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21 Jamis

I am 'Dirt Jump' and 'All Mountain' bicycle player... And I just bought Jamis Komodo 26" and I am well satisfied with it... The frame strength is so amazing and it extremely stable.. I hope Jamis can keep Komodo serial in future... I very like it! Go.. Go.. Go Jamis Komodo!

Hope in the future all Jamis mountain bikes still use 7005 grade aluminium, that's great aluminium and sturdy for mountain bike frame... Anyway.. Jamis is the best brand to me.

I like Komodo.. Nice bike and very strong frame.. Love Komodo!

Hi all...I'm from Jamis bicycles is very famous in our country...I'm proud with Jamis bicycles brand...✌

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22 Raleigh

Raleigh's are on the comeback. They slipped a little in the past but the bikes are top notch now and still priced well. The Euro pro team is going to help with the dated perception some people may still be hanging onto.

Their bikes are very long lasting, I had a Mountain Bike from Raleigh brought in 1990, and till today, it's still running well with its upgraded components!

This is the first 'branded' bike I own, (I would not consider Wal-mart bikes as 'branded'... More sort of generic) and I have had very good rides on it, both in paved and dirt roads, being the longest a 50 mile ride along the baja coast, it performed excellent going up hill, very light, and on the way down it it zoomed up to 45MPH very smoothly, no vibration, no shakes... Very pleased with mi bike, wonder why it's so up in the rankings...

it is best

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23 Shimano

Shimano is the best bike... Every bike makers use Shimano parts... Like Disk breaks, HUBS, WHEELS, and Cranks, Chains,

I recommend Shimano for every person who looking for best quality brand super faster machine... (y)

The most reliable bike ever..

Shimano components almost present on every bike. Its either sram or shimano here in RP. Doere group set is the best

Shimano posistron

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24 Polygon

So people think that just because polygon bikes are cheap, means they are rubbish. But this is all wrong. I recently got their entry level duel suspension bike and I absolutely love it. It is great quality and feels great, no regrets and I would totally recommend this bike to anyone. So done spend 3 or 4k on a fuel suspension bike, just get a polygon, as they are just as good if not better, for a quarter of the price.

The best Indonesian Product with international quality

I just bought this mountain bike, and man it's good. I would recommend to ANYONE

The price is very affordable but good quality

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25 Mongoose

I had my mongoose mountain bike for 3months and it drives me crazy. I just love riding it because it is incredibly comfortable to ride any trail you go. It is a lot more affordable. And stylish among any brands

Mongoose is a brand for sporty people, not pros. Keeping in mind that not all their bikes are manufactured for a competition-like performance, they still offer a solid feel for an affordable price for not-so-picky riders. Their bikes are pretty durable, considering how much I've ridden mine continuously for numerous years to everywhere from state parks and forest preserves to bike trails. It still performs perfectly with no need for large fixes. The brand itself has nicely styled colors, which is hard to come by with other mountain bike brands, and is definitely a great bike for families or people that like to keep active

Certainly the best bike I have ever owned. I am not an avid biker by any means but with shocks in the front fork and a shock absorbing recoil spring mounted on the frame makes riding a lot more comfortable than my old Huffy.

Anything is better than a huffy. But both brands are walmart bike which all suck.

Mongooses are complete junk, everyone I've ridden has either had a break problem or a handle bar problem. - Specialized32424

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26 Iron Horse

Very beautiful design and color combining, light weight and cheap. Have strong frame structure, can go all type of trail. If you buy this bike and another bike with same price, you will know the iron horse item is super quality. I have seven mtb, one of it is iron horse, another like giant, merida, norco that more expensive than iron horse but from all I choose iron horse because more comfortable, and very straching design. And another reason is, if we talk with our friend or anyone about mtb, we just need say IRON HORSE and your partner will automatically know the aroma of iron horse. Seriously cheap, from another mtb brand.

I like this bike out off all my old bikes it comes with 29" tires Its fast stops fast with the disc brakes it is a heavy for its size but it do have very good gears to help make it up the hill but once you go down hill it picks up a lot of speed makes you wanna wish you had more gears to make it go more faster. the only problems I had was changing worn out tires tire tubes and bearings on wheels and pedals. Well I do use it every day for the last 5 years so it do have many miles on it. I still like it fore the price I got it for. my bicycle is the sinister 6.3

I own 7 Iron Horse bikes and they are the best bikes I have ever owned! Most of the other bikes on the list above this brand don't actually deserve to be on there. Mongoose is one of the worst brands! If you want a cheap, piece of crap then don't get a Iron Horse. Well constructed and built in the USA!

Still riding my 20 year old AT70 with numerous upgrades to this day, great bike!

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27 SGM

SGM is nice specially when you upgrade it with high-end components. It's the best when you want a ride and have low budget. It comes with ordinary parts. I just voted this to support SGM but still the best for me is GIANT. Because its balance with durability performance and lightness is the best. They have the best tech. Only the price is not the best... Happy riding!

Budget bike. Relaxing to ride

3 years stock front shocks, they last long plus abusive riding no crack yet on frame.i'm lucky to have one...

Pang matagalang gamitan. Yung samin mag 4yrs na wala pdin napapalitang piyesa everyday ginagamit.

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28 Bianchi

It's frame is as sturdy as you could think of. The design has been superb.

I have a bianchi frame and it's the best frame I've used among others with highest price, the design is different from any others,

I'm stationed in Japan and the NEX sells is stocked with $300 Mongooses. Had 2 and each went bad. They both easily rusted and neither one had a chance to to taken out on the trails (Which is a shame because there are some good ones out here). I decided to go to a bike shop off base was will to shell out more money for the Kuma. A year later, I'm still in love with this bike and it still looks almost new even though I use it for daily transit and occasional trail riding

Cool cycle

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29 Canyon

Best STW-ratio of any frame (including Trek, Specialized and Cannondale), excellent value, consistent quality components throughout, anodized frames, great geometry. To sum up, the best bikes in class.

These brand give you TOP equipment and frames for a beautiful price. I have a Canyon AL 6.0 with 3 years of punishment and works perfect. I love it.

I don't know why they are so low on the list they make great quality bikes for a cheap price by missing the middle man

Best bike for the price, can't understand why it is so low

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30 Redline

Good solid bikes with decent components solid frames

Good bike that is comfortable and fast

31 Orbea

Got it 2 years ago to get fit. Ended up as my daily transport, 3 downhill events, various enduro events... No problem with it so far. Well happy with it, and I m sure my next one will be an Orbea

Great bike with good choice components

I have an orbea sate 2013! The battery of my car is about to go flat...

good bik

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32 Ghost

Ghost make good frames that can survive a massive beating good specs and rides smoothly

Awesome bike, looks great too

After using Trek and Specialized I went for Ghost just to try it. When Ghost bikes first launched in our country I went and got the SE 2000. The bike was really balanced and perfect for commuting. Now I got another Ghost SE 4000 (2014) and it simply beasts all other Brands on this price range. I would highly recommend Ghost other then Trek or specialized.

Great bike... for all types of pavement and roads

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33 Carrera

Takes a beating tough bikes had 2 carrera subway but one got stolen other one had to sell (had trouble with money) now I have brand new hellcat 29er tested off-road and on road. Started upgrading so far I got 203mm brake rotors planing to put hydraulic brakes and front double discs but 1000 dollars for front fork and hub is too expensive for me now but I hope to finish everything in one year.

Awesome bike, that has good overall performance and stability. Good for off road and trail riding, can handle a good amount of stick from me.

Cheap, great spec for the money!
I have a 2012 Kraken and use it to commute and off road. Given it some hammer and its real solid!

Cheap, great for mtb trails even if its hardtail I can still manage to do it on the hard routes.

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34 Felt

Best bike selection at great prices. I love Felt I got mine at live 4 bikes in bellflower I love it. Best bike I have ever had. Its Edit pro full carbon, full suspension full Awesome!

Felt bikes are very under rated

I'm 12 years old and I have felt nine trail and it is so cool

Suuper bike

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35 Fezzari

Quality bike at a reasonable price! I currently own one and I couldn't be happier with the purchase I made! The service that they provide is second to none! I'm currently looking for a hard tail, I guess I'm heading back to Fezzari!

Very good bike! Quality and price the best! I'm very happy

27.5" mountain bike is amazing. Great components and very competitive pricing.

36 Mosso

Design is contemporary. Very lightweight and durable. Affordable but the performance speaks more than the price. Used it for 3 years, not considering a change for now. It ifs not broken, don't fix it

Best mountain bike in the market. Lighter than other expensive brands. I have mosso 2608, it is very smooth and reliable. The color combination and design are simply the best.

I have the Mosso 2620 series. Absolutely feels lighter than other expensive brands. Nice on the climbs, power transfer is well felt thru speed. I recommend this frame for XC riders and recreational riders too.

Reliable, lightweight, affordable...

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37 Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear is a British television series about motor vehicles, primarily cars, and is a relaunched version of the original 1977 show of the same name, airing since 2002, and becoming the most widely watched factual television programme in the world.

Great for trail rides!

Simple yet sturdy.. What more can you ask for?

You say sturdy I say pooopy

38 Airwalk V 1 Comment
39 Claud Butler

My favorite. Light, smooth and off course very comfortable to ride for long time.

Bought a cape wrath fantastic bike for the money

My favorite one. Light, smooth and comfortable to ride for long time.

Quality bike

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40 Intense

Such quality (made in the US) and the geometry is fantastic. Although not cheap, it really great components and you get what you pay for.

Second to none up or down it eats the trails I have the carbine and it's a total dream

Strange. One of best ones.

Why isn't this brand on the top ten, these bikes are amazing, - Specialized32424

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