Top 10 BB Ki Vines Characters

This is a list of top BB ki vines characters in my view. BB Ki vines is a YouTube channel featuring comic instances happening in Bhuvan Bam (BB)'s life and people around him.

The Top Ten

1 Fameer Fuddi

Fameer Fuddi is the cousin of Bancho. He speaks in an awkwardly confusing manner. - maggot555

He is the funniest character

We all love him and also his funky and unique style

Fameer fuddi's dialogue ( oooh yeah ) is my one of the best dialogue, I am listen many times this and every time oi really enjoyed it.

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2 Bancho

Bancho is my favourite characters!

Bancho is the best bancho


He is great

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3 Papa Makichu

Papa Makichu is the father of Bancho. - maggot555

Mast hai maa ki chu

4 BB

Bhuvan Bam or BB, is the main protagonist of the series. - maggot555

5 Lisa

She is good

6 Mr. Hola

Mr. Hola is the friend of BB's father. He has a contrasting personality. - maggot555

Nastey beta nastey

7 Babloo Ji

Babloo Ji is the father of the protagonist BB. - maggot555

8 Dr. Sehgal
9 Titu Mama

One of my favourite character from bb ki vines.
I love watching all the vines in which he is present.
I like the way he speaks and the advices given by him.

Titus voice is the best

Titu is the best.

Titu Mama is my favorite Character ❤🤣

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10 Mrs. Verma

Mrs. Verma is the love interest of Babloo Ji. - maggot555

The Contenders

11 Ghaint Pishori Lal
12 Masterji

Angry masterji was my favourite series in bb ki vines...i am still waiting for more to come out!

Masterji is the school teacher of BB and Bancho. - maggot555

13 BB Bhuvan Bam
14 Dhudh Wala
15 Salesman
16 Santaclus
17 Janki (Bhuvan's Mom)

She is seen almost in every videos uploaded by BB.
She can neither understand nor speak english.
The part where she cries are the funniest parts of the video.

18 Adrak Baba
19 Happy Naukar
20 News Reporter

Funniest reporter

21 Kanta Ben

She is one of character in bb ki vines
She is the maid of bb's home
She is very funny

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