Janelle Pierzina - Third Place - Season 6

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Janelle Marie Pierzina is an American reality show personality known for her appearances on the sixth, All-Star, and fourteenth seasons of the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother.


I believe Janelle is the best player ever in big brother. She is known as the best player who has never won the game but her game play and her competition wins makes her the best of all time if you ask me. You don't have to be a manipulator to win the game or be the best. Janelle was loyal to every single person in her alliance up until the end. Everybody knew where she stood & knew what a target she was and she still managed to stay until the final 3. She also outplayed Dr. Will & evicted him from all-stars. If Janelle had won the final HOH she would have won Season 6 & Season 7.

Obviously one of the best competitors Big Brother has ever seen.

Against all odds she kept winning those comps and was loyal to her closest alliances. Janie used chill town just as much as they used her. Only one comp away from winning the whole thing. Boogie knew not to take Janie to final two because she would have won.

If Jim Brown can be considered the greatest football player ever without winning the super bowl and Citizen Kane can be considered the greatest movie ever without winning the academy award for best picture, then this buxom blonde can be the greatest BB player ever without winning BB.

She made it to the final 3 in two seasons by being one of the biggest targets in the game. She won more competitions than anyone else in BB history and played an integral role in the alliances she had.

By Far the most popular houseguest of all time. She won all the people's hearts. I was truly sad when she got married. She should be number one.

Great competitor, but a poor strategist.


She should have been hated by all from day one, yet always made it almost to the end.

She just got me so damn pumped up! I loved her!

Janelle just can't catch a break. She's even third place on this list!

Janelle should be number one! Best player ever. She won almost everything.
Best player big brother has ever seen. LONG LIVE JANELLE!

She should have won! So close! One of the best

All I can say is geez that blonde is a beast.

Poor Janelle... 3rd in 6, 7 and now this top 10 list.

The fact that she is below Maggie on this list is horrendous.

She should be number one fave big bro player ever

Totally robbed, Janelle's got the look, the brains, and she's nearly unbeatable. This girl truely is the best player in big brother history. I was chrushed when she didn't win the all-star season, But America loves U!

Poor Janelle she's always third!

Janelle on season 6 it wasn't luck she deserved to win competitions and luxury and other hated house guests like April or Ivette. And her all star season was even stronger she won 9 comps (5POV's and 4HOH's) and that record is still waiting to be broken which I never think it will. love you

Janelle is a great bb player and deserves to be first! She won more compotitions then anyone else!

I could not take my eyes off of her. If you were a man, who would't vote for her

Easily the best player to ever play this game. Socially, she dominated the game by using a lot of men as well as her alliance in both season 6 & 7 as well as tricking people into thinking shes dumb and THEN SHE DOES IT AGAIN ON DR WILL and sends him home as well.

Not only was she a social genius, she is the best competitor of all time with a total of 4 HOHs and 5 POVs all in one season.

Janelle proved that she had beauty, brains ^^ strength. Aside from her final 3 evictions, she saved herself by winning point of view's every time she was on the block. America loved her and had she made final 2 EITHER season she would have won jury votes. It's a no brainer at this point.

By far the best player I ever seen on BB. To have the entire house be against you but couldn't beat her to save their lives. This is when BB was good!

Entertaining to watch, Strong Competitor, Extremely smart and strategic. She should have won BB 6 & BB 7.