Reasons Why Awards Should be Given to Those who Contribute the Most to this Site

Many people post many new list to this website. They fill comments and new items. We appreciate the idea of this website.

The Top Ten

1 The users are constantly filling up the list

Remember, Admin built this site and gave us opportunities to join. But it was users who made this site what it is now! - zxm

2 Contest would make more people contribute

I totally agree with that .
Fun to compete yet contributing to this webpage!!

3 It would pay tribute to the contributers
4 Some of the comments they leave are very funny.

That's true - BorisRule

5 Because we say so
6 Because we have nothing better to do with our lives than recieving TheTopTens List Contributers Awards
7 It makes them feel better about themselves
8 They are the best critic around and they judge fairly
9 To give incentive to the contributor to help keep this site the best in its class.

It would be great if there was one reliable site that stood out. The site everyone would think of if they ever wanted to check or compare something. Knowing that it would be reliable due to the amount of people that vote on it. All this because of the hard work put in by the contributors. - wizardryuk

10 It must be take up so much time for the person who has to keep voting for Heart and Ann Wilson all day

The Contenders

11 The top 10 can occasionally have some truth in it
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