Top Ten Things to Do On Black Friday Instead of Shop

The United States has become a commercialized country to the extent that we equate capitalism, commercialism and democracy as all being the same thing. We are so materialistic that we spend an average of $90 per consumer per day - exponentially more than most other nations.

No day in the entire calendar makes American spending more obvious than the Friday after Thanksgiving - Black Friday. People have been trampled to death, shot, stabbed, killed in car crashes caused by early-morning drivers, and robbed in parking lots. Since 2006, there have been 7 deaths and 90 people wounded due to Black Friday shopping. All to get cheap stuff for cheap prices.

In the last decade there have been movements made to fight back against the spectacle that is Black Friday. One of these is National No Buy Day, an event meant to take back the Friday after Thanksgiving and not only buy nothing from eager sellers, but to give something instead.

In a culture that breeds so much excess, perhaps the bet way to give thanks is to actually GIVE thanks for all you have instead of giving thanks to manufacturers for giving you cheaper prices.
The Top Ten
1 Volunteer

Find a soup kitchen, shelter, thrift shop, something. Give change to a homeless person, give lunch to someone hungry. Give back to your community in some way.

You're helping people, learning, AND having fun!

2 Play Video Games

Yes! You can do this when it isn't Black Friday, too!

Poop more times a day

All the time I will

Don't even ask me that question I will always agree with that idea

3 Practice a Hobby

Learning the piano? Knitting a sweater? New BASE jumping fixation? Go out there and try it. Use the time to better yourself.

I'm not a big shopper at all. I would probably do something like this.

4 Start or Finish a Good Book

Moby Dick, Canterbury Tales, 50 Shades of Grey (kidding about the good part), whatever you have laying around. Make yourself a drink, find a comfortable place to curl up, and use your imagination. There's a reason almost all good movies nowadays stem from a book.

I spend every Black Friday reading The Godfather, eating a nice plate of cookies and watching funny YouTube videos.
A lot of people over at my hometown spend every Black Friday fighting over a new T.V..

5 Go Camping/Off the Grid

What better way to revolt against buying something than to get away from everything? There won't be any temptation to slip and buy something when you are miles away from stores.

6 Learn Something New

If you don't have a current hobby to work on, maybe pick up a new one. Do you now how to perform CPR? Maybe you should learn something about it. How about the guitar? You see where I'm going with this...

7 Watch Football
8 Look On YouTube for Black Friday Videos

I do this every year laugh out loud..

Ha ha you're right...

9 Watch Christmas Movies
10 Sleep

Best thing in earth... Sleep

The Contenders
11 Watch Movies
12 Go for a Hike

Even if it's cold, snowy, and miserable outside, you can still enjoy what it is. Bundle up in the warmest clothes you have and pick a place you haven't been yet. Bring a camera if you have one and document your day. Put it on FB or Instagram if you like. Show off to other people that you are above shopping.

Amazing! All those beautiful hills and breathing in all that glorious fresh air. Keeps you fit and clears your mind.

13 Make a Fire Box

I don't mean a box that will withstand a house fire for your documents (though that's a good idea too)... I mean a list, collection, bag, something, to document that things you would grab in a hurry if there was an emergency. You don't have to gather them into an actual box but make sure you have the decision made in case the time ever comes.

14 Watch Youtube
15 Chores

I know that is a dirty word, but try a simple experiment. Get some gloves and some cleaner and take 30 minutes and clean one thing. Don't get overwhelmed by thinking of your whole house as something to clean... Just pick one thing, like your toilet (the worst thing in your house to clean), and spend a solid 30 minutes doing nothing but that. Clean every single section of the toilet. Then once your 30 minutes is up. Take a break and admire your work. then move on to something else for 30 minutes...

16 Call your Family

Make sure your family members are also not participating in the Black Friday hubbub by tying them up on the phone - remember that it isn't safe to talk on the phone while driving so don't let them multi-task. Take the time to catch up on their lives in a way other than short comments on Facebook.

17 Listen to Music
18 Play with your Kids, Pets, Neighbors...

Take some time to make a tradition out of spending time with those surrounding you not only on Thanksgiving but also the day after. Turn off your electronics and actually spend time playing with others. Do any of the other things on this list with a loved one, pull out your pet's favorite toy...

19 Set up the Christmas tree

Good to get it out of the way, like always get it out of the way. Save you pressure, and maybe lets not get the Christmas presents just yet. No your dodging Black Friday. Cool idea!

20 Stay Inside and Have a Quiet Evening at Home

Ahh... Total bliss! Especially if it's dull and cold outside. Wrap yourself in your duvet, stick on your favourite film and drink gallons of hot tea. Wonderful!

21 Go to a Store and Watch People Get In Fights
22 Eat Leftovers
23 Write Short Stories

Open your mind and let your imagination run wild like an hyperactive child.

Yes! I would totally do this!

24 Eat Chinese Food
25 Have Sex
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