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21 9

How old I was when I got my first home run

This is my number and it's the best no doubt

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23 13

Just a sick number looks good on everyone

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24 5

Also Brooks Robinson and Johnny Bench. - 5ToolPlayers

It's my favorite number

Albert pujols

That is baes number

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25 14

The number I would choose if it wasn't 13

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26 6

Stephen Drew and many other players have had this number.. Its just a lucy number to have

Stan the man

Lorenzo Cain

Ryan Howard 58HR 143RBI

27 8

One of the best athletes of all time, Bo Jackson on the White Sox #8

Though I've never had 8 as a Jersey, it's my favorite number.

It is my allstar number and right now ryan braun and shane victorino on the phillies

One name: Yogi Berra

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28 10

I'm number 10 on my team and I always he's a future in the tennis the best

My best friend is number 10 he's amazing.

Ten Can See The Future

This number just looks sick

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29 0

I know Gus Otto, the great center for the NFL Oakland Raiders, wore double zero. I always thought that was cool, Otto, 00, see what he did there? - 5ToolPlayers

Lol. Zero for the win! Is there actually a MLB player who wears 0?

It's the wining number

Aran ottoveno for the Rockies he's a pitcher

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34 1

How is 1 52 it is the best number ever

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35 28

Buster Posey, and it's my #! And he is my idol and I as well play catcher!

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36 31

This is my summer league travel league and school number. It's the best

37 17

Todd Helton, a great player and a real gentleman who retired after 17 great years with the Rockies.

This was my high school baseball number

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39 29

A weird number, but looks good on a pitcher or catcher.

Make a number none wants famous be difert from other people make a number famous with your talents not others

Dope number very swaggy I wear it in travel and 1 for high school under rated numbers y'all

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