Top 10 BB Ki Vines Characters

This is a list of top BB ki vines characters in my view. BB Ki vines is a YouTube channel featuring comic instances happening in Bhuvan Bam (BB)'s life and people around him.

The Top Ten

1 Bancho

Bancho or Banchordas Chhatriwala is the closest friend of the protagonist BB. He literally repeats the word 'bancho' in every sentence he speaks. - maggot555

Bhai ki izzat bada di bancho!

2 Fameer Fuddi

Fameer Fuddi is the cousin of Bancho. He speaks in an awkwardly confusing manner. - maggot555

He is the funniest character

He should be on the first

o ye

V 1 Comment
3 Papa Makichu

Papa Makichu is the father of Bancho. - maggot555

Mast hai maa ki chu

5 Mr. Hola

Mr. Hola is the friend of BB's father. He has a contrasting personality. - maggot555

Nastey beta nastey

6 Babloo Ji

Babloo Ji is the father of the protagonist BB. - maggot555

7 Mrs. Verma

Mrs. Verma is the love interest of Babloo Ji. - maggot555

8 Dr. Sehgal
9 Ghaint Pishori Lal
10 Masterji

Masterji is the school teacher of BB and Bancho. - maggot555

The Contenders

11 Titu Mama
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