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1 Akadema inc

The most innovative gloves made today. Super high quality and playability. I contacted Akadema for information, and not only did a human being answer the phone, it was the expert who explained how to do it right, you just can't do better than Akadema.

Great company, great quality and great customer service. They never disappoint... As they've grown they haven't lost touch with their customers. They've actually brought glove making back to the USA, too.. A big time company with small time values.

Most prolific glove maker. Most patents in the industry and manufacturers Patriot Series gloves in USA. Only around 14 years and sell more high end gloves than established brands like Nokona, Easton, Louisville, Spalding -

A nice New Jersey based company.

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2 Rawlings

I own a pro preferred gold glove limited and an a2000 which I have just purchased. I personally love my pro preferred and would recommend it to anyone however I ordered a custom a2000 and it is very comparable. Before I had bought my pro preferred I was also looking at the a2000 and thought it was a little soft but then I herd that they pre brake-in all the a2000 in the factory. So that why I got mine custom and had it made with the harder leather.

I own a pro preferred and an A2000 a easton e-pro and I've used my friends nokona. The pro preferred breaks in easy and nicely, I have had it for 4 years and all I've had to do was re-lace it I play 3 seasons a year and with that kind of usage most goves would be to beaten to use. It has only been relaced once that just shows the durability and strength. Rawlings has options for all players from pros to tball and they are the glove maker used by the most pro players

The first good glove I got was in little league in the late 50s, a Rawlings. It is rather small by current standards, but it formed a good pocket and served me well at shortstop. Then I got a Regie Jackson model in the 70s. It is built more to current standards as to size and is still a great glove. The two of them have made me very loyal Rawlings and I tend to favor players who use them.

best ever

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3 Nokona

I collect gloves for a hobby, and by far the most I have in my collection are Nokona's with 20. The overall fit and finish is a combination old school feel and current tanning technology in steer, buffalo, & kangaroo. They don't market worth a lick so no pro's on contract but they are still superior gloves. Light on the palm padding unless your order them up with palm padding.

I have a Nokona catcher's mitt made of kangaroo leather I bought in the early 90's. It has gotten a ton of use and still looks fantastic, has held it's shape, and has never needed repairs. It was in game ready shape when I bought it and has never failed me. It is simply the best glove out of the more than 60 I have from all eras and manufacturers.

LOVE my glove. Wish I had the money to buy a couple more, but alas one will have to do.
Their customer service and commitment to their product is second to none. Love the story of how they responded after their fire, and their commitment to producing American Made gloves.
Keep up the great work.

This glove company makes memories. The rest of the glove manufactures can only dream of the past. This glover is THE best!

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4 Wilson

Wilson A2000's and A2K's are the best gloves out on the market. If you see what top players in the MLB are using such as Starlin Castro, Josh Hamilton, Brandon Phillips, David Wright, Evan Longoria, Dan Uggla, Hanley Ramirez and many other all use Wilson gloves. The quality is great, very light and durable. For 200 or 300 dollars it is a bang for your buck but definitely worth it!

They make the best gloves in the world. got an a2k and it's amazing. The colors and leather are amazing and it's not too hard to break in. It is the ideal glove. Wilson

been doing it for years. Still make quality glove but have lost following. -

Best lasting and comfy glove

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5 Mizuno

good gloves with soft comfortable feel. -

Far and away THE best glove company for several reasons, not just the best quality build or tanning processes.

Great feeling gloves out of box.

Holds up well over time

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Ssk is by far the best variety of gloves awesome models and variety. Great color choices. This is a true pro model glove not only in the major leagues but in the Japanese major league as well. The standard glove is great to break in and it comes in a soft model as well which is still better than nokona when nokona gets all flimsy after a few seasons of use

SSK's gloves are the real deal. They provide the same gloves that the pros use unlike other companies who imitate the pro gloves.

The custom gloves are awesome! Get to choose the exact design you want for only $220 dollars, it's a major steal!


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7 Zett

Japanese company that makes a good glove -

8 Louisville

If you want a very nice quality glove that is "affordable" and "field ready", you can't go wrong with the Omaha Series!

9 Nike

Great Gloves If You Know Which One To Buy Like Diamond Elite.

10 Easton

Great gloves. Mako limited edition is top of the line in quality and feel. Son uses youth Mako and loves it.

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11 44 Pro

The best glove building website with the most choices I have seen. They actually show you the glove you build as well. Just wrapping up my order now. I will be back to report on the product.

Allows you to make any part of your glove any color you want unlike wilson's glove customizer and they cost about $100-$200 less for a better and greater glove.

Make custom gloves with quality leather and specify exactly how you want your glove. Ex: Long laces, flair and deep pocket

All I'm going to say you can never go wrong with a 44 Pro Glove!

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12 PM Custom Gloves
13 Rico

Pro quality leather, great glove designs, and excellent customer service.

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14 Allstar

Mostly make Catcher gear and mitts. Apparently they made fielder gloves in the 70s and 80s. I have a 11.5 allstar system seven. Took tome to break in but is now my favourite glove fits bigger than an 11.5 A2K which is smaller than just about every other brand of the same size

15 Junkei Glove

Many people say that it's the best Japanese baseball glove company

16 Dunamus Pro Gloves

Dunamus Pro Gloves are hand made, Pro quality glove and leather. This company allows an individual to fully customize a glove or to place an order on a stock glove. Dunamus has many professional players including MLB players like: Miguel Tejada, Manny Ramirez, Jorge Soler, Pedro Stroo, Brian Jordan and Jose Ramirez. This company is based out of South Florida. There are different models and styles available for purchase and customization. is the website. Instagram:Dunamusprogloves
Number: 9545996857

17 Rolin XPT
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