10 Greatest Auto Racing Drivers of All-Time

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21 Peter Brock

A legend in the wet and one that was at one with a car that had no down force causing a car to constantly four wheel drift under full throttle. No one else ever has won a race like Bathurst, the best track world wide before it was tamed by 6 laps.

Legend of Australian Motorsport

Very underrated in the world stakes

500 /
1000 winner 9 times ultimate touring car racer ultimate professional

22 Juan Pablo Montoya

Has won in more competitions than any pther driver in the world

23 Mark Donohue
24 Toomas Heikkinen
25 Petter Solberg
26 Yvan Muller
27 Stefan Bellof
28 Stirling Moss V 1 Comment
29 Gilles Villeneuve Gilles Villeneuve

'Why do we bother? He's different from the rest of us. On a separate level'."

30 Graham Hill

One of the best British drivers ever. And I believe the only father and son (Damon Hill) to have been F-1 world champions

A 2-Time F1 World Champion and the only driver to win the Triple Crown of Motorsport. (Indy, Monaco and Le Mans. )

31 Travis Pastrana
32 Antoine L'Estage
33 David Higgins
34 Sverre Isachsen
35 John Buffum
36 Ivan "Ironman" Stewart

I guess all the formula one people can't look past the tarmac to see the best racers ever, Ivan Stewart & Colin Mcrea. Also Block and Faust are of their likeness of today. Let's see the F1 boy's race, snow, ice, mud, gravel, bad tarmac, dirt, sand, hail, water hazard's and do all those extreme sport extras.

37 Will Power
38 Dan Wheldon

Indy car champion perhaps. Not world champion

What a driver he was! Won 2 Indy 500s and the 2005 world champion. Sadly he is not with us anymore.

R.I.P Dan

39 Jenson Button
40 Alessandro Islam V 1 Comment
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