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341 Xcross

The best bike in the world

Nice bike... It fits me

Like my xcross 2014

342 Nekro

Best bike for everyone. It kenda tyres work very smoothly and nice grip it has. Nice to ride and comfortable for everyone.

343 Calle
344 El Gallo
345 Kands
346 Jeep

Good bikes wait upon upgrades...

347 Merlin

Merlin #300+ on a top ten list destroys all credibility that the list is accurate.

V 1 Comment
348 GMC

The best feature of the GMC Denali is the Shimano derailleurs. Have been running 3 years without any problems.

349 Black Market
350 Scapin
351 BeOne
352 FRW
353 Everest

Build like rock 8 years now still going strong it's a beast Everest Flash E-240

354 Sunrun Bikes
355 Milano

The true supermarket bike!
Forks weak brakes dodgy

356 ML Wang

I owned a XCM, is tough and nice to ride bike. It handles very well and very reliable. The frame design is strong and having high tech look. Not those plain round tube frame. Price is reasonable with good parts. I have no regret own one.

357 Racer V 1 Comment
358 Lexion
359 Cosmic

Too good and does not break fast

Good looks, performance compromised.

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360 Patria
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