Best Calls of Duty Black Ops Guns


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21 China Lake
22 RPK
23 Olympia
24 L96A1

Definitely the best sniper ever. Awesome for anything, quick-scope, sniping, ANYTHING! If anyone can help me, what is that scope with the two metal bars sticking out from the bottom? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

A really long gun and perfect for sniping with incredible damage.

O man this gun I love it quicks scopers dream gun better than the ballista

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25 M14

Best for pure team deathmatch. owns on Hanoi and firing range

26 Uzi
27 CZ75
28 WA2000 V 1 Comment
29 Python

Pretty good second weapon, 2-3 shot kill good for close range
And is always there to finish off an enemy when the primary gun
Needs a spank back into action

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30 PSG1

Best sniper out there, perfect for camping and a excellent rushing gun and with a ACOG at close ranges you can say hi to a 3.35 K/D like mine!

31 Mosin-Nagant
32 HK21
33 MP40
34 Sten
35 PPSh-41
36 MG42
37 STG-44
38 RDG-33
39 Panzerschreck
40 M72 LAW
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