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Levi Ackerman is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama. He accompanies the main protagonists in the second half of season 1. His most notable feature is being "Humanity's strongest".


An amazing soldier, smart, very strong and objective. Some people don't like his "harsh" personality but it's more than obvious that he cares a lot more than he lets on. He's someone the others can count on, but doesn't even try to make things look better than they really are by covering them with roses and pink hearts. He's short and small but that makes him stand out even more - I think it actually gives him the vibes of someone who can fight the whole world and win. You can even call him attractive. His past shows us how much he's gone trough to become the incredible man he now is. Not to mention that him being a clean-freak makes him some kind of.. cute?..

To be honest, Levi is sometimes rude. But he is amazing how he carries the wills of his dead comrades. When he fights, I blinked once and he already killed the titan! His speed is incredible. Levi's past made him stronger, if you watch the OVA and read the manga, you'll see why he was like this. He's a great guy inside, and he will and forever will be Humanity's strongest soldier.

Levi is a great soldier and he's cool. Especially when he spins round while killing a titan (From episode 9) and how deep his voice is. All of the girls re falling for him because of that... But, let's add how caring he is for his squad, how he likes cleaning (It's a GOOD personality) and how he's fast about fighting a titan. The funny facts about him are: Short and his age (34, maybe). Over all, he's cool and awesome, add the handsome part.

For someone who have such a tragic past, he still can make peace with himself. Levi is not a perfect man, but he has a perfect heart. Through that cold facade you can still feel humanity within him. And that is another meaning for "humanity strongest"

For me, he is a symbolic of HOPE. SNK ep1-13 kinda made me struggle to breathe. It's so damn hard just to keep your life safe and winning over titan is just a dream. Suddenly this man showed up, all cool and collected. He gave you hope. He gave you a chance to win this war. I can't help but fall for him.

Levi is a very cool character that I started liking after discovering more about his back story and watching OVA: No Regrets. The more facts I found out about him, the more it made sense as to why he is like how we know him today. Everything in him has a great, detailed reason for it and there is no missing pieces in him, not that I noticed.

Overall, I'd like to say that in my opinion, Levi is an amazing character and a very strong soldier for what he had to go through.

Levi is a favorite among many people. If you don't like Levi then you need help. He is always so chill and always looks fabulous no matter what, even in a cleaning outfit. I honestly wish that he is the main character because I can't stop obsessing about Captain Levi. The only reason I clean my house is because of Captain Levi. He is a total badass!

Levi is an amazing character. He may seem like a jerk sometimes, but he's actually a really good man at heart.

I love Levi so much! At first I thought he was going to be like a side character, but NO. He has such an important role in the story! He is humanity's strongest, cool, quick with his decisions, and I especially like the moment when he show his emotions out a little. He may be calm and collected, but he truly cares about the other soldiers on the inside.

He is just so badass and cool. He just seems like the elite of the elite to me, with his fast rotation fighting style. On top of that he always seems like he doesn't cares about anything as if he is to cool to care, but if its necessary then he will destroy the titans. Furthermore he is part of the Survey Corps which makes him even more elite and thus cooler in my opinion.

I am flattered by all of your kind comments. Thank you for those remarks. - Levi-Ackerman

My very favourite crush. I love him. So badass, so cool and so beautiful. He is just perfect.

Levi is a great soldier, not only that, but also he is very loyal. I love his obsession of cleaning too. His past before joining the Recon Corps was very surprising. His reactions also surprises me. I LOVE THIS GUY!

I love him so much. He is just so badass and amazing. I love his personality. He may seem rough on the outside, but he really does care for his comrades. There are so many reasons why is the most popular character in Attack on Titan!

Honestly, what else do I need to say? Levi has that kind of "Vegeta" kind of attitude. He also arguably one of the strongest in the series. Also, I do ned to point out, if IGN had to rate Levi, it would be:
11/10 for great combat system!

From the moment I saw him I was like: DUDE THIS GUY IS AWESOME!

Levi has a unique personality being blunt and rude because he has no social skills. At the same time being a good and caring person. He has the most tragic background and he's badass.

In my opinion, He's strong and also really complex you can't understand him unless you watch it more. Plus he's cooler then Eren but that's not that close so we just watch him beat up Eren in that court scene. So in my opinion Levi is the best character.

I have watched all episode anime Attack on Titan. First episode until mid kinda boring, but episode mid until ending so fantastic specially Levi character. I love the character is so smart, cool, fast, realistic, and calm.

Levi is amazing he lost everything so young and stil remained strong he joined the survey corps and protected his comrades to the best of his ability he protects everyone even if he doesn't care about them too much he is also not good at showing his emotions in my opinion it makes him more human he's so amazing

Levi is the best character since he took down Annie in her titan form and saved mikasa when his squad couldn't.

Interesting character. I like that due to his upbringing that he sees female and male as equal. Also, his relationship with Erwin is really nice.

Just one line: "Each and every one of you... making those silly faces."

Levi is awesome! He's badass and a great soldier. He's intelligent and always knows what to do, plus he cares deep down, he really does. And let's not forget the hotness over here! Overall he's just amazing in general!

Levi acts indifferent, but you can tell he cares about people, and their deaths have an impact on him. He's one of the kindest people in the anime, actually.

Levi's goal is to kill every titan and lead in victory