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101 Willie Stargell

Why do you have WILLIE STARGELL below the top 20?

I love pops he's my favorite slugger

Pops should be in the top 60. They always put him in the 80s. He's got 475 career home runs and 1,540 RBIs, I mean, come on, man.

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102 Jon Lester

Should at least be in he top 100. he has had at least one shut out

103 Giancarlo Stanton

Capable of hitting .350, 70 HR AND 220 RBI GREAT PLAYER! - Duckawatchaphobic

He won the home run derby like 5 minutes ago

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104 Matt den Dekker

Go Nats and matt den Dekker (Although Lucas Giolito is much Better)

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105 Alcides Escobar Alcides Escobar Alcides Escobar is a Venezuelan professional baseball shortstop with the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball.
106 Brandon Moss

He good at biting home runs whenever we need to tie the game

He is the best player of all time

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107 Cap Anson V 2 Comments
108 Lou Brock

Oh please he has the 2nd most stolen bases by a major league player

Put him higher than 89 please.

He should be top 15

Stole 118 at age 35 293 lifetime avg top ws average 21 games

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109 Jim Edmonds

He is my cousin and he had 8 GOLDEN GLOVES!

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110 Nick Punto

Nick Punto makes this entire list a fallacy

Who is nick punto, never heard of him at all

Nick was the best Twinkie money could buy back a few years ago.

Never heard of him

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111 Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez is a stud. To me he should at least be in the top 20.

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112 Pedro Ciriaco

Pedro Ciriaco is not better than Jacoby Ellsbury, Jim Rice, or Raul Ibanez. - mrwp111216

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113 Joe Mauer

He is the worlds best catcher in the world

Greatest Twins Catcher in history

One of the best hitters and can hit them opposite field.

He won my BA in a season contest

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114 Matt Moore
115 Ernie Banks

Possibly the greatest baseball player to never make the playoffs.

I agree. He is easy top 25 or thirty and a much better player than jeter.

I am a huge Cubbie fan. Ernie Banks is the best ever. He's Mr. Cub. He shall go down in history as the best ever. Come on guys, he should already be on this list!

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116 Roberto Alomar V 4 Comments
117 Clayton Kershaw

Not there yet but has a chance to be in top five ever for pitchers.

The best that ever played baseball Matt Kemp should being here though

He should be way down there at least 21

He has a lot of power. He is a beast

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118 Jimmy Rollins

Champion. Best phillies shortstop even passing Larry Bowa. Now leads phillies in hits for all time. He won 6 gold gloves

119 Felix Hernandez V 1 Comment
120 Evan Longoria

The rays were terrible until Longoria joined them

Baseball player one of the best when he retires he is going to be the best vote for hall of fame

Hof for sure, makes his team better instantly and awesome numbers. Top 70 for sure.

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