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1 Kanade


I loved how she stayed and helped everyone move on

She is the cutest, prettiest and most adorable girl. She is seriously like an angel. I just love her

She's so adorable! How can you not adore her?!?!?!

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2 Yuri

Yuri is an inspiration.

Seeing her siblings die right in front of her eyes and still having the strength and courage to carry on, now that's just downright admirable. Moreover, she is a very capable leader, intelligent, is very skilled with firearms and in close combat. Basically, she is every man's ideal woman though she can be quite violent. It's a shame that she didn't end up with Otonashi.

Yuri was certainly the best character in the story. Intelligent, brave, never-say-die(literally) spirit, beautiful, I mean, what's not to love? She had the most character development in the series. She was the strongest too. And the past just makes anyone cry. She was the best.

She is amazing

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3 Naoi

Seriously, this guy is amazing.
He's made me cry, smile, laugh and even get angry.

Naoi-kun's past made me sad... and maybe cry

Naoi equals amazingness. He started out as a cruel person but then turned into the most adorable character I have and will ever see.

Naoi and Yaoi sound pretty similar...

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4 Otonashi

Maybe he is sometimes clumsy but what the best of him is he is the one who help them to accept the fact that they lived and die thinking that god is unfair to them, but the truth is god only gave them test on how they manipulate the situation, and that is why they lived AGAIN

I think Otonashi is a great character but less energetic than the rest of the members of Battlefront, especially in the OVA episode

He's just simply put, great.

His past just breaks my heart. 11/10.

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5 Hinata

Hinata is funny, loving, lovely, cute, good-hearted, loyal, handsome, affective, affectionate, generous, caring, good looking. HE IS FLAWLESS! Never, I repeat NEVER say anything bad about this fantastic man!

He always make me laugh almost in all his scene

He should have at least 50% of total votes

He is funny and cute!

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6 T.K

Badass dancer! Loved his style

Funniest guy hands down

Dance with me

Really funny

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7 Yui Yui

Yui was cute and adorable but the best part of her was kindness. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but half the reason she wanted Hinata to marry her, was so that she wouldn't bother her mother anymore

She's cute energetic and funny. Who wouldn't like her?

8 Isawa

Iwasawa is cool and pretty, her voice is so soft and deep. She's strong and nice as well. I really like her personality

( they spelled it wrong, it's "Iwasawa" )

9 Shiina

She's pretty, and her demeanor is pretty humorous. Balancing a broomstick on her finger? Awesome. I think she should be in the Top 5 because, honestly, TK? No offense!

10 Noda

He is funny cute and loveable. One of the biggest idiots I've known X3 true story

Hihi he is funny and kawaii

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11 Iwasawa

Her story made me an emotional wreck for 5 days afterwards. She and Yuri were the only characters I cried over. Her character definitely touched my heart more than anyone else, because her story was the most real, her life the most relatable. She deserved so much better. I selfishly wish we had seen more of her in the show, but the fact that she was the first to move on makes me proud, because she inspired Otonashi and a lot of others to achieve their dreams and make peace with the cruel lives they led so that they could move forward. A strong, brave, beautiful soul. She is number one in my eyes.

12 Oyama

Favorite character 10/10.He is me in an anime practically

Oyama is just so cute

He is so kawaii~

13 Takeyama

But please, call me Christ.

14 Takamatsu
15 Fujimaki
16 Yuzuru Otonashi Yuzuru Otonashi
17 Ayato Naoi
18 Masami
19 Matsushita
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