I have had three over the years and I have never regretted it. My latest is the Response. Adjustable forks, beefy tires, and bulletproof frame. Some say that the derailers and cassette is lacking, but put the rapid fire triggers and a proper adjustment and go pound the dirt.

Just bought a 29er overdrive hard tail complete and the ride is incredible and I didn't have to break the bank. $500 can get you this awesome mountain bike with great looks and durability on the trails.

Very good, long lasting, couldn't think of a better bike. My son bought one last year, still has it no marks no squeaks, brilliant just brilliant

Still have my 1998 diamondback response with 7005 alum 22 frame- mint condition... The build up of collateral coronary arteries from riding this bike literally saved my life.

Diamondback with higher level SRAM components... Tough relatively light and smooth. Looks good and performs with Rock Shox mid end fork with lockout and fully adjustable rebound. You can spend thousands more but if your not a pro this set up is incredibly bullet proof and affordable!

Best bike I have the response and it doesn't have stiff shocks so it is so boss and swag. I call is the swag monster

I just picked up a Diamondback Atroz not too long ago. I put over 160 miles on it thus far. It's a very comfortable bike built for the road or trails. In my opinion as someone who rides almost daily I love this bike and plan on keeping it. Id recommend!

I love my Sorennto. Ride it daily to work, street, trails etc. Solid comfortable and dependable bike. I also have a Trek and Specialized, although those are more high end, my Diamondback is my main bike. As long as I as I do the maintenance and clean it, I have no problems.

I have two great bikes from diamondback had them for about 5 years not had any problems with them. great bike make

Where on earth can you find anything more reliable than going and saying "i'm here about the diamondback'

This bike is just simply awesome... Riding one for years :D

I just Bought a overdrive sport 27.5 and got it from Diamondback website for $500. $200 off the regular price and I'm very happy with this bike.

I got a Diamondback Overdrive and it rides super smoothly and I got it at a very good price

AWESOME BIKES! One of the best bikes I've had. It rides great and can go up and down anything!

I think the diamond backs are one of the best brands in the world

Expensively designed bike for a economic price and great value.

Mourning the loss of my 23 yr old Ascent EX recently taken off my front porch in small town MI. My husbands 27 year old Ascent EX was thankfully left behind. These bikes have not received TLC, but keep providing service.

I love the frame it stands up so good on the 10 foot jumps.

I've had my bike for at least 15 years and it looks great

Diamondback makes the best bikes I have ever seen

I've never had One! But I think my dad said he had one!

I have a silverback it's a Slade4 sport and I love it

I have a 20 year old Diamondback and I love it... - benhos

Supreme bike, been better every day

I own one, sorta good, love the suspensions on it, but the brakes aren't disc and the gears tend to break quite easily, had mine for 3 years and puttons of miles onto it, good for jumps though.