Top 10 Benefits to Playing Pokemon Go

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1 Playing Pokemon Go has health benefits

I just came here to see the cancer

True rellay true

Even people who don't play Pokémon play it... - PokemonGOSucks

2 Having motivation to get out of the house more often
3 You can meet new people and make friends with Pokemon Go

This is great. A great way to find fellow people that love Pokemon.

Like the Team Rocket grunts? Or Team Galactic? Okay, nice to know - PokemonGOSucks

4 You can find stranded animals while playing Pokemon Go and save them

Let me tell you a story about the first day I started playing Pokemon Go. I was walking around my neighborhood while playing Pokemon Go, trying to find a Pikachu. On one street, I found a Ponyta and right after I found the Ponyta, two stranded puppies started to follow me. I felt horrible because I couldn't do anything for myself. Instead of ditching them, I slowed down my pace and waited to see if I can find anyone or lost signs if they weren't abandoned. A lady and her son walked out of their house and greeted me, since I saw they owned a dog, I asked if they knew anything about the puppies. The lady decided to take the puppies in to give them food and shelter even though she had no idea where they came from. I don't think I would've seen those puppies if I didn't catch that Ponyta. I am never getting rid of that Ponyta after that event. No matter how much it is bad compared to other ones. - Ruee

5 You can imitate the anime by playing Pokemon Go in a group

How fun! Lol, you could role play too. Doing a cosplay while playing would be pretty funny too.

6 You can benefit companies and stores by buying their products and services while getting the Pokemon in the area
7 You can walk your dog while playing Pokemon Go

whAT - ManuelePepe

8 Finding Poke stops in populated areas
9 Discover places you never went to before
10 Having moments where you can take funny pictures with the camera when you encounter a pokemon

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11 You can have fun

But it just gets too repetitive and boring... main series are always better. - PokemonGOSucks

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