Top 10 Best asdfmovie Skits

If you don't know this, I LOVE asdfmovie and I watch them everyday. So I will make a list about it.

The Top Ten

1 I Like Trains

This one's a piece of basic humour. - PizzaGuy

I like trains

I like singing! I like dancing! I like trains

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2 Everybody Do The Flop

Everybody do the flop! - SamuiNeko

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3 Desmond The Moon Bear

I honestly don't think it's funny

How did I get here? - PizzaGuy

4 I'm Gonna Do an Internet!

This one, while not funny, it's amusing and awesome. - PizzaGuy

WOAH! (Rainbows shoot out of computer).

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5 Doctor, I Might Be a Homosexual!

How can you tell? RAINBOWS! - Catacorn

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6 Not Today!
7 He Has a Nose?
8 You Know Who's Gay / I Like Trains
9 Who parked their car...on my sandwich!?

Who parked their car... on my sandwich? - Danguy10

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10 Pie Flavor

I baked you a pie! Oh boy what flavor? PIE FLAVOR! - Catacorn

I forgot about that. Hilarious stuff! - PizzaGuy

This one is my favorite one - Snowpelt

I baked you a pie - Danguy10

The Contenders

11 I'm a Stegosaurus!
12 The Science Show

Piano! (Smash) Who's idea was this?!?! - blst0033

13 Mine Turtle V 3 Comments
14 You Know Who's Gay?
15 It's Muffin Time

No, actually it is 12:30. - Tacocheese

16 Throw to Cheese V 1 Comment
17 Goodbye World V 2 Comments
18 Suddenly, Pineapples

This does not help. - ruJILLous

19 Ahh You Got My Lungs

Hey it says gullible on the ceiling!
Hey it does..ahh you stole my lungs. - Catacorn

20 Save Me Super Guy! V 1 Comment
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