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1 Babe Ruth Babe Ruth George Herman Ruth Jr., better known as Babe Ruth, was an American professional baseball player whose career in Major League Baseball spanned 22 seasons, from 1914 through 1935.

He was a great pitcher and hitter. He changed the game and dominated like no other player. And Bonds should be number two. Who cares about steroids, almost every player does them, but that doesn't mean you are going to be great. People who think steroids are an advantage are idiots. - SgtPeppersz196715

Or are they smart? McGwire and Sosa used steroids to chase the home run record. Then Bonds started using after '98 and hit even more home runs. Coincidence? Not. - 5ToolPlayers

Played in the dead era, hit more homeruns than entire teams in a season, he is the greatest player ever, the Great BAMBINO

Yes best player ever to play the game because he hit in the dead ball era and hit the ball with power to all fields. He would of had another 40 to 50 home-runs in the 1925 season if he was not suspended because he was having marriage problems with his first wife. Thank God his second wife helped him and he hit the record of 60 home runs in the 1927 season a record that stood until Roger Maris hit 61 in 1961 as a Yankee. Henry Aaron came to bat 2000 times more than the babe and if they did not walk Ruth so much he would of hit 800 or more home runs. He would of been a great manager as well but was never given the opportunity because of prejudice. He was as good as a pitcher as anyone in either league at the time in his career as a Boston Red Sox pitcher. He saved the game because of the 1919 Chicago White Sox scandal where people would of lost interest in the game if it were not for the Babe hitting home runs when others were not hitting them. He made the game our "NATIONAL PASTIME" ...more

This isn't even close. If you pick anyone else, you're just trying to be different and not going with the obvious answer. He was hitting more home runs than entire teams. hitting 60 Home runs in the 1920's would be like hitting well over 100 home runs today. it was unheard of. And really he still holds the record, as they played 10 fewer games in those days (152) and Maris didn't hit #61 till the 162nd game of the season. The only other players to hit 60 were all on steroids. He had a whopping 342 lifetime batting average routinely hit over 50 home runs, even had another year where he hit 59.. And on top of all that he was one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Even if he never picked up a bat, he'd be in the hall of fame as a pitcher. This isn't even a debate

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2 Willie Mays

While Babe Ruth was a great player, Willie Mays is the best position player ever. He could hit, catch, throw and run with the ability no other player had. As a hitter, he had to face probably the best pitchers that baseball has ever had, nevertheless, he finished his career with 660 homers playing in the extremely huge Polo Grounds first, then in Candlestick Park, where the wind blew in from left field. Two years in the army at the peak of his career surely deprived him of the sixty or so additional home runs that he needed to top Ruth. Also, he was quietly approaching Ruth's career mark in 1955, but at some point his manager, Leo Durocher, made the decision to told Mays to hit less homers and increase his singles and doubles production as Durocher thought that Mays was most helpful to the teams as a higher average hitter. That year Willie finished the season with 51 home runs.

Ruth was a great player. But he spent most of his career at Yankee Stadium, where the right field ...more

The only player with the talent to do everything (hit for power and average, field, rocket arm, run -- both speed and smart, and all the intangibles) all at the highest level; super smart player also.

Doing that all in a time that was very hard for black players, playing for teams in ball parks that weren't hitters parks (think of what he could have done in a hitters parks -- 800 home runes easy and higher average) and he lost a couple of prime years in the military and playing a few years in the Negro league still had statistics that virtually everyone drools at.

Not to mention things like:

- Most golden gloves for an outfielder and he played in the majors 6 years BEFORE they started giving out the award

- I believe he was the first National Leaguer to join the 30-30 club, one of a few people to ever be in the 20-20-20 and 20-20-20-20 club (and I think the first person to be all of them)

- Was named Player of the Decade in the 1960's

- If I ...more

To me, Mays was the best player to ever to put on a uniform. One fundamental mistake fans make is that they look solely at career stats and fail to look at context. Career stats only tell part of the story. Mays was clearly a better player than Aaron. Peers of both Aaron and Mays almost universally say that Mays was the better player. And actually Clemente was a better player than Aaron. Mays was a much better fielder and base runner than Aaron. Their hitting prowess is comparable. However, Willie had the disadvantage of 1) playing in the Polo Grounds; 2) playing at windy Candlestick Park; 3) being drafted for military service, interupting his career. If Mays had played his career in Milwaukee's County Stadium and in Atlanta and Aaron had played where Willie played most of their career hitting stats would be reversed (ie. Mays would have 755 HRs and Aaron would have 660 HRs).


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3 Hank Aaron

I think Aaron should be above Willie Mays because Aaron was three times better than Mays. Of course, he never hit 50 homers in a season, but he had lots of 40 homer seasons. What's surprising is that even though Henry Aaron had more total bases than anyone else, he had a lower slugging percentage than guys like Mays, Hank Greenberg, and Ted Williams. While Babe Ruth was a great player, Aaron was the greatest hitter of all time. Because Ruth was a great hitter and a great pitcher, and Aaron was a great all-around player. If you take away all of his 755 home runs, he would still have 3,000 career hits because he had 3,771 hits in his career and you subtract the total number of home runs from that and he would have 3,016 hits in his career. He had a huge amount of doubles and he had nearly 100 triples in his career. Aaron had more power than Ruth and Mays. I'd say he would still have the home run record because I don't think Barry Bonds deserves it. When he was with the Pirates Bonds was ...more

Hammering Hank was great however because he hardly never hit more than 40 home runs a year none of the pitchers ever decided to walk him that much! The fact that he averaged 40 home runs a year for 15 years was amazing and hit 35 home runs for at least 5 of his 22 year career to go on and top Ruth all time home run record. He did this with death threats to his life and much prejudiced against him and he is to be commended for going on to beat the Babe. Arron came to bat more than 2000 more than Ruth however he is to be con-graduated because he never sustained any major injuries that sidelined him for part or all of any season compared to Mickey Mantle. Henry was also a better right fielder than Ruth and has his gold gloves to prove this. He deserves great respect and honor for his service to the game even after his playing days were over.


He should be on the list twice. Best ballplayer I ever saw!

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4 Ted Williams

Let me run through Ted's stats. Ted had one of the greatest rookie seasons of all time in 1939, with 31 home runs, a.327 average, and perhaps most impressively, a league best 145 RBIs. Ted Williams still gets criticism for his 1940 season, and I'm not sure why. He hit.344. In 1941 Ted had insane stats. 38 home runs, a.406 average, 145 walks, a.553 OBP, a 1.2+ OPS, and a.735 slugging percentage. In 1942 he won the triple crown, while hitting.356 with 39 homers. He served in the military from 1943-1945, and judging by his 1940's achievements, these would've been monster seasons. When he came back in 1946, all he did was hit.346, smack 38 home runs, win the A. L MVP, and lead his team to the world series. Unfortunately he got injured. In 1947 he won the triple crown. In 1948 he hit.370. In 1949 he set the record for most consecutive games on base (89), hit.342, hammered 43 home runs, all while winning his 2nd MVP. Throughout the 50's he was plagued by 2 more more years of military ...more

I can't argue Babe Ruth as #1 for the fact that his pitching was as elite as his hitting. As far as #2 that's tougher. Hank Aaron #3 no way, and don't get it twisted I love Hank Aaron. But you see there's an unrecognized stat that I can understand my generation (born '79) not knowing, but it disappoints me that our elders ignore this and don't ever mention it to younger generations! That is that Ted Williams stopped playing baseball and enlisted in the AirForce as a fighter pilot for 6 years in the prime of his baseball career. So as far as my logic tells me the question is who is #2. I have to put Mays & Williams as a tie as Williams was the greatest hitter EVER and if you were to modestly calculate what his stats would have been if he didn't miss 6 years he blows everyone away period bar none. Yet Mays was a greater fielder one of the best ever so it's hard for me to decipher which was better because I can only look at stats and a little film. It's up to unbiased knowledgeable ...more

I'm sorry, but Albert Pujols does not belong higher on this list than Ted Williams. He hit.406! Williams could put the ball wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Coming from a Yankee fan, even I have to admit that Ted was the greatest ever.

Amazing player

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5 Ty Cobb

Cobb is second to no one, let alone 3rd! Cobb only batted under.300 once and that was his first season! He stole home when he was 42 years old, Aaron was great but has become overrated in hindsight. Ruth was great but began the downfall of baseball being tactical, beginning of the crowd pleaser brand of ball/instead of talented base hit & steal players. Ty Cobb was and is the greatest... PERIOD.

Cobb is #1 on my list followed shortly by The Mick. Cobb played with aggression which I love in a ball player because you can't be a nice guy playing baseball it just doesn't work out

Why is ty cobb so low? Huh? Most people say the greatest ever are these slow home run hitters who can't field and have low avg. Ty cobb can field, check, can hit for avg., check, can field, check, and his homeruns are pretty high for his time. All in all I'm saying that he should be no.2 at least. I think he's number 1 by far but that's just me.

Cobb is number 1 end of debate. Look at just about every offensive statistical category out there and this Tiger great retired atop or near the top of almost all of them when he retired. Who else can say that? Ruth? No. Bonds? No. Mays? No. Aaron? No. Rose? No. How many of these guys hit over.400? A. None. Cobb did it 3 different times. Cobb also retired near the top of the all time putouts & assists records for outfielders so he wasn't just a great hitter who couldn't play defense (ala Ted Williams). I don't know what the official "criteria or template" is to determine who the greatest player ever is-but there isn't a single player who excelled in more areas of the game than Ty Cobb.

Even if he was racist, you can’t deny he was a legend, he has the highest average ever. He’s up there with Willie and Ruth.

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6 Lou Gehrig

the most consistently great hitter in the history of the game, up until he could no longer play due to ALS. Most respectful and selfless player ever

The iron horse was unbelievable amazing a really great carrier
One of the all time greats.

Will someone please look at Gehrig's 14 FULL consecutive seasons (25-38) and compare them to the BEST 14 seasons of any player keeping in mind that these years were basically his career contributions. The production of this player is staggering!

23 career grand slams. Impressive. Of course, the teammates he had probably loaded the bases for him frequently. - 5ToolPlayers

That's a very valid point, his teammates... It's so hard to pick a greatest baseball player of all time, every time I go through stats, my opinion changes slightly. I would just add that pitching was different in this era, most refer to this era as the "dead ball" era, but when a pitcher was pitching a complete game almost every time out, with no relief pitcher, and none of the specialty pitches of the last 50 years, well, it all evens out... I'm glad Gehrig is so high on this list - Ned964

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7 Mickey Mantle

If it were not for injuries and his self destruction who knows what the record books would hold.. More raw power than anyone from both sides of the plate.. No one was faster home to first. I really believe that if Mantle were healthy he could have hit 800 home runs.. Bonds has no place on any list..

Hands down the best team player of all time as well a team mate, as far a player no one was ever better. The Mick was and all around player, hit, hit with power, outstanding fielding record, speed best ever from home to first, great base stealer 80% of time stole the base. Just in the 1963 if he had not broke is foot in Baltimore he would have easy another 30 home runs that year. All time WS records that still stand.

The Mick was one of the fastest players during his time. He invented tape measure home runs by himself! He was constantly playing in pain. Everybody looked up too and respected him. If he didn't get injured he could of beat Roger Maris in the Home run race. Mickey was the silent hero of Don Larsens perfect game in 1956. He also won the triple crown in 1956. The best switch hitter there ever was. Mickey was the ultimate team player and carried the team on his back. The best thing about him is that he didn't use or need steroids to be such an amazing player. 7.

Amazing, he had at least 12 superstar seasons with all those injuries. It is crazy, scary what his numbers would have been with a healthier body. Plain and simple. More power and speed than Willie Mays, when comparing their primes. But to May's credit, he took care of himself and was a bit better on defense. But Mantles power for a guy only 5' 11" to 6 ft., that is notable.

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8 Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson Jack Roosevelt Robinson was an American professional baseball player who became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball in the modern era.

Jackie Robinson should be way ahead of Barry bonds

He should have played longer then I would maybe put him up higher

First baseball player to break the color barrier. Thanks Branch Ricky. Only player to have his number retired on ALL teams.

I think he should be higher up b/c bak then, who actually was brave enough to be black and in the mlb, and bsides how many other people above him in the list have stole home? let me know if fatboy ruth did lol

Best baseball player EVER!

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9 Ken Griffey Jr. Ken Griffey Jr.

I grew up idolizing Jr by far the greatest player I have ever witnessed play the sweetest swing I have ever seen plus all the gold gloves and I know everyone says IF it wasn't for his injuries with the reds he would have destroyed the record there isn't a true baseball fan or previous MLB player that deep down in there heart knows for a fact that that is absolutely positively the truth he would have shattered the record Face it THE KID aka Jr was the best

I played with Junior as a kid and it was all natural. He was born to play ball. If not for the injuries we would all be talking about him before Willie, Hank and Mickey! Admit it. He could do it all. And his average only dropped a bit late in his career when the lower body and leg injuries took over. Junior and Thome are the only two this generation to crack 600 Homers steroid free. I know Pujols will do it but that only makes 3 in the last how many years?

What a rush, your having played with him... Probably the most gifted player in my viewing experience, and yeah, I love he didn't juice. Thome and Pujols were/are great offensive players, but Junior was brilliant in the field as well... - Ned964

In my opinion Jr. was one of the greatest pure athletes... Amazing at all aspects of the game...5 tool player... Respected by many of the games top tier players... Like Jeter he had an amazing presence off the field as well... Prettiest swing in baseball history; fluid, powerful, razor sharp... Unbelievably resilient... A kid favorite (which in my opinion makes a huge difference)... One of the most prolific hitters of all time... I could go on for days but you get the idea.


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10 Honus Wagner

The only players who should be above Wagner are Ruth and Gehrig. For Pujols to be above him is sacrilege, this list is a joke.

WAGNER: One of the greatest hitters of all time, on of the greatest fielding SS of all time, could pitch a few quality innings if needed. A true gentleman, an extremely positive presence in the clubhouse.

Beast ball player arguably the best shortstop ever still not the best ever

Honus wagner was better than Ty Cobb and if he played in the live ball era he would've hit at least 1 out of the park per game!

This guy should be the best he can fly like a penguin

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11 Walter Johnson

The greatest pitcher ever, and remember pitching is 90% of the game. Don't get starstruck by the Babe's homers or Ty's hits. Johnson did more for his team than any other player. For an entire decade (1910-1919) he won 265 games, which was 34% of all the games won by the Senators. He won 417 total games as a Senator. No pitcher or ball player was more valuable to their team.

Walter Johnson was nicknamed the "Big Train" for his durability, and he is considered by many to be the fastest pitcher who ever lived. He retired as the all-time leader in strikeouts (with 3,509; his record got surpassed later on), and the all-time leader in shutouts (with 110). Johnson is also my favorite player of all-time.

He is one of the hardest throwing pitchers of all time. I feel bad for him because he played on some of the worst teams of all time.

Jackson ain't in the top ten? I thought this site was called TheTopTens!

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12 Stan Musial

The most balanced hitter of all time should not be stuck at number 13. The guy had the exact same amount of hits on the road as he did at home in his career. That is the definition of balance when it is used in this sense. A 24 time All Star (there were two years, the first two of his career, where he was elected twice because back at that point in baseball history there was a spring all star game and a fall all star game. This changed after his second year), a WW2 veteran (during his playing career), a congressional Medal of Honor recipient, and one of the nicest and most down to earth ball players that you could've met: this man deserves to be higher on this list.

My great grandpa Ray new Stan the man and I will never forget about that read the book Stan the man they were good friends my answer is not biased because of that though Stan Musial is the best look at his stats best contact hitter ever 24 time all star numbers don't lie jackie your great but how are you higher than Musial just because you're the first black player and where is Roberto Clemente he is my number two

Stan the Man is SO horribly underrated. His stats are there... Just look 'em up. And... NO ONE has meant more to a city, state, and a team than Stan the Man. RIP Stan. St. Louis and a proud Cardinal Nation will ALWAYS remember you.

3630 hits, exactly 1/2 off lefties and 1/2 off righties.

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13 Pete Rose

Who cares if he gambled at least he was a tough ball player and was not afraid to get his shoes dirty like the players now who are traded to different teams every couple of years. He deserves to be in the hall of fame not like cal Rippen jr who nobody even knows about or gives a hoot about. I know a lot about baseball and my statement is very true. I am not saying Pete rose should be first place but at least give 3 place or something like that.

Even though he did not make the hall of fame he gambled as a manager. Don't listen to those people. He's, a hall of famer on my list. Same thing happend to shoeless joe jackson.

Pete Rose should never gave been banned from baseball for life. Other players have done much more to damage the game then Rose and never been banned for LIFE. His sentence was the most disproportionate punishment in the history of baseball, with the exception of the Black Sox scandal.

Only player with 500 games played at 5 different positions

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14 Joe DiMaggio

DiMaggio- 13? His 56 game hitting streak will never be broken. He played for 13 years with 3 MVP wins. Also, he made the All-Star game every year! He won the World Series 9 times with 10 pennants. He was one of the greatest fielders to play and he had more home runs than strikeouts. Furthermore, his hitting was phenomenal. He led the AL in home runs and RBI's twice, and was the AL batting champion 2 times. He even stood out outside of baseball. He married Marilyn Monroe, went to war, got shot in his wrist, and proceeded to make the All-Star game... again. He should not be 1 but somewhere in the top 5!

Hits hit streak record will take many years till its broken he was one of the greatest.

He set outstanding records and made pitchers sweat a lot. He Should be at the top of this list.

DiMaggio was the greatest all around player...

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15 Barry Bonds Barry Bonds Barry Lamar Bonds is an American former professional baseball left fielder who played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball with the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants.

He does not belong on this list. With all of the great baseball players over the past 100 some years who have put up ridiculous numbers without steroids he shouldn't even be in the top 200 in my mind. He was using steroids like crazy. At 40 years old his head was growing.. What does this tell you? Not only was he juicing but he was juicing like crazy. Sure he was good before steroids but 17th of all time good? Probably not so if that's your argument you need to reevaluate it some. You can't rank this man as the 17th best of all time because "He was good even before steroids! " Yes he was good.. But you can't rank him 17th without knowing how good he actually would've been and how age would have affected his muscles without a performance enhancing drug preserving and improving them. The best of all time have usually found ways of staying good and in some cases even getting better with age. My guess is Bonds saw a noticeable decline in his baseball playing ability, and so he ...more

I have a lot of things to say about this-so please, PLEASE keep an open mind.

First off, I'd like to say-please stop putting modern players that might be forgotten in 50 years, but are just on this list because they were someone's favorite player. Bryce Harper is NOT the greatest player of all time. It's nice to think he could be, but he isn't. Then there's those ridiculous choices like Dan Uggla, Troy Tulowitzki, etc.-guys that will be trivial in 10 years.

I'd also like to say that Mark Teixeira would be my choice, because he is my favorite player, but he is nowhere near the greatest player (he's #50 rn 12/30/17) but he IS one of the most underrated players of all time-and if you wanna disagree, look up his stats defensively one of the best all time at first basemen, top 5 switch hitter all time, and-anyway I was here to talk about Barry Bonds.

No, he does not DESERVE the title of "all time home run leader" or "greatest player ever", but ...more - jayfowler

Couldn't have done it without the roids. He doesn't deserve to be on this list.

He had enough success before using and enhancement drug. He belongs here - Sabbath

He should be #1

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16 Albert Pujols Albert Pujols José Alberto Pujols Alcántara is a Dominican American professional baseball first baseman for the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball.

Albert's first 11 seasons in MLB is the best 11 year stretch in MLB history, that alone should put him in top 10. If it wasn't for that juicehead Bonds, Pujols would easily have 6 or 7 MVP awards. His accomplishments get overlooked because his era was tainted due to cheaters like bonds, sosa, a-rod, manny, etc. Also, the nicest human being I've ever met.

Pujols is not the only modern player to not use steroids. Why isn't Junior on this list. I'd take him over Bonds and Pujols. His glove was amazing and still the prettiest swing ever in baseball

Uh why is pujols above Nolan Ryan, CY YOUNG, or jeter even? He's good, but he will never have an award handed out to ever years best pitcher with his name on it, or any award with his name in it for that matter, this list is a joke

Prediction: Albert Pujols
Total career Homeruns 740
Total career RBI 2300
Total career Hits 3500

Babe, Hank, Albert

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17 Derek Jeter Derek Jeter Derek Sanderson Jeter is an American former professional baseball shortstop, current businessman and baseball executive who is the chief executive officer and part owner of the Miami Marlins of Major League Baseball.

Best yank to play the game and best all time hitter as a shortstop shoot he might be the best shortstop ever

Complete ballplayer on and off the field

I'm a Yankee fan all my life. Jeter is a winner. But he is not even close to being the best Yankee. He wasn't even the best shortstop of his era or 2nd best. He had decent range not great. He had an accurate but so-so arm. For a 6'3 guy had little power. But he had all the intangibles and played the game intelligently. Incredibly hard worker and as humble a superstar as ever. He played in NY which helped his star power and got 5 rings because he was an integral part of some GREAT teams. Hall of Fame - NO DOUBT. Best Yankee ever - NO WAY. Top 25 players all-time - BIG ARGUMENT.

Jeter is the best shortstop I've ever seen play this game, if you don't vote for Jeter for hall of fame, it's not ok

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18 Cy Young

Too low. He dominated in his era, Should be in the top twenty

Too low should be in top 3, ever heard of the Cy young award?

Cy Young has a record that will never be equaled in modern times. The game has changed and the majors uses too many pitchers with fresh arms for any one pitcher to dominate.


Polio hoolio

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19 Nolan Ryan Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan holds or has held every major pitching and strikeout record on the books.

Best pitcher ever

Definitely my favorite, he through heat, and a great change up, and had a nasty curveball. I mean, what's not to like about him, he's from Texas, he's the all time strike out king, and he was just a likable player. His strikeout record won't be broken for a long time still to come, in my opinion he's definitely the best pitcher of all time.


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20 Greg Maddux

I think Cy Young invented this award for Maddux. He certainly won his share. Pitched like David Copperfield, now you see it, now you don't. Great competitor.

Where's Roger Clemens? He took steroids just like Bonds! And you still put the sucker on!

Best pitcher of my generation. Proved its all about location. Not power

A rod

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21 Roberto Clemente

To play baseball you need a glove. Roberto Clemente has 12 gold gloves, most for an outfielder. Simply the Great one in the outfield. To play baseball you need a bat. Roberto Clemente has 3,000 hits because a tragedy ended his career early. He is the first of that great 3,000 club that every baseball player wants to be in. All time.317 batting average, including 4 batting titles and two of them with.351 and.357 average. Not to mention 12 All Star games, 1966 NL MVP, 1971 World Series MVP, two World Series Championships. His 21 need to be the second number to be retired in the entire MLB. Robinson & Clemente. Roberto Clemente live Great, play Great and died Great. Roberto Clemente is simple, the GREATEST ONE in Baseball...

Saw him as a kid from behind him in right field, what a presence, what speed, what an arm. I haven't even mentioned batting and base running. He went all out and was fearless on the field but this quality also contributed to his demise at sea. Still one of my childhood heroes that lives on today for me.

A tragedy ended his career early and he still had 3000 hits. Nobody went from first to third base on a single to right field... Those who tried were out. Great series player who lead a pretty average team to two championships. He had hits in all 14 series games he played in, and the Pirates won both series. This guy should be in the top five.

Best Arm, Best Speed, Best In Clutch, Best All Around Player ever, Best Human Being in any sport.

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22 Sandy Koufax

If your life depended on the outcome of a baseball game, you would want Sandy Koufax to pitch for you.

He won the cy young

I LOVE SANDY KOUFAX! I am doing a report on him I am ten years old!

The greatest Jewish athlete of all time, with Mark Spitz being a close second. - 445956

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23 Satchel Paige

Paige is a genuine legend! Played ball 12 months a year. Was an MLB "rookie" in his 40's and dominated batters effortlessly.

Had the fastest fastball ever 3rd black person elected into the hall of fame

We'll never know, but this is with out doubt, way too low.

He pitched a 12-inning shutout at age 47. enough' said.

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24 David Ortiz David Ortiz David Américo Ortiz Arias, nicknamed "Big Papi," is a Dominican American former professional baseball designated hitter and occasional first baseman who played 20 Major League Baseball seasons, primarily with the Boston Red Sox, but also with the Minnesota Twins.

David has strength and persistency

I think he should be higher up on the list. He is not quite as good as some as the other players but he should at least be at 5 or 6

David Ortiz is the best baseball player of all time I'm glad they put them this high on the list but they should of put him at number one. He is my all time favorite. I am addicted to the Red Sox and their hitters and David Ortiz he is the best!

the goat

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25 Tony Gwynn

Even a better person as he was a hitter rip mr padre

The Derek Jeter of the West Coast as far as being a person. Great hitter. Never played with a winner but was a winner.

The greatest pure hitter to play the game

The best

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26 Miguel Cabrera Miguel Cabrera José Miguel Cabrera Torres, commonly known as Miguel Cabrera and nicknamed "Miggy", is a Venezuelan professional baseball first baseman who plays for the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball.

Arguably the best hitter of all time. Can hit 35+ homers each year. Batting average at or above.300. Tons of RBI's. Heck, he was the first Triple Crown winner since 1969. Most underrated player of the common era. Most people blow right past his defense too. He doesn't have a "Gold Glove" but if the ball is away from him, don't always think it'll get passed him, because he will make a heck of a play to get it. He hit 2 homers against Mariano Rivera. One of, if not the, greatest closer of all time. 2005 Silver Slugger, 2006 Silver Slugger, 2010 Silver Slugger, 2008 and 2010 Tiger Of The Year, 2012 Hank Aaron, Hitter of the year, MLB MVP AL MVP, Silver Slugger, Tiger Of The Year, and Triple Crown. 2013 Hank Aaron, Hitter Of The Year, MLB MVP, AL MVP, Silver Slugger and Tiger Of The Year. 2015 Silver Slugger. If all those awards doesn't prove he is one of the best hitters of all time, I don't know what does.

Most under rated player of all time, greatest hitter of all time and doing it in a era with the tightest competition. This guy hit two homers in a weekend against Mariano Rivera, no one else has hit more than one in a career. Sad to see he is not in the top ten on this list. Oh yeah and he won a triple crown, even babe didn't win one of those.

Miguel Cabrera is the most exciting player to watch at the plate and whoever haven't witness it must. Standing at #30 behind Bryce Harper is just an insult to the MVP and Triple Crown winner.

He is EASILY the greatest hitter ever. I have no doubt he will be in the hall of fame! I love watching him hit. He may be slow, but that doesn't matter seeing as every other hit (rough estimate) is a home run. The rest of the time, he crushes doubles!

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27 Mariano Rivera

How is this guy not in top 5? BEST CLOSER OF ALL TIME.

Maybe because there are several other positions at which he wasn't the best? - Billyv

There are no others in the same conversation with Rivera. Very few positions in all of sports have a more dominate #1

Best closer no doubt. But does not to compare to a lot of other players it is hard to put a pitcher in the top ten

Mo is Da Bomb

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28 Josh Gibson

If all things had been equal then fair is fair and a brain tumor on top
Of it as well as poor treatment by society. He was an amazing individual
And through the benefits of the internet the world can view history and
Stand in awe of such extraordinary people.

Could have easily surpassed the greats if he'd been able to play. Not fair that his 800 home runs will never be remembered. Deserves to be much higher on list.

800 home runs is 38 more then the number one Barry Drugs

The most powerful player ever the greatest home run hitter in the history of professional need to search for records on paper when his legend was verified by history.I never saw him play,but heard enough of the legend from those greats that participated with him,and where witnesses to his feats so His/Tory to forever live in the annals of this greatest of pastimes.he deserves to be top ten.

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29 Cal Ripken Jr.

Broke lou gehrig record

I play for cal Ripken

Known as the iron man.

Whoever made this list is obviously an idot, cal ripken is 4th all time HOF voting percentage, this list was probably made by a yankee fan

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30 Jimmie Foxx

Most underrated great player ever. Look up his stats baseball fans. Was better than Mickey Mantle and many others on this list!

One of the top ten greatest players ever. Second greatest first basemen of all time behind Gehrig.

He's okay I guess

Jimmie Foxx listed at #29 on this list illustrates what a joke this list is. Foxx is #5 on the all-time OPS list. Lifetime.325 batting average, 534 HRs, etc. etc. 13 seasons in a row of 100+ RBIs (in 154 game seasons).

This list looks to me that Political Correctness played a major role in determining the order, not the actual factual statistics that do not lie.

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31 Ozzie Smith

No One doubts he is the best defensive player ever, at any position. If choosing a team, I suspect he would be the starting shortstop on virtually every major league manager's team. He was unquestionably the best defensive player at the most important defensive position.

15 time all star 13 time gold glove award 1 time world series

.262 lifetime BA he's not even a top 100

Say what! he is way better than that

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32 Bob Gibson

Listen to player/broadcasters from that era... They speak in complete awe of this man... Fierce competitor... One of the greatest clutch World Series pitchers of all time... It is a joke that he is so low on this list behind some guys who aren't or weren't even the best of their era.. Never mind all time... I want to win a game... Bob Gibson is my starter... Saw him pitch three or four times at Shea stadium... You knew the game was going to be over in about two hours or less... I could list stats but it was the intangibles that made him one of the greatest... No batter wanted to face him

The Black Babe Ruth is just what it sounds like. Hits homers even off of Paige

Gibbywas great probably top five pitchers all time he could hit too.

Starting a new team today, only one pitcher I would select before Gibson, that's Koufax

33 Ricky Henderson

amazing that this guy is All time leader in stolen bases, on base %, runs scored, a 3000 hit guy, most home runs from a lead off batter, has 2 rings and he doesn't crack the top 10? Rickey is top 5 in my book!

Deserves to be higher, obviously he is the stolen base king and always will be, but this shouldn't distract from his outstanding OBP, OPS and Runs, and a great defender, something not taken into account much on these lists. Plus played in the modern era where pitching was consistently good, not to mention he had to stand out in an era in which players were unnaturally athletic.

THE best leadoff man in history. There will be a player(s) who eventually break the HR record by Bonds, all- time hits by Rose, and maybe even the 56 game hitting streak by Dimaggio. But no one will ever come close to the stolen base record. Turning a single or walk into a double and into scoring position must have driven opposing managers crazy. He made pitchers focus on him when on base, which was a complete distraction from the what the pitchers main focus should have been...the hitter. Easily top 5 all-time.

Top 10

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34 Chipper Jones

Aside from Mickey Mantle, the best switch hitter to play the game.

The best player under pressure of all time. Rock solid!

Why is chipper this low I know right this totally proves I'm a braves fan but Chipper is pride of Atlanta man what a guy

No way he should be this low seriously? - Kasonsmasher2

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35 Warren Spahn

History seems to have forgotten about Warren Spahn, the greatest pitcher of his era. Spahn won 363 games while pitching for some terrible teams (Boston Braves and NY Mets) Spahn was a true master of the mound.

Arguably the best lefty ever. #35 is too low. He's aboy # 20.

36 Reggie Jackson

He should be at least too 30

Reggie was clutch but was a bad teammate and overall person. Extremely overrated.

Longest home run ever

Good just good

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37 Yogi Berra

Yogi might not be as good at baseball as Babe Ruth, but his personality and accomplishments make him just as good a person

This makes no sense he won 10 championships

He played with some of the best greats I will never forget him

he is cool

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38 Randy Johnson

Should be in top twenty easily... not enough real people who know who's really the best on these lists OBVIOUSLY!

Randy Johnson being ranked 39th makes him currently worthy of the title underrated... Very underrated. Unbelievable...

Today he just got into the hall of fame! The bird man!

He was a beast!

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39 Johnny Bench

Strongest, Smartest Catcher of all-time. I still remember when he caught a fast ball bare handed in a major league game.

Johnny Bench should be above Mickey Mantle. Mantle was great, but Johnny Bench was not only a good hitter, he was likely the best catcher of all time. He was a leader and influenced other players in a very positive way.

When people think of great baseball players catcher doesn't usually come to mind first. It should. I am going to argue that it's the hardest position to play well. And bench played it well. He defiantly should be top 15 because he is that good. Also catcher is my favorite position in baseball.

He is my ninth cousin by blood, and the greatest catcher of all time

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40 Shoeless Joe Jackson

Great ball player... Should be in hall of fame

He didn't lose that world series on purpose, he played very well, but his idiot teammates did. Should be in the hall of fame - RPD6478

The establishment finds it impossible to assess the evidence objectively.

He was innocent.,. Its that simple

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41 Christy Mathewson

If he was in the first Hall Of Fame and struck out Ruth you can tell this man doesn't deserve to be this low

Holy crap! How is he this low. One of the top five pitchers ever. Give me a break people.

Statistically speaking he should be much higher up on this list...

You blew this by a wide margin. He's a Top 20.

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42 Mike Schmidt

Maybe not the best player EVER but I would put him at either 20 or 24 and the only list barry bonds should be on is biggest disgraces to the earth list

Tell me who was better than Mike Schmidt at third base? You can not! The most complete player at that position!

Barry Bonds is above Mike Schmidt, that's just wrong.

He was the best third basement ever!

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43 Jacoby Ellsbury

Who ever put Jacoby Ellsbury on here take him down. We are looking at all time stats not the third best person on the Yankees.

This is ridiculous I personally like ellsbury but take him down good god people

He sucks its beats players ever he is not even better than Bryce Harper

Ha ha very funny wiseass

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44 Austin Romine

Oh my goodness this proves u like yanks romine should be nowhere on this list trout and Bryce are way better and this all time

Why. He is in triple A

Who is this guy

He is player of the year

45 Cap Anson

First baseball superstar


Uh...don,t care

46 Bryce Harper Bryce Harper

Bryce harper is not number 36 in front of nolan ryan he is a rookie.

Bryce Harper is a boss! Give him more credit!

Why do people even list brand new active players? That's not fair.

Bryce Harper should be in the top ten.

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47 Tris Speaker

One of the best and most underrated players ever

Really... Do your homework guys... Top 20 easily.

Are you kidding

Top 20 to 25 easy.

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48 Pedro Martinez

Best picher ever versus drugs era

Very good

Best Dominican Pitcher in History, arguably of course, with Juan Marichal!
Shouldn't be behind a lot of this newbies

49 Mark Teixeira

One of the most underrated players of all time, perhaps it's because he played in that black hole called "Texas" for so long (no one seems to care about the rangers) or perhaps it's because defense at first base is discarded in modern baseball. It's seen as the handicapped fielder's spot, and nothing more. But facts are facts. Yes, his sharp decline due to injuries make his career look no better than the likes of many first basemen's past, but no one can argue the fact that he has the 4th most defensive runs saved of all time for a first baseman, the 5th all-time home runs for a switch hitter, and provided an ever lasting duel threat in the middle of a lineup. His prowess at switch hitting is partly shown in the fact that he has the most games with homeruns from both sides of the plate all time. He has the single-season record for RBIs by a switch hitter (144), has hit for the cycle, is in the top 100 for all-time RBIs, and was part of one of the greatest infields of all ...more

He is the best

Best ever


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50 Joey Votto

Joey should be weigh higher he is way better than prince and jose

Joey should be in top 50 at least

He has 10 walk off hits


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