I used My Marin Palisades Trail 29ers since 2010

Best ever - it's more than Mercedes among cars.

Bought a Jamis Dakota in 1993 and rode it for about 5 years. Quite riding when my back starting hurting badly due to herniated disks. My prayers were answered to ride again when I bought a 2013 XC7 Rift Zone (full suspension). I'm 53 and can shred the trail again with my 20 and 22 year old sons. All of us are riding Marins. Very fast and comfortable. I love it! Been riding two years now and my back is feeling better than it has in the past 20 years. Great bike. No problems.

Bought an Indian fire trail in 2012, super light and fast xc bike. I love it

I just purchase a 2014 XC7 Rift Zone and I really like it, is fast and confortable to ride, after using my old specialized for many year was time to get a new, I purchase a Marin for good quality at a lower price.

Before one month I bought my second Marin. Good feeling on the bike, very good frame and nice design. I like very good position on bike and geometry

It's perfect bikes for beginner until expert.

2012 Marin Bobcat Trail... I love the frame/geometry. Climbs like a goat and descends like a fire ball.

Marin's new product rocks. I've got one of their new Attack Trail models (27.5-inch), which I've been using for enduro riding in the past few weeks - it totally changed my perception of quality in this category. Plus its design looks just awesome.

Good looking. Excellent frame. Good position for a ride. Now I buying my second Marin.

I have a bobcat trail 2011 with hydraulic disc pretty amazing

I've had one for years, great bikes

I just bought the 2012 Team CXR 29er, and it is, so far, the best bike I've ridden. It's light, climbs over everything easily, and descends quickly. The steering fells like I'm riding a 26er, which is a big thing for me. GO MARIN!

I have a Bolinas Ridge 29er and could not be happier! I am a beginner with the desire to use mountain biking as a way of getting back into shape after packing on quite a bit of weight after smoking. This is my second bike and straight out of the box it is an extremely comfortable and smooth ride.

I bought the CXR team 29er, and I love it! It rides very well, the float 29 front fork is incredible and makes the ride so much easier. It climbs no problem then descends very quickly. It has given me the confidence that I have never had with any other bike. Marin, you guys aced it with my bike! Hopefully it lasts me ten years!

Have had Gary Fisher and Giant mtb's in the past but love my Marin!

I have my Palisades Trail for 14 years, uncountable kilometers, visited three continets and it is still kicking and looking great. Almost like a long time friend.

Marin will always be in my heart also! The 95 hawk hill was my first. I liked it so much that I went back at the end of the summer and bought the Eldridge Grade. after 12 years I bought the Top of the line Scandium-Aluminum Team Issue. This year I got the Carbon CXR.

I have Rift Zone XC6, Perfect design, very comfortable, I like it more than my previous one(Merida).

Great bike I have a Bobcat trail and looking forward og getting a Rift Zone next year!

Marin will always be in my heart! Its what got me into bikes 94 bobcat trail it was so nice I kept it for 7yrs until it got stolen, they broke my heart. Marin were and still are the best and best of all you can't nip to tesco or halfords to buy 1.

I have owned Marins since 1994 and absolutely love them - The sales man would have to be seriously good to tempt me away

Just got my 17" Bobcat Trail and can't wait to ride it on summer time. The bike looks nice and very light. The only thing that I did not like about it is the Suntour Raidon fork I wish that they should have put in a Rockshox Recon on the bike other than that I really like the bike. Thanks

I have a 2014 Pioneer Trail (Bolinas Ridge 6.2) - it's a well engineered bike (I am a mechanical engineer); the shot-peen process on the hydroformed 6061 aircraft aluminum alloy has created a very strong and durable frame. The component mix although inexpensive is good quality (Schwalbe Tires, Alex Rims, Shimano Drive train, Suntour XCT suspension fork). As an engineer I know how much things cost to manufacture and this bike is a great value and it has great performance as a cross country bike (it weighs 30 lbs). I am impressed by Marin's well thought-out designs combined with proven in-field testing.

Great Mountain bike maker love the new Mount Vision and Rift Zone design!