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In your opinion, and your knowledge, what is the best city in Malaysia?
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Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur, officially the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, or commonly known as KL, is the national capital and largest city in Malaysia.

Big buildings, nice food, amazing malls, really cool houses and flats... You should visit this place sometime!

Better than other but singapore still nicer even jakarta is nicer

Beautiful city I would love to visit

Nice city I m coming soon

Kota Bharu

Even kota bharu is not the biggest city but its low profile make kota bharu so nature

You can find a lot of delicious food in Kota Bharu, like nasi kerabu, akok kedut, ayam percik, nasi dagang and much more! Kelantan cuisines are definitely the stars to this amazing country

Well, I think kota bharu is one of the most low crime index in the way, they have high educarion level.yea, you can find many students in local or abroad universities are from kelantan

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is the Metroplis of Borneo. Day and night, you can find everything from super cheap to super expensive. Night club is amazing - you name it : Choc Factory Club, The Bed, White Room, Q Bar etc. Amazimg supermalls: One Borneo Hypermall, Oceanus Mall, Megalong, Warisan, CP Mall, Asia City, Pacific City, City Mall, Suria Sabah. The food is amazing too, heaven of seafood! And the people are gorgeous & friendly!. Kota Kinabalu despite of all upcoming development, still people can enjoy nature at it's best. Love KK!

This is the real metropolis of Borneo! Day and night alive! As far as I know, I've been to few Bornean cities like Sandakan, Tawau, Kuching and Sibu, and all of them fall asleep during night. But KK in the other way alive! Real city nightlife of Borneo is here!

Peaceful, beaches, mountains and blue sky!

One of the best place to watch sunset.


A great mix of big city and tropical island with its awesome beaches and 7 floor shopping malls, love this place and the markets too selling nearly everything, I'm from the UK and never have problems with language here, a lot to do as we'll in the way of attractions and activities!

For me Georgetown is the best city in Malaysia. Of course because of its delicious foods, culture and other more.

Beautiful colonial buildings, nice food, good demographic, Singapore alike

Undisputable the best city in Malaysia

Shah Alam

The most beautiful city in malsysia

Tanah Merah

It just a town, not a city

Johor Bahru

Best city... Everything here... Huge space for future...

Future best city in Malaysia... Space bigger than KL and penang. Everythings are there in future.

Judge the city after 10 years

Entry Hub to singapore...


Delicious food like the Ipoh Shredded Chicken Noodles (Kai Si Hor Fun) and the legendary Ipoh White Coffee. And not to forget the pomelos! A beautiful city surrounded by limestone mountains, absolutely the best city in Malaysia!

I think Ipoh have more tasty food that Penang. I feel that Ipoh is like the Hong Kong of Malaysia with it British colonial era building and culture of eat dimsum which is quite similar to Hong Kong. Not to mention the Chinese Malaysian at Ipoh mainly speak in Cantonese.

The town where my school's at. Love it during the marathon day. Got to look the beautiful surrounding with the cleanliness.. yet, it is confirmed that ipoh is the cleanest city of Malaysia.

Ipoh might not be the most modern city but it is a very green city


Seremban has one of the most affordable housing and better infra structure over the past 5 years,good Council performance. Very important is good variety of excellence Chinese, Malays and indian food that are inexpensive,Keep it Up.

With low numbers of foreign workers as compared to Selangor Industries and Johore plantation, it seems more peaceful, moreover a lot of small petty traders allow many to cari makan.

Best city ever. How it just 10?


Here we have a little bit of everything. Beaches, river, shopping, nature, leasure, good connectivity with highway to the west and north. I live here man.

Its good here

Fabulous city

The greatest city of east cost

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Rantau Panjang

This is the heaven between Malaysia and Thailand & you can find a lot of goods which is originated from these two countries, from clothes to accessories and FOOD!


Excellent shops, excellent food! Best gourmet food in the world!

The most Beautiful city in Malaysia. I love the city very much!

Best city ever visited.. Top clazz facilities.

Makhota hotel rates r amazing.

Miri City

Miri is a small city, with not so much traffic jams. In Miri there are many shopping centres. Miri has beautiful beaches. Niah Cave is located in Miri, which is a historical cave. Miri is very near to Brunei, so Miri people like to go to Brunei, and some people (Brunei people and people living in Brunei) will visit Miri on Fridays.

Miri is nice, clean, well organized seaside city. The residents there are friendly and helpful too. Some places you should go visit to if you had never been there, such as Mulu, Niah and Miri coral reef national parks. Arrange a one day trip to brunei if you had extra time. An unforgettable experiences at Miri, will visit there again

Nice city to live in, not many traffic jam, well planned development, slower, peaceful, cleaner & less crime compare to other town. Good place to retire.

I was born and raised in Miri, as simple as that.

Kuala Pilah
Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya is the best city in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is close to it and the city is well planned. The city has a retail area 5 minutes away from any residential setting.

Sungai Petani

There are most successful city here in Kedah necessarily in Malaysia. Growth with successfully project such as mall, house and education. Food and drink price still under control when compare from another cities in Malaysia. Sungai Petani is best place to build Family. Within the most glorious new settlement, every people look for balance economy lifestyle.


The city is one of my favorites in Malaysia. If I must choose between Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, I would choose Putrajaya. Clean city, no traffic jam, futuristic building, nice people, beautiful sunset, mineblow bridge design, high class cruise with cheap price and much more. The only word I can say is THIS CITY IS INCREDIBLE!


It is rare to find a city in Malaysia that exists in such an easy grace such as Kuching. There are modern buildings overlooking the clean and beautiful Sarawak River with the legendary Mount Santubong as the background. The people are laid-back and friendly both to each other and outsiders. Racism is NOT tolerated here. You can find culture and ethnic in Sarawak Cultural Village and wildlife at Bako National Park not a long journey from the central city. Kuching is also like a garden city. Beautiful trees are planted everywhere. And the food! Kolo mee and Sarawak Laksa are must-haves! What's not to love about Kuching?

Kuching is definitely the jewel of Sarawak and East Malaysia, with its recent boom in shopping malls and beautiful greenery, Kuching is full of surprises for those who seek for it. Must visit places includes Damai Beach, Sunday Market, Main Bazaar, Cultural Village, Borneo Highlands, Jong's crocodile and many more.

Yes, totally agree. a livable, clean, and healthy city of Kuching being awarded by international Organisation.

SMK St. Joseph is the best school in Kuching!

Kuala Terengganu

Sandakan have a lot of nature park..

Peace to live here

Peace and no traffic jamm

Tanjong Malim

Lots of history in this town with many 1st achievement like the first railway line between Taiping and Port Weld. The Lake Garden is the best in Malaysia and Maxwell's Hill is one of the oldest hill resort un spoiled by too much commercialization. Food is cheap and the cost of living is low.


A unique town to visit in Malaysia.

Is most best city among the best city in malysia


Rich in culture

Food heaven with Blended Indonesian Malaysian & Philippines cuisine
Rich Local Mix blended Multi Culture
A Home to oldest Rainforest
A Harbour town
A Transit city to Semporna Island archipelago, the Lost world of Danum Valley at Lahad datu & The Lost world of Maliau Basin near Kalabakan, & a border with others Indonesia City
Yet Small city in size but pack with things to do
Seafood heaven
peaceful places, suit for retire citizen

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