Derrick Levasseur - Big Brother 16

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Derrick is SO good at Big Brother that he's almost TO good. He ended up making the season boring because it was very clear from about the third week that Derrick was going to win. He was good at compititions, but not good enough that he was seen as a threat. He managed to make everyone he was alligned with feel like they mattered and he needed them, assuring that no one would turn on him. He was able to make people who were no where near as dangerous as him much larger targets (Donny, Frankie, Nicole, Zach, etc). Not counting the final three, he was never nominated, an immpressive feat considering that the BoB twist made even more people get nominated at once. And to top it all of, he was a master at sending people out of the house thinking positivley of him. No one left the house thinking "Derrick got me out, what a jerk" they were thinking "Derrick got me out, damn he's good". While Derrick might seem like a slam dunk for the next All Stars, he might not be in it, because he's SO ...more

Derrick has been running the entire house, undetected, from Day 1. When Nicole finally caught on, he orchestrated her eviction. The other players are so blind that Derrick is the one making the nominations and choosing who leaves each week, all while acting through others so that nothing can be pinned back on him. His social game is OUTRAGEOUS and far above anyone elses this season and most seasons past. He's going into the final 4 with NO nominations thus far and a good reputation with the people going with him. Jury members have started to figure it out, starting with Hayden and Nicole who were promptly booted one after the other, not coincidentally.

You gotta give it to this guy. Derrick has orchestrated alliances, deals, etc and the boneheads in the house believe him. He's not a physical threat, but he's still strong. He's got an excellent social game, yet it doesn't get annoying as other houseguests have played it. He's not a floater. He's playing the best game in the house. He deserves to win this game.

He played the entire house as pawns and nobody noticed. WHO COULD DO THAT?! When he evicted people, they felt guilty and bad towards Derrick, when in reality, he was sending them home with a master plan. This shows that he has a great social game, and is a MASTER manipulator. Finally, he was a very underrated competition player, who would've won more comps, but didn't need any blood on his hands. The best big brother player EVER!

It is really annoying not seeing Derrick in the top ten. He is the only person to control the entire house for the whole season. The guy was involved in every single alliance, made the most amount of money, got people out before they could turn on him and WAS NEVER NOMINATED ON A SEASON WHERE 4 PEOPLE WERE NOMINATED PER WEEK! The guy was entertaining to watch and extremely easy to root for. So, Please put him in the top ten. - ZachAttack123

Amazing gameplay. With his manipulation he managed to never be on the block. That is truly incredible. The only reason he isn't number one in my mind is because Dan has done it twice and made it to the final two both times and should have won both times of not a bitter jury. If he were to go on an all star season and get final 2 I would say Derrick is the greatest but because he's only been on it once I have to say he is second all time.

The guy played a near flawless game and angled himself perfectly into every person's plans and alliances, but let them all feel as though they came up with the idea on their own. He belongs in tier 1 of players with Dan and Will because not only did he play a strategically flawless game, he did it with the ability to gain and maintain power with a house that was full of competitors and gamers unlike some previous seasons. - xjlatino

Derek is the best player ever! Has never been in danger of being nominated, has 3 wins also. He gets whatever he wants and has pulled the strings since the 2nd week. Everyone has fallen into his trap. Everyone has handed him the money. He makes everyone believe that Frankie and Christine are masterminds when in reality, HE IS THE MASTERMIND AND WILL WIN!

Derrick gained the trust of almost every member of the entire house along the way, and managed the jury in a way never seen before on Big Brother. Him evading the chopping block, even with the BOB twist that made it so likely to be nominated every week, is nothing short of spectacular. His game play ranks him easily in the top 3 players in Big Brother history.

Derrick is definitely one of the best ever. He deserves to be in the same conversation with Dr. Will and Dan. Every single eviction was orchestrated by him and he was NEVER on the block. In a season where 4 houseguests were nominated during most of the weeks, to not be on the block once is incredible. He managed to balance both alliances, Team America and the Detonators, and understood when it was best to throw a competition or all out in a competition. It's a joke that he is ranked 9th. Easily in the top 3.

Its funny how everyone thinks Christine and Frankie are running the house when in actuality its Derrick! I hope Derrick wins! Playing the best game out of everyone in the house right now

He is funny! He looks like a chipmunk!

Half way through the season Derrick is starting to resemble some of the greatest manipulates to ever play this game. No blood on his hand, no targets on his back, but he still chooses who goes home every week.

I believe Derrick has the making of one of the Top 5.. But I'll say Top 10 for now. He hasn't had a second appearance on the show yet.. Which is key of many top players of all time.

His resume will keep him Top 10 regardless.. But will need a second season to be considered with the greatest to ever play the game

Best Big Brother contestant ever. He ran the house from day 1. He is responsible for almost every eviction yet has no blood on his hands. The houseguests love him, he was never once on the block and is going to run away with the money. Man, he was so much fun to watch. Made the season worth watching.

The only reason why his running the show is because his playing with a bunch of idiots that can't make decisions on their own so they ask him. Why is big brother wasting the houseguest lives they should just give the 500k to him already.

I would rate him higher than the mole Ian. He's played the best game I've seen. Maybe because he is a cop and can do undercover has helped his game completely. Amazing. And he's giving his 5,000 dollars to his daughter's college fund. He deserves to win!

Derrick is amazing! He is the best puppet master, never evil or mean. He does what he needs to do to win the money for his family. He can kill at competitions when he needs to but he is so smart to work everyone into believing he is not a threat.

I was in awe of Derrick's game play from Day 1. He had the whole house under his control the entire time. Never nominated for eviction and both of the other final 3 were 100% committed to take him to the end. He was a genius!

He is not the best, he was in a house with 14 other idiots and Donny. Anyone could've beat that cast, it was the worst cast out of any season

He is one of the only winners with a very very honest game. He was the only winner ever to never be nominated, and he could've came in third place if he didn't make a deal with Cody

Honestly, I think he is doing well because of his police skills. He can interrogate people and get answers out of anyone. Amazing player.

How is he not higher up on this list? Basically played a flawless game, controlled every single eviction and was NEVER nominated

I know he was the most recent winner, but I've been re-watching all seasons and clearly the greatest manipulator to play the game. At least top 5 all time.

Derrick is doing amazingly. He is a calm, cool person who thinks before he speaks. He is not taking himself too seriously and and is nowhere near a target. Doing phenomenally.