Top 10 Best asdfmovie Skits

If you don't know this, I LOVE asdfmovie and I watch them everyday. So I will make a list about it.

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1 I Like Trains

This one's a piece of basic humour. - PizzaGuy

I like trains

I like singing! I like dancing! I like trains

One of my favorites! - Snowpelt

This is my favorite of all time.
I like singing!
I like dancing.
I like trains.
(Train zooms by)
L8r in the series
Now son, what are you up to?
I like trains.
Haha, yes you do.
You know who's gay? Y- (Train zooms by)
I love this part, because it is just flat out get-to-the-point humor.

2 Everybody Do The Flop

Everybody do the flop! - SamuiNeko

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3 Desmond The Moon Bear

I honestly don't think it's funny

How did I get here? - PizzaGuy

4 I'm Gonna Do an Internet!

This one, while not funny, it's amusing and awesome. - PizzaGuy

WOAH! (Rainbows shoot out of computer).

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5 Doctor, I Might Be a Homosexual!

How can you tell? RAINBOWS! - Catacorn

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6 Not Today!
7 He Has a Nose?
8 You Know Who's Gay / I Like Trains
9 Who parked their car...on my sandwich!?

Who parked their car... on my sandwich? - Danguy10

I did! - Datguyisweird666

I did!

I did!

10 Pie Flavor

I like apple flavor, pear flavor and... PIE FLAVOR!

I forgot about that. Hilarious stuff! - PizzaGuy

This one is my favorite one - Snowpelt

I baked you a pie - Catacorn

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11 I'm a Stegosaurus!
12 The Science Show

Piano! (Smash) Who's idea was this?!?! - blst0033

13 Buy Me More Jewelry!


14 Mine Turtle


Hello! - Danguy10


15 You Know Who's Gay?
16 It's Muffin Time

No, actually it is 12:30. - Tacocheese

17 Throw to Cheese

*Throws cheese at UFO*
"Yeah! " - Catacorn

18 Goodbye World

Oh ok Jim see ya round where going (BANG) OH NO I DIDN'T KNOW YOU MEANT THAT AT ALL!

Okay Jim, I'll see you around. where are you go- OH OH OH THAT'S NOT WHAT I THOUGHT HE MEANT BY THAT AT ALL!

19 It's a Lovely Day to Walk Down the Road

It's a lovely day to wak down the road and if I stop singing I will explode! Hey Steven! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE... (Boom)

Hey Steven! - Datguyisweird666

20 Banana Fight


NO! - Spicygarlic

21 Beep Beep, I’m A Sheep
22 My Tie Is Evil
23 Suddenly, Pineapples

This does not help. - ruJILLous

24 Ahh You Got My Lungs

Hey it says gullible on the ceiling. Hey it stole my lungs. - Catacorn

25 Save Me Super Guy!


You're a di- - Spicygarlic

26 I Was Being Sarcastic

Well I stole yo face! (Slap)

27 Feed Me Paper
28 Marmite
29 Hey Kid You Can't Skate Here
30 I Am Punching Your Salad!


31 Jimmy, Take Out the Dog
32 Is Anybody Here a Doctor?

Well you're a nerd!

33 I'm Going to To Punch Your Face In the Face!
34 Doctor, I'm Afraid of Backstories
35 Hey Baby Are You an Angel? Cause I'm Allergic to Feathers
36 Ha Ha Now You're Blind
37 Pointless Button
38 What Did You Get for Your Birthday? I Got Older
39 Screw Gravity
40 You Two Should Kiss
41 Don't Touch That Cactus
42 I Am a Very Tall Midget
43 Die Potato

I like traina

NU - (splat)

Not today

44 Hey Man Look at My New Dog
45 He Has a Knife

Wha no no I don't.

46 You Darn Kids Get Off My Property!
47 Cow Pretending to Be a Man
48 There Can Be Only One
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