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261 Duratec
262 Blackhart
263 Sportex
264 Univega

Smoothest bike I ever rode, so I bought it!

Great solid bike. Looks good feels good! Reasonable prices! A lot of cycle for the money!
Love my Alpina 29!

V 1 Comment
265 Rover
266 COMP
267 Berg Cycles

I�'m very happy with Berg bicycle have a great design and light frame is a good value for money - WOLF65

268 Miyata
269 Traction

The best bike ever...

270 Arrow
271 Rose
272 Asia Machine V 1 Comment
273 Republic
274 Motion

Best components, best Price

275 HASA

Good bike for beginner...

Great frame Taiwan technology they call hydro form process. From alu alloy frame 6061 to carbon frame. Great look and performances.

Hasa bikes are the worst peses of pppop

Great bike, it's been put together using world class parts and world class brand. I absolutely love it. you will straight away know it's a quality product.

276 Trayl V 2 Comments
277 Magellan
278 Komax

Very nice design and affordable bike

Nice design and very good bike

279 Surly

WHAT THE? Surly should be closer to the top ten than this. I have owned a LHT for 10 years, I have ridden it fully loaded across Australia (6000km's) and all up it has done over 12'000 km's. The only thing I have ever had to replace was the chain, due to it stretching. Which is fair enough after being heavily loaded for 6000km's. Surly adorn their frames with top end components for reliability and I have never broke a spoke, even from riding over rough ground fully loaded. Surly still care enough to make steel framed bikes and anyone who has done a lot of riding will know steel frames absorb more of the bumps. It is a beautiful bike to ride, smooth and comfortable. Surly put a lot of engineering and thought into their products.

I have owned many different bikes over the years and still have six hanging in the shed, Giant, Wheeler, Indi 500 (steel frame built commuter), Peugeot, Haro and my Surly.

I love my Surly LHT.

But at the end of the day, horses for ...more

Seriously? These guys are a small(ish) maker but they were pretty much one of the first brands to come up with the fatbike (the pugsly) and the 29er plus (krampus). They make other great models too. I have a karate monkey and my father has a krampus. They are good bikes, pretty basic (steel hardtails) but the makers know what they are doing in making these bikes.

280 Repco
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