I have a Cube AMS 130 SL (2013) and it is without doubt the best all mountain bikes I have ever ridden. Although not cheap, it's frame and rear linkage is beautifully made and creates a responsive ride that absorbs small and big hits with ease giving you the confidence to go faster than you would think possible! Awesome components for the money, seriously lightweight and looks amazing! Highly recommend Cube and their German engineering and manufacturing.

Fantastic bikes, incredible value for money. My "reaction" is very stable, predictable and comfortable. I also bought some cube clothing and accessories and the attention to detail is perfect. Can say enough about them, highly recommended. (2014)

It's not just the handling or the ride on my 2007 Cube Stereo. It's the component integration. It's all so thoughtfully put together. Easy to work on. Keeps working with minimal maintenance.

I have Cube Analog'14 and it has great appearance, outstanding quality and very good value for money. When it comes to stuff that rolls, you can always rely on German engineers.

I have a cube aim and it's a really solid ride. The build quality is great and it's been fantastically reliable. Copes brilliantly on some tough terrains and it looks great.

Cube analog - it just feels indestructible, rides fantastic on tarmac, gives you great agility and is perfect for either the weekend countryside trek or a daily city commute

Just bought the 2012 LTD and it's a very good ride! All fitted components are of high quality, with the anodised frame and cool paintwork, these bikes are a great buy! I use a canal towpath on my daily commute, and get some good looks from the ladies too!

I have a cube aim sl 27.5 and it's a great bike for beginners and also for pro ( it's a competition line)- The bike have quality breaks and smooth ride with the help of remote speed lock out. It's a ride that will help you understand the perfection on a mountain bike.

One of the best bikes I have ever had

Got a Cube Sting 120 29, from release a few months ago, cracking bike, very well specced, and great build quality,

It's not at TOP 10 just because it's German brand and not known in all countries. But as I tested myself as professional biker, this thing is beast

Excellent bike for the money. Build quality up there with the best.

Best bikes ever. German engineered and quality. Better than Giant.

This is my bike. There are many like it but this is mine. Good bike, good value for money, reliable, superb paint job.

I ride cube acid 29... one of the best cross country bike I ever had...

Please don't tell anyone. These bikes are definitely the coolest. Don't let them become mainstream. Keep yours a secret. Amazing bike!

Cube is for me the best brand of bikes in the world, because it's a lifestyle brand.

Very good engineered frame geometry. Nice colors, very good parts. Responsible support from Germany.

Great Bikes, come highly recommended, good spec, good quality. In my view certainly up there with Specialized pound for pound.

Have a Cube Acid for 6 years now -- really reliable piece of hardware!

I have a cube attention, good parts, reasonably price, nice bike.

I've been using Cube 29er and it really rocks according to my type of ride, road or trail

Got a cube acid 2014 great bike wouldn't change if I could

There's no doubt these bikes are build for benders

Great value for money. Excellent bikes.