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141 Unis Saraevo

Very good bike,i drive 8 years witouth anyy problems,in the end I gifted to my cousin,and he drive it about 3 years with no problem :D

142 Windsor

Without question, the finest bike I have ever owned. 10 speed Windsor, 28 pounds, alloy, sun touring.

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143 G.s.Impex
144 Cervélo

A Canadian manufacturer of Racing bicycles. But they have some new Mountain Bike Frames. Right?

145 Schnell

Good brand, light weight, premium looks, can complete with all super bikes...

Elegant design, Lightweight. Good for Indian roads and hills

I have Schindler coupe 3.0 it's awesome to ride

I've been riding a Schnell Holts M218 for almost a year now...
Its been completely worthy of its cost...

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147 Nopsa
148 Veloce

Veloce is super good special to beginner...

It is a mtb from Bangladesh but if you compare with other cycles in this price, it will definitely be the best

It is very comfortable for Bangladeshi road. best bike for Bangladesh.

I'm from banglsdesh... I owned a veloce legacy... It's a cvery good bike with a low weight... Joss suspension... Very good performance

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149 Gallant
150 Charge V 2 Comments
151 Trax
152 AVP District

I saw a lot of bikers using avp units, that goes to show that this brand of bike is the best in the universe. Ray Julius can vouch for that. But his wife sold at only 500 bucks, so sad... tsk tsk tsk

AVP is the best bike in the whole wide world. Our engineer got one and has been enjoying it, imagine he's been traveling 24 kms. Every week and the bike is still in good shape until now.

This bike is good for training bike for kids or for bigginer bickers

153 Torpado

Got a folding bike a year ago for running errands... Great easy to ride confy bike al round.

154 Bones

Bones is likely my type because it have a full suspension... But I cannot find the website... Can anyone help me?

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155 Villiger
156 Axis

I think it should be above realeigh its wy better I had mine for 2 years now and it have been intense bicking and its stil fresh

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157 Fantom Bikes

Best bike

nice bike

158 Nibiru

Its nice bikes and affordable

Nice bike durable

Fast durrable bike...

nice bike

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159 Xyclone

Best yet affordable. For new beginners.

Awesome Frame Design!

Lightweight Alloy frame! love the design! Good for beginners

Good for beginners! love the frame design!

160 La Bici

La bici ventinove frame is cool, semi-carbonized frame made from Italy. Bike frame is expensive but very good quality!

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