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1 Earth Eagle

It has beaten all blades even l drago and unicorn

It is the best
It has attack defense and stamina also

This is the most strongest beyblade and I know that this beyblade will make bright future of the beyblades so please vote this beyblade and if you don't then buy this beyblade and see this beyblade can defeat all the beyblade and if you buy this beyblade you will never defeated

It beat rock Pegasus
And beat every bey I know
It is totally good or great at everything it beat

It is op you need this bey

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2 Rock Leone

Rock leone is the best bey. Because it has nice stamina and some times it attacks also very well. Rock leone really rocks. There is no such bey that can defeat it.

He killed all my Beyblades I can't believe my eyes when I saw this happen try it please its awesome as it's the ultimate Beyblade try it try it just do it

I had a Rock Leone it the same thing as yours I try it with my cousin out of the blue I just defeat him he use my Bey is powerful metal Cyber and face is Pegasus the stamina is good I defeat him twice or thrice with like one hit K.O already I voted you that why. Hope you will get some more fans soon. OK I am Done Talking


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3 Galaxy Pegasus

With the bottom, R2F (Right Rubber Flat), Galaxy Pegasus will spin like a rocket in the stadium.

It's too fast to dodge! It has such power and is very aggressive

Galaxy pegasus went against earth eagle and he totally destroyed Earth eagle, Meteo l drago. His real stats are great, his fusion wheel and tip are one of a kind.

That is my bey

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4 Meteo L-Drago

His spinsteal works really good
Superb attack bey can defeat almost any other bey

Its AWESOME! It really has SPIN STEAL!
It beat my DARK BULL and my STORM PEGASUS in one shot!
Its amazing.

my friends battle me and meteo L drago always wins

When spinsteal works it can beat eney beyblade

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5 Burn Fireblaze

It has good stamina power and has metal spike tip and if any bey attack it hard it does not lose power in my opinion it a superb bey

I think burn fireblaze is the best because its ms performance tip. But even with out it it beet poison serpent rock leone cyber pegasus storm aquario rock scrpio and meteo l-drago I hope he will be number 1

It defeated my 10 Beyblades at once even though it was bought 1 year ago. Those were 5 earth eagles,2 flame libras and 3 earth virgos. It really rocks

Best bay ever

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6 Flame Libra

Its just the best because it can outlast any bey that I throw against it like for instance, I put a storm pegasus, and it demolished it in one hit. Its just the best so go get it right now. Don't waste your time looking at this GET IT

Flame libra is the best! Against my storm pegasus, earth virgo, and rock leone it beat them all in one hit!

He is awesome he can destroy anybody it has great defense it can be beat a number of times but vote libra

Flame Libra is my favorite BEYBLADE

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7 Storm Pegasus

It is really fast also its attacks are very powerful ifit does its special attack STORM BRINGER it goes around in circles with unbelievable speed with the attack and speed combined it is unstoppable and how could I forget STAR BLAST ATTACK it attacks from above it a good move and it is the main character in the movie so please vote for this bey.

Storm pegasus is so awesome I saw it on beyblade:metal fusion and I think it can defeat lot of beys! I really wish I had it. SO MORE PEOPLE have to vote OR ELSE!

STORM PEGASUS IS EPIC! It's got amazing attack power and beat my earth eagle, rock leone, and burn fireblaze all at once! VOTE FOR STORM PEGASUS!

This is the worst bey on earth

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8 Hell Kerbecs

This Beyblade is still not at the top of the chart. Hmm... I wonder, it can still beat earth eagle so? It should be higher on the charts right? The answer is yes. Try it or if you can't buy it and earth eagle! So now vote this one up! Please

This can beat earth eagle. Try it yourself. Then vote this one up

Love I think I am gonna buy it because the track can change
I think but it rocks so much and the performance tip is awesome peace

Hell kerbecs should be the best beyblade because I destroyed all of them

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9 Phantom Orion B:D

Really? These youngins haven't heard of English Subbed have they? The answer is no. One reason this bey is at the bottom is because kids stick to the American Episodes and don't notice that there are further progressed episodes elsewhere in the world. Two; as said before these kids are sticking to American Stores and the American dubbed Anime. So, this leads their short attention spans away from looking any deeper. I plan on getting this bey soon because of its solo spin time and unique spin track and performance tip combination. All in all an excellent Beyblade. It needs to be at the top.

I agree because phantom orion is the king of stamina. It also spins for 7 min. It beat every bey there is. I have it and I never lost. It even beat scythe kronos and earth eagle teaming up on him. So I highly recommend this beyblade and everyone vote for phantom orion B and I recommend you buy at amazon. I bought it for 17 dollars.

Phantom orion I have to admit it is not the best bey ever. It does have great stamina power and defense. It beat my dark bull, custom aries, and fang leone. However it did not beat my earth eagle

Phantom Orion has beaten 87/89 of his battles and beat Earth Eagle, Rock Leone, Galaxy Pegasus, Meteo L Drago, Burn Fireblaze, Flame Libra, Storm Pegasus, & Hell Kerbecs 7 times! And it has beaten twisted tempo 29/29 out of the times I've played him!

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10 L-Drago Destroy

Very powerful attack power and can also drain energy from the other beyblades. He is also quite special, having the metal on top of the clear wheel.

He has a huge strong attack that brakes beys!

L'Drago, if launched well can defeat any bey easily. He is worth what you pay for him.

In my opinion, this is the strongest bey ever, having an attack mode and a drain mode.

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11 Twisted Tempo

It beats my Meteo-L Drago. So awesome. Go buy it right now.

It's the best. My friend has this cool bey he beat every one. THIS IS THE BEST BEY you could ever find. You see that.

It has a lot of defense and stamina. I beat my friends my brothers and sisters. IT is my opinion of the beyblade awesome very good.

to get a good chance of winning

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12 Big Bang Pegasus

Big Bang Pegaus F is a 4D Beyblade and has the following components: Facebolt, Clear Wheel, PC Frame, Metal Frame, Core and Bottom - Final Drive. The Final Drive Tip allows it to attack at the center of the stadium as well as the outer part of the stadium. The Final Drive will first star of as a semi- flat tip, allowing it to attack the beys at the center of the stadium. After losing speed, it then switches to a Rubber Flat tip, allowing it to vigorously attack the beyblades on the outer parts of the stadium. Big Bang Pegasus has 4 modes : Barrage Mode, Omni-Directional mode, Upper Attack mode and Smash Attack mode. This modes can be switched by switching the position of the PC Frame, Metal Frame and the Core.

Big Bang Pegasus is a very good attacking Beyblade and hits most beyblades out. Although it has poor stamina, it would have probably hit the opponent out of the stadium before its stamina dies out.

Big Bang Pegasus F is well liked by many people and in my ...more

Big bangs great he starts with good attack and stamina then burst with amazing attack while its opponent is weak and wins. It has two metal wheels and two energy rings. So over all I give 8/10 compared to storm who I give a 4/10

Awesome bey. Its starting speed is amazing. Good counter attack

Beat all my beys like all the metal fusion ones and a few of the matal masters

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13 Gravity Perseus

I like him because he has two beasts one is Medusa next is a Gladiator but he only has one special move and no evolutions but he has counter and defense like the peep on the bottom. And it gets power from every single Beyblade it fights. And I have it that's my opinion of him being good.

He spins two ways which is kind of handy.

Gravity Perseus ROCKS! He can spin left and right and he has two modes counter and defense

This bey is good because you can switch the energy ring and make it eather attack or defense

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14 Poison Serpent

The poison in Poison Serpent really works on beys because he gets more power by each bey being beaten by him!

I think poison serpent is the 2nd bey because his metal wheel has 15 blades and it has good balance.

this bey can shock up rock leone and earth eagle

It's awesome I'm getting it tomarrow night

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15 Lightning L Drago

If anyone actual has a attack stadium you would know l-drago is amazing. The hasbro stadiums suck! L-drago can KO earth eagle and other stamina beys easily, and can usually outlast good defense beys. And 100 and hf aren't bad either. And really guys... Hasbro gave it good stats and it looks cool, get real

It has beat dark libra, galaxy pegasus, cyber pegasus, and so much more! VOTE FOR HIM!

This is a great bey and looks really cool too.

He is the best

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16 Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf, combined with all the components is a very useful bey because he can freak other beys out with his ultimate speed ripping through the beystadium with full speed and power. He can knock a beyblade out easily.

I think dark wolf 3nd beyblade because it can good attacks block and it is my
favorite beyblade

I like dark wolf he is a good bey and in my opinion he should be higher up he beats pegasus virgo libra storm pegasus sucks because he loses balance easily and has bad stamina I flame serpent sw145 f should be here to he is a good bey

Not So better than other Beys

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17 Fang Leone

he is so god I was like ok special move 1000 fang fury and then my buddy was like oh no because I snapped his EARTH EAGLES tip track wheel clear wheel but not face and I was like ha... hahah... bwahahahahahahah

Fang leone is good because it can change two modes and it can kill all my Beyblade examples basalt horogium, flame byxis, storm pegasus and dark wolf. It is very cool!

He is the sweetest bey ever he can just like dig into the side of the other beys and take them down in a matter of seconds. Also if he collides with a Beyblade on a big impact it will give him energy not slow him down. He is the beastest bey ever

It beat all my beys and shared l drago destroyor

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18 Diablo Nemesis

What! How could you put Diablo Nemesis in 34? I bought him and it blasted my twisted tempo in one shot! It also blew my earth eagle straight out of the stadium. It has strong attack and stamina and defense. But it, you will never regret it.

I never seen this Beyblade loose, just it. He has Great attack, Great defense, and isn't crazy like most of attack Beyblades who spin around like a dumb.

Learn from this boss. You guys do not understand he's heavy, has crazy attack power, two modes, amasing stamina and looks like a beast

Nemesis is so good! hazen't anyone watched metal fury?!

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19 Flame Saggitario

this bey is one sweet looking bey which is liked by all

"This bey is one cool bey and has good stamina. One of the best Beyblades eve

awesome bey beat all my beys but my... EARTH WOLF 105 WD

Nothing beats this one

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20 Earth Virgo

This beyblade has a totally insane spin rack that can keep the bey standing strong and sturdy for almost forever. His Gravity Bowl Spin Track keeps him standing stronger than ever and never letting and beyblade touch him until he is weakened.

I think earth virgo is the best because he has a great balance he can spin the longest he's the strongest bey blade.

I've beaten everybody with him he'll keep spinning when ever he hit's my fan I've got him to 75,000 with him!

He's my most favorite bey blade.

This bey can totally beat earth eagle but the only bey this has ever lost to in it's whole history of being by my side is give it up for STORM CAPRICORN!

Spun for 4 minutes

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