 fps and better graphics it might get game of the year again

2 Half-Life 3

Needs to be number one

must be #1

Why is this not #1?

Why is this not first?

3 Star Wars BattleFront 3

This game soaked up most of my childhood, for the time the graphics were great and the gameplay was revolutionary. Just imagine how much they could do with next gen engines - Neonpheonix01

4 Fallout 4

This should definitely be number 1. I really liked last of us but it felt more like a one time thing. Fallout is just so addictive and entertaining when we've finished our 300 hours of gameplay we need more than just DLC, and that's why fallout 4 should be first.

Need I say more? - Neonpheonix01

Not suprised.

5 Borderlands 3

The amount of time I spent leveling up my character and exploring the vast, majestic world of Pandora was insane, I don't know why but this game just does everything right in my books. - Neonpheonix01

6 Dishonored 2

The art style and gameplay of this masterpiece reminds me of Bioshock Infinite, this was an amazing change of pace for me and I believe with a sandbox world and the right storyline this could easily be one of the best games of next gen - Neonpheonix01

7 Red Dead Redemption 2

I can't wait for when or if they make a Sequel!

The First RDR was Amazing I played it for hours just killing myself! - Curti2594

8 Saints Row 5
9 Assassins Creed 5

Yeah no. Gone on for too long

10 Sleeping Dogs 2

With a bigger and better sandbox world and a longer campain this game will be INCREDIBLE. - Neonpheonix01

The Contenders

11 Grand Theft Auto VI

Freaky incredible game
vote for this guyss
should be at top

12 Bully 2
13 Mass Effect 4

This is one of my favourite video game series of all time, I'm happy there moving on from the Commander Shepard storyline and onto bigger things for the series. - Neonpheonix01

Hopefully the endings are still good

14 The Elder Scrolls 6

Most anticipated game since last elder scrolls


15 Left 4 Dead 3
16 Beyond Good and Evil 2
17 Super Smash Bros 4
18 Cave Story 2
19 Prototype 3
20 Kingdom Hearts 3

Hype for the game is real.

21 Cyberpunk 2077
22 Alan Wake 2
23 Far Cry 4
24 Watch Dogs 2
25 Resident Evil 7

I hope wesker come back

26 Sonic Adventure 3
27 Rise of the Tomb Raider
28 Timesplitters 4
29 BrĂ¼tal Legend 2
30 Soul Calibur 6
31 inFamous 4
32 Um Jammer Lammy 2
33 Parappa the Rapper 3
34 Destiny 2
35 Portal 3

GLaDOS take me back to the test chamber I don't want to live free.

36 City Shrouded in Shadow

Sequel or Remake for Godzilla. It's for PS4 but only in Japan

37 Rayman 4

"See you in Rayman 4! "

38 Bioshock 4
39 Test Drive Unlimited 3
40 Azure Striker Gunvolt 3
41 Klonoa 3
42 Metroid Prime 4
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