Top Ten Best Baseball Players of All Time


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141 Catfish Hunter

He threw a perfect game against the twins

I think he was my couisn

Way higher

142 Whitey Ford

Still not sure how you made this list, you apparently don't know baseball. Give me a break

Why do you have WHITY FORD below #100 he should be in the top 20at least

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143 John Lackey John Lackey John Derran Lackey is an American professional baseball starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball.

John lackey he is a very good player because his pitches are very good

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144 Melky Cabrera

This guy is a cheater

He has a great ave
Amzing amount of hits
Come on!

145 Brandon Crawford

Great fielder and hitter!

146 Madison Bumgarner

VERY good pitcher, could easily make top 10 pitchers of 2015-2014 and I'm a Royals fan

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147 Jeff Bagwell

It was unfair for him to play baseball because the only reason he got to play was because he was the greatest NBA player and there were plenty of farm league players that could of took his place that were serious about baseball - Sabbath

148 Joc Pederson V 2 Comments
149 Joey Terdoslavich

He is just too good!

150 Willie Randolph V 1 Comment
151 Jason Varitek
152 Ivan Rodriguez

Greatest ranger of all time a great catcher and I'm a braves fan

153 Joe McGinnity

Pitcher: Won both ends of doubleheaders 3 times in one month August 1903, considered the most impossible sports record to beat. - johndumas

154 Mike Buddie
155 Curtis Granderson

Still awesome at his age, beautiful swing, and amazing numbers. Got to be much higher

A beast that's all I've got to say

156 Nick Hundley
157 Marco Scutaro

Marco Scutaro is amazing!
He won the 2012 NLCS MVP.
He made the Giants win the World Series
Marco Scutaro getting traded to the Giants was the biggest move of the summer

He stinks take him off

Marco scutaro shouldn't be on this list

He didn't really anything so he shouldn't be on this list

158 Nick Franklin

Great at fielding and is an awesome switch hitter, he is even a rookie.

159 Kyle Seager

He amazes me with his skills every game.

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160 Eddie Mathews

I get tired of saying it but this list is crazy. This man was a mammoth beast. One of the best one two punches in history with Aaron. I'm tired of him getting no respect. At least top 50 hands down.

He made it in to 500 home run club

Oh come on he was the first 3rd baseman to make the 500 home run club!

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