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Armin Arlert is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama. He accompanies the Protagonist Eren Jaeger. He is mostly known for his smart and quick witted mind. His notable feature is wanting to explore more.


Armin deserves first place on the poll. He is the perfect example of brains over brawn and pretty much the entire squad owes him many because of his quick thinking. Even though he is a less strong than the average soldier, his qualities of loyalty and strategy really make him a desirable character to be.

Armin is not only one of the characters with the BEST development from the series, but he also tends to be overlooked by a lot of people. He is my favorite character, and I want him to be appreciated more. He's incredibly intelligent and his insecurities make him more realistic.

Armin is a really intelligent and logical guy. He may think less of himself, but because of his strategic thinking, he has saved a lot of his friends. Although, I was at the edge of my seat when Armin doesn't mention something - I won't spoil - but he needs to say what he thinks because its most likely something good!

Armin is just amazing. He's actually a HUMAN, unlike other fighting machines I can mention, *cough* Levi *cough*. He feels the same emotions as we do, creating a person we can see the series happening through. And yet, his mind is much more agile than any of our own. He is far above us, and yet we can relate to him as a person. Best. Character. Ever.

Armin in my opinion is one of the strongest characters not physically, but mentally. He is a very smart character and over the coarse of the story we find out all the things he went through physically and mentally. It is even said by Commander Erwin in the manga, "I have made a judgement based on results. He's one of our greatest weapons." He is my favorite character in any anime or manga because I can relate to him so much and he is such an incredible character.

As most of you have already probably said-he's not the strongest but survives off his intellectual skills. I guess I can relate to him as not being the fittest of the batch. Plus, he's cute so you gotta vote for him...

He's the embodiment of a strategist. He gets hate for being annoying, but I believe him to be strong willed, cunning, sneaky and intelligent. He can get out of any situation, and is the main voice of reason. Who says weaklings can't be cool?

If it wasn't for Armin a lot of the main characters would die. He figured out that Annie is the female titan. If he wasn't there Eren, Mikasa, and Levi would all be dead. Think about it for a moment!

There are many physically poweful characters in Attack on Titan, but Armin is the only one who is exquisite in strategics. He saved several characters from sure death and he was the one who came up with many plans, like the one to capture the Female Titan and the security of Trost district. Plus, his reactions are the most realistic, thus the most relatable to the viewer. He's brave, yet coward in situations that any logical person would be. He's human above everything else. Brains over brawn anytime.

Armin should be on higher on this list. Armin, to be honest, is the most relatable character in the entire show to us. He is sensitive, emotional, self conscious and depending. He has flaws and his general curiosity is enough to make everyone relate to him

Armin isn't the most powerful fighter, but that doesn't matter one bit. He is by far the most well developed character in the series. The war against the Titans changes him more than it does anybody else.

Armin, first of all, is very intelligent, and a lot of the time if it weren't for him, some people would be dead (won't spoil anything). Not to mention, he's super adorable!

Armin is truly a amazing character and far more better then Levi. Sure he's not the best at killing titans but his knowledge is far greater then anyone else's. He's a intelligent young man who recently got his stuff together and SHOT a human being for jeans sake! Also his nendoroid is really cute.

Armin actually has depth to his character unlike levi which for some apparent reason being an anti social boring person makes you liked.

Although Armin isn't physically strong like his friends, her has a very strong heart and mind. Even has also said that Amin was one of the bravest soldier.

He is amazing, my favorite character from when I first saw him. In my opinion, he is the best character in the show, and I legit cried over him (mostly) and this amazing show for at least an hour.

He is underrated, he comes up with good strategies, and kept Eren from being killed. - Myoosic

Armin is sort of underrated in my opinion. I know that he doesn't have the best strength, but he is pretty smart. He is my most favorite character and I would even choose him over Levi and everyone else's!

Armin is the "best" character in battle in the show, but without him would the Scout Regiment found out Annie was the Female Titan, and that Eren did really get eaten by a Titan.

I love how caring and loyal Armin is! He may call himself weak, but he seems strong to me!

Armin is one of those characters that gets the best development, starting off from a wimp, to becoming a warrior, and for that to take place, Armin had to be put in Eren and Mikasa's position and watch his friends and comrades brutally die right in front of him. - Mcgillacuddy

I find that Armin is an amazing soldier and willing to give up anything to save his friends. In the begining of the series he was scared to death, but he's wiser than any kid I've ever met. He let's people make their own decisions even if he believes them to be wrong. But will help guide people on the right path. I think that his quick and strategic thinking is essential in battle and close combat. I think the creators of the series did an amazing job implementing Armin into the series and I believe Armin to be the single most amazing character in the series. I have found everything needed in an anime like this in Armin. He has an extremely strong will and gains more confidence in himself and his plans more than any other character can ever hope to. He is willing to fight through the pain to protect what he believes to be right. He isn't hesitant and thinks through things before acting.

Armin is just so quirky that he reminds me so much of myself! Anybody else have that with other characters?

Armin is not strong, we know it. But he is trying his hardest. He sacrifices his life too. I understand people who hate him but he is so intelligent! He has helped the gang in the speech too, Armin is not strong but very determined to help. I may like Levi Eren and Mikasa more but Armin is a good character.

Armin is known as the brains alongside Eren's spirit and Mikasa's strength. This paired with his struggle to overcome his weaknesses and his willingness to sacrifice himself for the greater good and his friends makes him an extremely compelling and important character in the show.