Top 10 Best Christmas Presents


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1 money

definately... you can't ever go wrong with this! - pinkified

this is true you can nvr not accept this present - ballaboi17

Buy anything of YOUR choice for yourself, it is the best gift

Of course. You can buy what you want.

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2 laptops

Laptops are the way to go. Computers are great, without it we would have no life. that's what I tell Santa... - macrox16

This is what I got on Christmas 2008! I'm using it right now! I've always wanted 1! Thx SO much, Santa!

That's what I got this Christmas! I'm using it right now!

Hello! For Cristmas 2015, I wrote my Cristmas list in October and this is on it.

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3 A Car
4 Sega Dreamcast
5 video games

THis is the best game ever I have played and beaten it once and it has a ton of levels it lasts a year of gameplay

6 iPhone
7 gift certificates

My cousins, sister and I get gift cards EVERY SINGLE Christmas. AWESOME!

I get $50 Amazon gift cards

8 vacations

I love vacations for prensets who dosen;t

9 pets

My dog, Holly came home on Christmas. She is my best friend and always will be. - PianoQueen

10 clothes

Hopefully I get backyardigans clothes with Austin on them. I don't care if I can't wear them anymore. I want to look at Austin's cute face. - Ilovestephanie

Yeah, baby! lol. As long as the clothes are cool and not weird-looking.

Uggs are super cool! They are the best Christmas present you can ever get!

I got a paw patrol shirt for chismas

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11 Music albums

Lucky - SoldierOfFortune

12 sports equipment
13 cologne
14 movies
15 CD's
16 perfume

It smells nice and might be getting it today

17 musical instruments

Give me a Les Paul anyday

18 Uggs

Do you mean hugs? - TealBoyxx

19 Ranch Dressing Ranch Dressing
20 Stuffed Animal

I got plush Shiba Inu as an early Christmas gift this year

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