Top 10 Apps for iPod Touch

This is the list to find which apps for iPod Touch are most popular.
The Top Ten
1 Temple Run

My high score so far is 7,065,114 temple run is so damn addicting!

Second one and the Oz Disney version are the best!

Temple Run is a fun FREE game.

2 Angry Birds

Rovio, you have done well with this game. One of the most popular games in the world, extremely addicting and fun. The themes are excellent! And I'm going to give some credit to the Bad Piggies game, cause its extremely fun.
The original, rio, space, seasons, star wars are amazing

This list is a fraud! Scribblenauts remix and angry birds are the best! Angry birds should be number 1 and scribblenauts should be number 2

Angry Birds is extremely addicting and is a great companion on the go. The way it is set up is the way that makes it so addicting.

Angry Birds is known everywhere.

3 Doodle Jump

Basic fun addicting game

4 Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a great game for ALL smart phones and devices! One of my favourite games of all time!

5 Jetpack Joyride
6 Minecraft PE

This is one of my favorite apps that I got on my iPod touch

In my opinion, this should be number one

7 Blood And Glory
8 Cut The Rope

This should be one because cut the rope is love, cut the rope is life nothing beats cut the rope

I like this game. It is fun trying to beat the levels and try to do it the right way.

So many exciting levels to play!

Involves finger and slide.

9 Subway Surfers

I'm getting addicted to it

10 Stickman Skater

Like skateboarding here's the app.

The Contenders
11 Tiny Wings
12 Pixel Gun 3D

A shooter game any age can enjoy.

The controls are hard

13 Real Steel
14 Gravity Guy
15 4 Pics 1 Word
16 Ironpants
17 iGun Pro
18 Flappy Bird

Though it's really hard, it's still strangely addicting.

Look the master of all games

19 Zombie Highway
20 AppFusion
21 Plants vs Zombies
22 Call of Duty: Zombies
23 Highway Rider
24 Scribblenauts Remix

Like the DS version you'll love this one.

25 Forge of Neon
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