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241 Kalkhoff
242 Mountain Cycle

I have a mountain cycle shock wave and it has been a great bike Nice to ride Smooth over the big bumps, turns in well. The cock pit is small but that suits me fine as I am quite short On the best looking bikes on the mountain and always turns heads :-)

The company that started it all when it comes to full suspension and disc brakes. All the companies above owe MC for leading the way on the modern mountain bike. Unique designs, supreme quality, cutting edge engineering. For reference look at the models - San Andreas, Shockwave, Fury, Rumble, Moho, Sin and more. In my opinion best bikes ever.

243 Zenith

Truly the zenith of bicycles - Co0lk1d25

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244 Triace

Nice design and comfortable

The worst bikes ever.

245 Benotto V 1 Comment
246 Balance

Awesome bike. Solid frame. Great quality for the price. If you can still find one, I'd recommend picking it up.

Great quality for the price!

247 Murray

Very affordable bike... If you just need the basic, try this one.

248 Alfameq
249 Relux
250 Subsin

Cool Looking and Fast PAced

251 Kinesis

Best frame for me, almost six years I'll used it. And good to my body geometry, tanks to kenises.

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252 Kreidler

Roots from most popular German motorcycle manufacturer of 20th century. Very ergonomic modern MTB bikes per reasonable prices.

254 Jorbi
255 PYGA Industries

Pyga industries produced the best aggresive trail, enduro bike for the South African market. Designed by frame specialist Patrick Morewood and acquired the patent license DW-link tech. Best suspension technology and frame geometry..

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256 Morewood

Simple world cup ride...

257 Thomson
258 Big Cat
259 Klein Bikes

I've had my Klein Attitude for probably 15 years now (before they were bought out by Trek) and it's still as stiff and responsive as the day I got it. Amazing bike.

Messed up list, isn't it? Klein is not in production but #260+ on a list? Even a 20 year old Klein should be in 1-15 on anybody's list.

MIT whiz made the first welded commercial mountain bike.

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260 Folker

I have folker bike super light, best handling and best design in the world.

This brand is from Indonesia. I like this...

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