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1 Earth Eagle

It has beaten all blades even l drago and unicorn

It is the best
It has attack defense and stamina also

This is the most strongest beyblade and I know that this beyblade will make bright future of the beyblades so please vote this beyblade and if you don't then buy this beyblade and see this beyblade can defeat all the beyblade and if you buy this beyblade you will never defeated

It beat rock Pegasus
And beat every bey I know
It is totally good or great at everything it beat

Where is phantom orion he's the best bey everyone smart knows that I admit earth eagle is good but I beat it so many times it's kinda boring now phantom orion BEST beyblade ever!

2 Rock Leone

Rock leone is the best bey. Because it has nice stamina and some times it attacks also very well. Rock leone really rocks. There is no such bey that can defeat it.

He killed all my Beyblades I can't believe my eyes when I saw this happen try it please its awesome as it's the ultimate Beyblade try it try it just do it

I had a Rock Leone it the same thing as yours I try it with my cousin out of the blue I just defeat him he use my Bey is powerful metal Cyber and face is Pegasus the stamina is good I defeat him twice or thrice with like one hit K.O already I voted you that why. Hope you will get some more fans soon. OK I am Done Talking

This beyblade is the best! It's fast! It's strong! And it also has a huge amount of stamina! Spin it hard, and it'll go wild! It's a BEAST!

3 Galaxy Pegasus

With the bottom, R2F (Right Rubber Flat), Galaxy Pegasus will spin like a rocket in the stadium.

It's too fast to dodge! It has such power and is very aggressive

Galaxy pegasus went against earth eagle and he totally destroyed Earth eagle, Meteo l drago. His real stats are great, his fusion wheel and tip are one of a kind.

So OP, destroys every bey

4 Meteo L-Drago

His spinsteal works really good
Superb attack bey can defeat almost any other bey

Its AWESOME! It really has SPIN STEAL!
It beat my DARK BULL and my STORM PEGASUS in one shot!
Its amazing.

my friends battle me and meteo L drago always wins

This bey is a god

5 Burn Fireblaze

It has good stamina power and has metal spike tip and if any bey attack it hard it does not lose power in my opinion it a superb bey

I think burn fireblaze is the best because its ms performance tip. But even with out it it beet poison serpent rock leone cyber pegasus storm aquario rock scrpio and meteo l-drago I hope he will be number 1

It defeated my 10 Beyblades at once even though it was bought 1 year ago. Those were 5 earth eagles,2 flame libras and 3 earth virgos. It really rocks

Burn is way better he beat my eagle like 15 times!

6 Flame Libra

Its just the best because it can outlast any bey that I throw against it like for instance, I put a storm pegasus, and it demolished it in one hit. Its just the best so go get it right now. Don't waste your time looking at this GET IT

Libra as very good stamina to outlast opponents like galaxy Pegasus

Flame libra is the best! Against my storm pegasus, earth virgo, and rock leone it beat them all in one hit!

He is awesome he can destroy anybody it has great defense it can be beat a number of times but vote libra

7 Storm Pegasus

It is really fast also its attacks are very powerful ifit does its special attack STORM BRINGER it goes around in circles with unbelievable speed with the attack and speed combined it is unstoppable and how could I forget STAR BLAST ATTACK it attacks from above it a good move and it is the main character in the movie so please vote for this bey.

This beyblade is awesome. Could beat lightning l dragon and rock Leone

My storm pegasus is unbeatable, it has knocked every beyblade that I have played against out of the stadium

Yes mine has only tow loses

8 Hell Kerbecs

This Beyblade is still not at the top of the chart. Hmm... I wonder, it can still beat earth eagle so? It should be higher on the charts right? The answer is yes. Try it or if you can't buy it and earth eagle! So now vote this one up! Please

Make him number one best beyblade ever

Its stronger than all of the above

Its strong and its has very good stamina good defens

9 Phantom Orion B:D

My brother's Phantom Orion beat all of my best beyblades.

Best spins for a long time like 7-8 mins with that phantom fusion wheel go for that one bit be careful Jade juipter and Death Quetzalcoatl might be able to put class it but besides that he is the best

Really? These youngins haven't heard of English Subbed have they? The answer is no. One reason this bey is at the bottom is because kids stick to the American Episodes and don't notice that there are further progressed episodes elsewhere in the world. Two; as said before these kids are sticking to American Stores and the American dubbed Anime. So, this leads their short attention spans away from looking any deeper. I plan on getting this bey soon because of its solo spin time and unique spin track and performance tip combination. All in all an excellent Beyblade. It needs to be at the top.

It is the best

10 L-Drago Destroy

L-Drago Destroy is amazing, anime and real life alike!

Very powerful attack power and can also drain energy from the other beyblades. He is also quite special, having the metal on top of the clear wheel.

He has a huge strong attack that brakes beys!

L'Drago, if launched well can defeat any bey easily. He is worth what you pay for him.


The Contenders

11 Twisted Tempo

It beats my Meteo-L Drago. So awesome. Go buy it right now.

It's the best. My friend has this cool bey he beat every one. THIS IS THE BEST BEY you could ever find. You see that.

Its actually the strongest beyblade in real life and it can BEAT EARTH EAGLE!

It has a lot of defense and stamina. I beat my friends my brothers and sisters. IT is my opinion of the beyblade awesome very good.

12 Big Bang Pegasus

Big Bang Pegaus F is a 4D Beyblade and has the following components: Facebolt, Clear Wheel, PC Frame, Metal Frame, Core and Bottom - Final Drive. The Final Drive Tip allows it to attack at the center of the stadium as well as the outer part of the stadium. The Final Drive will first star of as a semi- flat tip, allowing it to attack the beys at the center of the stadium. After losing speed, it then switches to a Rubber Flat tip, allowing it to vigorously attack the beyblades on the outer parts of the stadium. Big Bang Pegasus has 4 modes : Barrage Mode, Omni-Directional mode, Upper Attack mode and Smash Attack mode. This modes can be switched by switching the position of the PC Frame, Metal Frame and the Core.

Big Bang Pegasus is a very good attacking Beyblade and hits most beyblades out. Although it has poor stamina, it would have probably hit the opponent out of the stadium before its stamina dies out.

Big Bang Pegasus F is well liked by many people and in my ...more

If you ask me He is the best bey blade ever though the is stronger he defeated Orion Panthem

He crushes every one I put him up against especially meteo and destroy eldrago and on this least makes him seam so under rated

Big bangs great he starts with good attack and stamina then burst with amazing attack while its opponent is weak and wins. It has two metal wheels and two energy rings. So over all I give 8/10 compared to storm who I give a 4/10

13 Gravity Perseus

I like him because he has two beasts one is Medusa next is a Gladiator but he only has one special move and no evolutions but he has counter and defense like the peep on the bottom. And it gets power from every single Beyblade it fights. And I have it that's my opinion of him being good.

He spins two ways which is kind of handy.

Gravity Perseus ROCKS! He can spin left and right and he has two modes counter and defense

This bey is sick because I is one of the beys that can spin left or right it only has one special move but they don't work in real life anyway and it has two sick modes. I would suggest this bey to every one.P.S. it can beat EARTH EAGLE!

14 Poison Serpent

The poison in Poison Serpent really works on beys because he gets more power by each bey being beaten by him!

I think poison serpent is the 2nd bey because his metal wheel has 15 blades and it has good balance.

Its awesome because it beat all of my burst beys

this bey can shock up rock leone and earth eagle

15 Lightning L Drago

I love my lightning l dragon blows every other beyblade out of the water

He is a really good beyblade he is cool


I used to have this and this is so op

16 Dark Wolf

I think dark wolf is the best because its metal is like the best/ legit spikes but any ways he has elemental attacks and stamina he can easily knock out beys easily and lastly if you mess with the wolf be prepared to have a big bite at the end.

He is BEAST!

Dark Wolf, combined with all the components is a very useful bey because he can freak other beys out with his ultimate speed ripping through the beystadium with full speed and power. He can knock a beyblade out easily.

I think dark wolf 3nd beyblade because it can good attacks block and it is my
favorite beyblade

17 Diablo Nemesis

Mine managed to beat every single bey on the list above

Diablo nemesis is the best he even beat earth eagl! This beyblade should be way higher then 1 it should be.01 it trashes all the boys and it just wrecks.

It is so good

What! How could you put Diablo Nemesis in 34? I bought him and it blasted my twisted tempo in one shot! It also blew my earth eagle straight out of the stadium. It has strong attack and stamina and defense. But it, you will never regret it.

18 Fang Leone

High def and can pack a punch on a bey

he is so god I was like ok special move 1000 fang fury and then my buddy was like oh no because I snapped his EARTH EAGLES tip track wheel clear wheel but not face and I was like ha... hahah... bwahahahahahahah

I have Fang Leone and he can take Rock Leone down Fang Leone was my first BEYBLADE

Fang leone is good because it can change two modes and it can kill all my Beyblade examples basalt horogium, flame byxis, storm pegasus and dark wolf. It is very cool!

19 Flame Saggitario

this bey is one sweet looking bey which is liked by all

HE is so good with great stamina he has beaten my earth eagle a nuber of time he even took on big boom Pegasus and Lightning L Drago on at the same time and still one defiantly my favourite

"This bey is one cool bey and has good stamina. One of the best Beyblades eve

awesome bey beat all my beys but my... EARTH WOLF 105 WD

20 Ray Unicorno

It has amazing stamina and can knock out my Meteo L-Drago

The tip is stamina attack awesome best ever it is legendary XD

Ray Unicorno Rocks it is undefeatable at school. Its tip is plastic with a rubber outside that gives it awesome balance, but wear it out first.

Goes crazy around the stadium. WOO! GO RAY UNICORNO!

21 Earth Virgo

This beyblade has a totally insane spin rack that can keep the bey standing strong and sturdy for almost forever. His Gravity Bowl Spin Track keeps him standing stronger than ever and never letting and beyblade touch him until he is weakened.

I think earth virgo is the best because he has a great balance he can spin the longest he's the strongest bey blade.

I've beaten everybody with him he'll keep spinning when ever he hit's my fan I've got him to 75,000 with him!

He's my most favorite bey blade.

It's better then any one lol

This bey can totally beat earth eagle but the only bey this has ever lost to in it's whole history of being by my side is give it up for STORM CAPRICORN!

22 Legend Cyber Pegasus

Due to the fact I live in America, we do not get Pegasus (original) but this is as close as you can get. Its smash attack is amazing and if used with a bank shot it can knock out the competition without breaking a sweat. It is a good counter for stamina types and left spinning types.

he is the best he beat 7 beyblades at once. and not that the 7 beyblades where meateo l-drago, earth eagle, galaxy pegases, dark bull, rock leon, normal l-drago, and flame libra. it should be in the top 10.

This bey has more stamina then any other pegasus

This was my first bey. He can beat all the others that I have collected, and is very good if you can reverse spin with him. Vote for Legend Cyber Pegasus because he can beat dark bull, and has a smash attack that can destroy almost anything. His metal wheel packs a solid punch. VOTE FOR HIM!

23 Variares


This bey has its pros and cons against some beys, but overall I recommend this bey, 3 in one you got attack defense and stamina, so just a tough bey overall to beat most opponents

It can spin both ways like gravity destroyer, its metal wheel is strong and it has many different modes defense, attack and stamina so I think it should be at the top of the list by the way it can definitely woop earth eagle.

This is an epic Beyblade, It can spin both ways and I had a pretty awesome design. It can be defense, stamina, attack you name it. Variares for the win!

24 Jade Jupiter

It constantly get stadium outs

I used my combination jade libra 100,000 Beyblades went bye, bye and those Beyblade went in a river from their houses

It has defense and stamina my friend pronounce stamina spelt like this stamina

25 Storm Capricorn

Storm Capricorn has a diagonal performance tip which makes him jump

This beyblade has a unique performance tip which can only work with M145 spin track. This bey when launched is heavy which can leap onto another beyblade.
*WARNING: This bey can sometimes be a little weird as he jumps through the beystadium. *

Storm capricorn is strong but, it can't beat my storm pegusus, rock leo, evil gemios, galaxy pegusus, earth eagle, flame libra, cyber pegusus, l drago, flame segitero, and my earth virgo.

He should actually be the 2nd because he has unique performance tip but has a low stamina if you put a stamina pt he could be the 1st or 2nd

26 Evil Gemios

I got my evil gemios a 6months ago and so far it has beaten earth eagle rock leone and storm pegasis its fusion wheel is awesome followed by the performance how it can go from attack to defense comes in handy overall great Beyblade to have

I can blow up my rock Leone with evil Gemios and it not even on the launch

I think this Beyblade is a 1,000,000/1,000,000! I love it! It destroys all the rest, even Gravity Destroyer! I share it with my brother, we think Evil gemios is the best Beyblade ever! We think you should vote it and raise its percentage as much as possible. Evil Gemios is unbeatable in its defense.

I think evil gemios should go up to 8th because it's really pro and it's attack plus satmina. BUY IT NOW!

27 Thermal Pisces

It can beat my brothers galactic peasus and one of those big bayblades that makes sound at the same time. Just don't do it on a hard surface because my broke.

Pisces is Awesome It Took At all My Friends Beys At Once Because Of Its Sweet Stamina! I Just Love The Look as well It Just Looks Awesome!

Thermal pisces is epic! Thermal controls the air, it has a t125 spin track. It throws other beys away. It owns battle strikers!

Pisces is an excellent bey I have it and it can beat almost all my beys except phantom Orion and earth eagle. It needs to be among the top five. It has an excellent attack and even better stamina. It's fusion wheel and tip is great. It's a superb bey in battles and looks cool. Trust me just buy it.

28 Rock Pegasus

Rock Pegasus is a good stamina type but it's a great defense and balance best bey eve. So fun to use and easy to beat people

So far it beat storm pegasuss flame sagitaraio and lightning l drago

This beated 3 of my friends hyperblades.

29 Scythe Kronos

Has amazing attack and defense. He beat all of my beyblades vote for scythe kronos

its lit

He is the best beyblade in the universe he beat Jade Jupiter, Death Quetzacolt and Vari Ares he has to be the best and the first so are you with me! Vote for Scythe Kronos!

Scythe Kronos is awesome! He defeated diablo nemesis, beat lynx, and phantom Orion! I love scythe Kronos, he can beat any body! He used to be my worst bey but now he's my best! Please vote!

30 Hyper Aquario

Best Beyblade ever. If an attack type you will destroy - PintyZopeyJr


This bey is legend it has a really good attack and basically always destroys the other bey in about 8 seconds so please vote for this bey

31 Counter Leone

he has grat power and could beat rock leone

I kinda lost the original bottom tip for this one, so I'm using a WB now, but as far as my memories go, it was one of the best Beyblades, if not the best beyblade in school

32 Dark Bull

This is a great qualitied bey with a great spin track that can defend a low attack type whilst zooming through the opponent with a hard lunge so that its garrunteed that bey will be defeated.

Amazing defense and stamina withstands any attack I have him ( and always win) plus easy to get

he is so good that he could spin in snow for 2min.

He defeated my friends meteor Ldrago and fire Phoenix

33 Rock Giraffe

Rock giraffe can beat many beys. The rubber is the famous part for this extremely awesome beyblade. I beat all my family that had beyblades. People that think this bey sucks is totally wrong. I notice that there is a specific launch required to make this bey really great. I think that is the only reason why people think it sucks is because they don't launch it correctly. That is what I think and the rubber wings is what I mainly use with beys because that thing is beast. Everyone please get out of the house, go to target or somewhere and get this bey

This Beyblade can beat earth eagle. I have Earth Eagle and Rock Giraffe even when I spin Rock Giraffe first it beats Earth Eagle. So this bey is really super good and it should be higher on the charts. Thanks! -s

This Beyblade can beat Earth Eagle even when going first. It has a great fusion wheel (rock), and a very famous, strong plastic part. This one is great!

Rock giraffe should be number 1 because I have earth eagle and rock giraffe and I made them battle with each other 3 out of 5 and rock giraffe won

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34 Gravity Destroyer

Gravity Destroyer is strong and powerful because it hit thermal spices hard that it was flying.

This bey deserves a better rank. I have him and he kills earth eagle. He can spin in both directions but I think he's better in left spin mode.

It realty is the best Beyblade but not it is great at defense

This bey is EPIC!

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35 Rock Aries

So much fun

He should be the best bey-blade in the world. He has good stamina balance and defense. I love the bey-blade a lot. I practice with him. I do tricks with him to.

I think rock aries is the 7th best because his defense power is really powerfull and his attack is pretty good as well

Spinning spin track makes this bey awesome plus rock fusion wheel

36 Storm Aquario


He is the best bey in the world

It is the best Beyblade because my storm aquario won against- poison serpent, earth eagle, l drago, flame libra, evil gemios, rock scorpio, storm pegasus, meteo ldrago and flame saggitario

Storm Aquario is my is my first Beyblade and it keeps taking out my sister's Rock Aries.

37 Blitz Unicorno

It was the best bey I had ever had and never lost it should at least be in the top ten

This is the best bayblade in the multiverse

Blitz unicorno is a unique beybade along with screw fox its beast! It can beat a lot of beys. It has beaten earth eagle, basalt horogium (twisted tempo), and it is amazing! You guys should get it. My favourites are blitz unicorno, hell kerbecs, and screw fox.

Blitz Unicorno is the best! It even has 2 modes

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38 Flash Saggatario

I love sagitario so much I even have it

Yes you should buy this bey

Flash saggatario is good it is better then flame saggatario.
It has good stamina.
It runs like a crazy bey.
You should bey it.
It is crazy yo.

It's really amazing it has 2 modes attack and stamina. I really recommend u to buy this because it defeated phantom Orion b d my friend has it. It defeated twice earth eagle and Diablo nemesis. This should be at least rank 15

39 Flame Serpent

He is so powerful - he can defeat unicorn in a flash. He can circle around powerful beys until they stop

This unbelievable Flame Serpent it has beat VariAres, Meteo L-Drago phantom orion and lot others. It has great stamina and has never lost

40 Hot Fire Hell Kerbes

Best beyblade ever it beat my satombs3 and my spryzen s2

41 Basalt Horogium

This thing is an absolute beast. It has great stamina, meh attack, but the best defense of all. This thing has beat every bey my friends have thrown at it.

Dude it has the best defense and no one can defeat this Beyblade. I think you all need to buy this

This one is crazy good. Beat ray unicorno, 5-0. Just look at some videos

The best one. Really. Nothing beats it. EVER. So seriously buy this thing.

42 L-Drago Guardian

He. Destroyed five beyblades in one shot

L drago is, at thevery least the equal of its predecessor destroy fs

43 Thermal Lacerta

Good bey

Amazing stamina and balance - best beyblade ever
I love this beyblade. It helped me win all of the beyblade battles that I did against my friends.

I have this bey and its awesome thanks to its balance and has a good attack, defense, and stamina- love it but when I battled with it in the stadium it kind of sucked

It blew my Fang Leone out of the stadium. It also beat my Twisted Tempo, Flame Byxis, fang Leone, and Galaxy Pegasus.

44 Flame Byxis

It has the longest track ever in the Beyblade series

He is my best Beyblade, and rocks againt all my other 24 beys. So far he is my strongest and deserves to be at least in the top 20's. Come on, people vote for flame byxis!

It is my best bey. It always beats my Galaxy Pegasus and Twisted Tempo. It has beaten my friends' Meteo Ldrago, Earth Virgo and Poison Serpent.

He is my best bey out of galaxy pegasus 2 grand cetus and tornado destroyer

45 Twisted Leone
46 Rock Aquario

Very balanced with slight attack style movement

47 Rock Orso

I have rock orso and I don't personally think its good but it's a fact. I put it up against rock leone and it rekt it within seconds

Rock orso owns he beat hyper aquario, rock leone and several others

48 Ray Striker

If you spin him slightly on its side he will attack if you spin him normally he will defend he is really awesome.

Ray striker is good. It is a attack type, but really good samina it should be at lest top 20. I have it, is awesome. Once he beat a burn firebaze and earth eagle

I have this bay but ates tip is were bad

49 Rock Scorpio


He is good

He's ok

50 Earth Wolf

Earth wolf epic in speed and very impressive in defense

My friend has Earth Wolf its his best beyblade he beat all of my beyblades. I have rock orso, meteo l drago, legend counter leone, legend thunder lidra, storm capricorn, flame saggitario and galaxy pegasus. Earth wolf is awesome so I recommend you to get him.

THE BEST BEY EVER. It defeated Hell Kerbecs, Earth Eagle, Dark Wolf, Meteo L Drago, Lightning L Drago, Gravity Perseus, Rock Zurafa, Ray Unicorn, Galaxy Pegasis, Twisted Tempo, Diablo Nemeses, etc. My friend launched his Ray Unicorn and Lightning L Drago on top of my wolf. Unicorn's energy ring and drago's performance tip broke. It happens to have a unique ability to fight when needed when Meteo L Drago tried to absorb his spin it absorbed Meteo's spin, which I found it awesome. You name it this cool bey can beat it. It has a perfect blend of defense, attack and stamina. SO please VOTE FOR THIS COOL BEY...

It is the best my dad has it it smashed all of my best beys I have earth eagle tips I put it on all of my beys and I took it to school and I smash every one and there are 100 beyblades. It rocks it is so cool please vote for it has never lost a battle in the world you have to get it never trade earth wolf eaven for every beyblade never get it lost or you will have to by it again for 25$$$

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