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241 Amaniz
242 Moots

I've got a moots smoothie and love it. Rides like an absolute dream. They load their bikes with great components and amazing frames. Top notch quality. The bikes could be considered art - pretty much costs the same.

Cutting edge development superb craftsmanship.

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243 Python

These bikes has something in its frame...

244 Alubike

Great frames, good disigns and with high components they are like planes in the mountain. Recomended.

245 Whistle

Bought this bike to get fit, do some light trail rides, get out with the kids and I absolutely love it. Brilliant lightweight frame, well balanced and very comfortable. Regularly do 20+ miles and no sore hands or butt!

Excellent bike! Thought id try a brand that was underrated. I am a hardcore mountain biker, I put this bike through its paces and has proved its worth, definitely by the same brand again

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246 Novara

Fast and solid bike, good looking,fast shifting, I ride it every day to work, much similar to my 1998 TREK (spare bike) excellent bike and I love the price

247 Wilier Triestina

Mine is 705 XC model.. Satisfied with the performance and lightweight.. Stability and cornering is the best from my previous ride..

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248 Federal

Use it for years... I mean decade... I mean 2 decades!

I bought my 1st Federal in 1987 and still in good condition. In the last 3 years, I bought another 4 unit in different type... they are used-cycles... No doubt that the frame was made from the best material!... It becomes a trending topic in Indonesia to have a FEDERAL (used cycle, of course! 1 since it was stopped to produce in 1996.

I have been using since 1993 until present, no problem, very strong, its very good for me...

The best local bike

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249 Nicolai Bikes
250 Bandit
251 Epic

Epic is a nice frame

252 Nakxus V 2 Comments
253 Nishiki
254 Rapidino

Just bought the Rapidino Bronto Pro series 27.5". Light weight, and looks awesome!

255 Hyper

I have had a hyper for about two year, with over 2,000 miles on it. I have had no problems with it.

256 Carnielli
257 Oxford
258 Kalkhoff
259 Mountain Cycle

I have a mountain cycle shock wave and it has been a great bike Nice to ride Smooth over the big bumps, turns in well. The cock pit is small but that suits me fine as I am quite short On the best looking bikes on the mountain and always turns heads :-)

The company that started it all when it comes to full suspension and disc brakes. All the companies above owe MC for leading the way on the modern mountain bike. Unique designs, supreme quality, cutting edge engineering. For reference look at the models - San Andreas, Shockwave, Fury, Rumble, Moho, Sin and more. In my opinion best bikes ever.

260 Zenith

Truly the zenith of bicycles - Co0lk1d25

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