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21 Roberto Clemente

To play baseball you need a glove. Roberto Clemente has 12 gold gloves, most for an outfielder. Simply the Great one in the outfield. To play baseball you need a bat. Roberto Clemente has 3,000 hits because a tragedy ended his career early. He is the first of that great 3,000 club that every baseball player wants to be in. All time.317 batting average, including 4 batting titles and two of them with.351 and.357 average. Not to mention 12 All Star games, 1966 NL MVP, 1971 World Series MVP, two World Series Championships. His 21 need to be the second number to be retired in the entire MLB. Robinson & Clemente. Roberto Clemente live Great, play Great and died Great. Roberto Clemente is simple, the GREATEST ONE in Baseball...

Saw him as a kid from behind him in right field, what a presence, what speed, what an arm. I haven't even mentioned batting and base running. He went all out and was fearless on the field but this quality also contributed to his demise at sea. Still one of my childhood heroes that lives on today for me.

A tragedy ended his career early and he still had 3000 hits. Nobody went from first to third base on a single to right field... Those who tried were out. Great series player who lead a pretty average team to two championships. He had hits in all 14 series games he played in, and the Pirates won both series. This guy should be in the top five.

He has 3,000 hits and is the best player to ever play major league baseball and has 12 gold glove awards

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22 Sandy Koufax

If your life depended on the outcome of a baseball game, you would want Sandy Koufax to pitch for you.

He won the cy young

I LOVE SANDY KOUFAX! I am doing a report on him I am ten years old!

What he is the best pitcher of all time why is he 22nd he was a BEAST

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23 Satchel Paige

Paige is a genuine legend! Played ball 12 months a year. Was an MLB "rookie" in his 40's and dominated batters effortlessly.

Had the fastest fastball ever 3rd black person elected into the hall of fame

We'll never know, but this is with out doubt, way too low.

He pitched a 12-inning shutout at age 47. enough' said.

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24 David Ortiz

David has strength and persistency

I think he should be higher up on the list. He is not quite as good as some as the other players but he should at least be at 5 or 6

David Ortiz is the best baseball player of all time I'm glad they put them this high on the list but they should of put him at number one. He is my all time favorite. I am addicted to the Red Sox and their hitters and David Ortiz he is the best!

Amazing player go boston

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25 Tony Gwynn

Even a better person as he was a hitter rip mr padre

The Derek Jeter of the West Coast as far as being a person. Great hitter. Never played with a winner but was a winner.

Should be in top 20

The best

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26 Josh Gibson

If all things had been equal then fair is fair and a brain tumor on top
Of it as well as poor treatment by society. He was an amazing individual
And through the benefits of the internet the world can view history and
Stand in awe of such extraordinary people.

Could have easily surpassed the greats if he'd been able to play. Not fair that his 800 home runs will never be remembered. Deserves to be much higher on list.

800 home runs is 38 more then the number one Barry Drugs

The most powerful player ever the greatest home run hitter in the history of professional need to search for records on paper when his legend was verified by history.I never saw him play,but heard enough of the legend from those greats that participated with him,and where witnesses to his feats so His/Tory to forever live in the annals of this greatest of pastimes.he deserves to be top ten.

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27 Mariano Rivera

How is this guy not in top 5? BEST CLOSER OF ALL TIME.

Maybe because there are several other positions at which he wasn't the best? - Billyv

There are no others in the same conversation with Rivera. Very few positions in all of sports have a more dominate #1

Best closer no doubt. But does not to compare to a lot of other players it is hard to put a pitcher in the top ten

Best closer and teammate ever.

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28 Miguel Cabrera Miguel Cabrera José Miguel Cabrera Torres, commonly known as Miguel Cabrera and nicknamed "Miggy", is a Venezuelan professional baseball first baseman who plays for the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball.

Arguably the best hitter of all time. Can hit 35+ homers each year. Batting average at or above.300. Tons of RBI's. Heck, he was the first Triple Crown winner since 1969. Most underrated player of the common era. Most people blow right past his defense too. He doesn't have a "Gold Glove" but if the ball is away from him, don't always think it'll get passed him, because he will make a heck of a play to get it. He hit 2 homers against Mariano Rivera. One of, if not the, greatest closer of all time. 2005 Silver Slugger, 2006 Silver Slugger, 2010 Silver Slugger, 2008 and 2010 Tiger Of The Year, 2012 Hank Aaron, Hitter of the year, MLB MVP AL MVP, Silver Slugger, Tiger Of The Year, and Triple Crown. 2013 Hank Aaron, Hitter Of The Year, MLB MVP, AL MVP, Silver Slugger and Tiger Of The Year. 2015 Silver Slugger. If all those awards doesn't prove he is one of the best hitters of all time, I don't know what does.

Most under rated player of all time, greatest hitter of all time and doing it in a era with the tightest competition. This guy hit two homers in a weekend against Mariano Rivera, no one else has hit more than one in a career. Sad to see he is not in the top ten on this list. Oh yeah and he won a triple crown, even babe didn't win one of those.

Miguel Cabrera is the most exciting player to watch at the plate and whoever haven't witness it must. Standing at #30 behind Bryce Harper is just an insult to the MVP and Triple Crown winner.

Dang how could he be this le? Miguel is incredible and by far the best player I have ever seen. By the time his career is over maybe everyone will notice how amazing he is and how much he did. Even though he's "past his prime" he's still hitting over 300... a bad year for miggy is hitting around 300. THAT SAYS SOMETHING. He is outstanding and crushes the ball harder than any other player.

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29 Cal Ripken Jr.

Broke lou gehrig record

I play for cal Ripken

Known as the iron man.

Whoever made this list is obviously an idot, cal ripken is 4th all time HOF voting percentage, this list was probably made by a yankee fan

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30 Jimmie Foxx

Most underrated great player ever. Look up his stats baseball fans. Was better than Mickey Mantle and many others on this list!

One of the top ten greatest players ever. Second greatest first basemen of all time behind Gehrig.

He's okay I guess

Jimmie Foxx listed at #29 on this list illustrates what a joke this list is. Foxx is #5 on the all-time OPS list. Lifetime.325 batting average, 534 HRs, etc. etc. 13 seasons in a row of 100+ RBIs (in 154 game seasons).

This list looks to me that Political Correctness played a major role in determining the order, not the actual factual statistics that do not lie.

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31 Ozzie Smith

15 time all star 13 time gold glove award 1 time world series

.262 lifetime BA he's not even a top 100

He should be higher best defensive player ever!

Say what! he is way better than that

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32 Ricky Henderson

amazing that this guy is All time leader in stolen bases, on base %, runs scored, a 3000 hit guy, most home runs from a lead off batter, has 2 rings and he doesn't crack the top 10? Rickey is top 5 in my book!

Deserves to be higher, obviously he is the stolen base king and always will be, but this shouldn't distract from his outstanding OBP, OPS and Runs, and a great defender, something not taken into account much on these lists. Plus played in the modern era where pitching was consistently good, not to mention he had to stand out in an era in which players were unnaturally athletic.

THE best leadoff man in history. There will be a player(s) who eventually break the HR record by Bonds, all- time hits by Rose, and maybe even the 56 game hitting streak by Dimaggio. But no one will ever come close to the stolen base record. Turning a single or walk into a double and into scoring position must have driven opposing managers crazy. He made pitchers focus on him when on base, which was a complete distraction from the what the pitchers main focus should have been...the hitter. Easily top 5 all-time.

Top 10

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33 Bob Gibson

Listen to player/broadcasters from that era... They speak in complete awe of this man... Fierce competitor... One of the greatest clutch World Series pitchers of all time... It is a joke that he is so low on this list behind some guys who aren't or weren't even the best of their era.. Never mind all time... I want to win a game... Bob Gibson is my starter... Saw him pitch three or four times at Shea stadium... You knew the game was going to be over in about two hours or less... I could list stats but it was the intangibles that made him one of the greatest... No batter wanted to face him

The Black Babe Ruth is just what it sounds like. Hits homers even off of Paige

Gibbywas great probably top five pitchers all time he could hit too.

Starting a new team today, only one pitcher I would select before Gibson, that's Koufax

34 Chipper Jones

Aside from Mickey Mantle, the best switch hitter to play the game.

The best player under pressure of all time. Rock solid!

Why is chipper this low I know right this totally proves I'm a braves fan but Chipper is pride of Atlanta man what a guy

No way he should be this low seriously? - Kasonsmasher2

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35 Warren Spahn

History seems to have forgotten about Warren Spahn, the greatest pitcher of his era. Spahn won 363 games while pitching for some terrible teams (Boston Braves and NY Mets) Spahn was a true master of the mound.

Arguably the best lefty ever. #35 is too low. He's aboy # 20.

36 Ichiro Suzuki Ichiro Suzuki

A great hitter and fielder. Has a cannon for an arm.

Ichiro could do it all!

Ichiro is my favorite player he could do it all

He is just the best

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37 Reggie Jackson

He should be at least too 30

Reggie was clutch but was a bad teammate and overall person. Extremely overrated.

Longest home run ever

Good just good

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38 Yogi Berra

Yogi might not be as good at baseball as Babe Ruth, but his personality and accomplishments make him just as good a person

This makes no sense he won 10 championships

He played with some of the best greats I will never forget him

he is cool

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39 Randy Johnson

Should be in top twenty easily... not enough real people who know who's really the best on these lists OBVIOUSLY!

Randy Johnson being ranked 39th makes him currently worthy of the title underrated... Very underrated. Unbelievable...

Today he just got into the hall of fame! The bird man!

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40 Johnny Bench

Strongest, Smartest Catcher of all-time. I still remember when he caught a fast ball bare handed in a major league game.

Johnny Bench should be above Mickey Mantle. Mantle was great, but Johnny Bench was not only a good hitter, he was likely the best catcher of all time. He was a leader and influenced other players in a very positive way.

When people think of great baseball players catcher doesn't usually come to mind first. It should. I am going to argue that it's the hardest position to play well. And bench played it well. He defiantly should be top 15 because he is that good. Also catcher is my favorite position in baseball.

He is my ninth cousin by blood, and the greatest catcher of all time

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