Top Ten Asinine Things That We're All Slightly Tempted to Do at Disneyland

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1 Kick a guy in a Mickey Mouse suit in the nuts

Just like how Boyle did to Santa in Brooklyn Nine-nine. Just drop the staring kids a casual "Merry Christmas! ", or whatever's relevant. - PositronWildhawk

Apparently, Justin Bieber did that.

This reminds me of the video where some kid kicked Chuck E Cheese in the nuts. - Minecraftcrazy530

2 Hide in a rollercoaster carriage and jump-scare people at the top of the track
3 Prove to the kids that the characters aren't real by ripping the costumes off and making them watch

Now that you mention it... - keycha1n

4 Open a Disney themed strip club by every hotel

Because this makes it an experience for all ages, some might argue. - PositronWildhawk

One of my criminal crew mates would love to go there. - Delgia2k

Make it cold, so the Frozen fans come... - SubliminalMessages

Only in Vegas this is allowed

5 Dress as an obscure Star Wars character and tell lost children that you were found in Area 51 and need help to get home
6 Ask random parents whether they've seen the Goofy who ran off with your kids
7 Go up to people dressed as the seven dwarfs, and shout them rude names

"Oi! Bollocks! Fatty! Pervy! "
"Buddy, I'm not happy with you."
"Which one are you, then? " - PositronWildhawk

8 Tell children how their favourite stories really ended, with dark results

Hera turned Hercules mental, then he killed Megara due to insanity

There was once a little mermaid. She didn't have gills. Consequently, she drowned. - PositronWildhawk

She didn't drown. She turned into foam. However, you were right on the fact that she died. - ethanmeinster

Peter Pan died and lures kids to their deaths. - keycha1n

Pocahontas was a sex slave in reality... - SubliminalMessages

9 Aggressively get all the crying kids to man up
10 Dress as a cop and arrest a random character for identity theft

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11 Beat up an employee for closing your favorite attraction

The employees deserve it for realizing their mistakes and guilt.

12 Do the Nae Nae
13 Hit a crying baby in the face with the palm of your hand
14 Shake a crying baby
15 Hug a crying baby tightly
16 Launch 24", 36", & 48" firework shells for a spectacular firework show
17 Dub the music so that it's all Hamilton and other good stuff
18 Escape from the baby rides that you're forced on by your parents

I don't want to ride It's a Small World! Screw this, I'm out of here!

19 Reenact cs188's "Gaston Gets Pleasured to the Sound of his Own Voice"

This would be SO much fun to do!

20 Flash yourself on the rides

People actually did this on Splash Mountain before...

21 Broadcast Disney YTPs on all the in-room TVs at the hotels
22 Streak
23 Buy an Annabelle doll and install it on It’s a Small World
24 Pee on the gardens/flowers
25 Make fake vomit and pour it on all the thrill rides
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