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1 Davao City Davao City

There is no doubt that Davao City is the most progressive, most modern and highly urbanized metropolis in Mindanao. Unlike other major cities and despite progress, Davao remains to be generally safe for tourists local and foreigners alike. International brands flock the City and has been blessed with many firsts in Mindanao and even outside the Capital. High rise hotels, condominiums and office spaces abound in this city. Davao's soaring progress cannot be compared to other cities in Mindanao. Hence, touted as the De Facto Capital major Philippine corporations and banks established there headquarters in Davao.

Davao City, Best climate, best economic weather, best attraction, abundant in everything you need and clean and peaceful largest metropolis in the country.


Davao City, Philippines: Every August, witness DAVAO as it celebrates the bounty of its harvest through grandeus parades and extravagant street dancing in the GRAND KADAYAWAN MARDI GRAS!

Davao, Life is Here! Vote DAVAO CITY to the New 7 Wonders Cities!

It's so amazing in davao

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2 Cagayan De Oro City

Eight months after the typhoon sendong devastations, this city has picked up the pieces, stood up proud and has moved 2 steps forward. The resilience of the city has been manifested by the economic progress that it is currently experiencing. Investors are on a rush in putting up businesses in the area.

Its urbanity is almost the same as manila with a very low crime rate. The night life is unparalleled and are spread in different areas like manila and not concentrated on one street.

The White Water Rafting Capital of the Philippines.
The City of Adventures.
Home of Del Monte-Philippines and Nestle-Philippines in Mindanao.
The Gateway and Capital of Northern Mindanao Region.


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3 General Santos City

Very young city now adays, too much possibilities in developing gensan, too much potentials, resources, cheaper cost of living, cheaper price in foods, etc... Most livable and highly urbanized city, one of the fast growing city in mindanao, a business friendly city, and gensan is the logistical, commercial, retail and financial hub of southern mindanao... Tuna capital in the Philippines, soon to be in the whole world.

Gensan is home of the champions! Well-spring of winners in deed!

Yes indeed! A must visit city not only in Mindanao but in Philippines. Envision to stand out in international arena both in business and entertainment. Go Tuna Capital City of the Philippines!

My city

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4 Zamboanga City

Very Cultural, Young, Fun City. People are really kind

Zamboanga City can provide a decent living with its boastful economy. Land of many opportunities. A wealthy city that it got its eyes to elements to take over the city. Besides of every struggle it undergo it always emerge on top. Zamboanga City is one and can never be divided.

I Love Zamboanga! It's more fun in Zamboanga City! Mindanao's Best City, very young, a mix of Different Cultures, Languages, Religions, and many more!

Zamboanga City is known as pearl of the orient seas, one of the most improved city in Western Mindanao because of its historical heritage and landmarks blend with diverse culture.

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5 Butuan City

I'm from Butuan. Therefore, anything I would say about the city is surely true. It's improving now and growing into a semi-bustling urbanized city with the advent of new investors coming in to venture businesses such as malls, small and medium manufacturing plants, banking, financing and the like. The streets are busy during rush hours because of the great number of vehicles passing back and forth and the walking populace in sidewalks. It's expanding from north to south and west to east.

I would honestly say that Butuan is a fast growing economy in Mindanao thereby pushing it into a semi-bustling city in the near future. The rapid development and the rising of infrastructure projects elsewhere make a good symbol of progression. International and local investors poured in millions of pesos to the city. So, no reason why this former small town in the 1940s will not grow.

One of the most progressive cities in the Philippines I would say. With huge property developments by SM Prime... Robinsons Land... Filinvest... Vista Land... AB Brown... Plus upcoming Private Public Projects of the local government upcoming and ongoing, Butuan deserve to be on top 3.

Butuan city is also known as floating city.

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6 Iligan City

Yes, the amazing thing of Iligan City, it has no airport, not a regional center, not a capital in the province, less government Regional offices but it looks great city... Too big for a city which is not a capital and Regional center and even not a gateway to Mindanao because of peace and order situation.

Iligan City is a great city. Many people and politician from other cities tried to pulled down and deprived the big investors thru their tsimis that the PEACE and ORDER is unstable but if you will stay in Iligan, you testify that the people in Iligan City lives and works harmoniously. Iligan City is still the Industrial City of the Southern Philippines and It is a City of waterfalls.

Hence, I will invite the big investors to explore the City of Iligan. Invest and Experience the PEACEFUL and BOOMING ILIGAN CITY.

Iligan, is unique since among all the cities in Mindanao, it is the only city that has its own Electric power source( Hydro Electric Power Source) Blessed with water, and cheap electricity, Other cities envied ILIGAN's natural wealth since knowing the facts, investor would choose/cling on to less electricity and water expense.. Making bad comments about the city's safety and stability...ILIGAN, the pride of MINDANAO...

Home of the Best Lechon! City of 24 amazing and breathtaking waterfalls.

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7 Cotabato City

This city continuous to rise in midst of this political and petty crimes. As the new government of ARMM to Bangsamoro established, Cotabato City will be the capital city of so-called independent super region. Now, more and more foreign and local investors are coming and expanding in nearby towns such as Power Plants, Agriculture and Aquaculture. This means that as the capital city, there will be development in infrastructure and business. Very soon this place will have its own government, own land and own resources. Numbers of foreign donors are coming to help and build again this region. Why? Because there is something in this place that is rich of culture and specially natural resources. In future time, a new government shall rise in mindanao and stand up against discrimination.

I believe in God who created the heavens and the earth will blessed the Cotabato City even people judges it. If the people will continue to unite in love and respect in every culture and Muslims and Christians work together hand and hand there will be UNITY. Because in unity there is power. God bless Cotabato City.

For me, COtabato City is still great. it is the mother of all Cotabato Empire. Rich of Culture, rich of faith, rich of peace. Why? Only city in the Philippines where Christians and Muslim do not discriminate each other. Islams are enrolling their kids in catholic schools and catholic schools are teaching Islamic studies. what this means? It means there is really unity.

Food here is best for Muslims, many establishments are rising. low cost of living.

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8 Valencia City

Undebatable, Valencia City to be called Golden Harvest because it offer good living for the people who seek for it. This city is rich in wonderful natural resources that will persuade the tourists.

If Iligan City is the city of falls then Valencia City is the CITY OF CAVES.

Wooh Valencia city best among the rest...!

This City in Bukidnon is now showing it's possibility to be an urbanized one because of it's under construction Robinson's and Gaisano mall of Valencia.

Simply the cool city in the heart of mindanao. The Center of trade and commerce in bukidnon.

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9 Koronadal City

The regional center of soccsksargen. Home of university of the philippines school of health and sciences in mindanao, home of philippine science high school and philippine science and halal laboratory center in the country. A bustling city in the south. A big city of dreams!

Young and vibrant! A city with great potential. Come visit Koronadal and be amazed of what it can offer!

Small but cosmopolitan feel. The center of SOCSKSARGEN and one of the fastest growing cities in Mindanao. Certified most business friendly city in Mindanao and Philippines for 3 years.

The fastest growing city of the philippines...Koronadal City

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10 Malaybalay City

The weather of this city is so pleasant, preferred by Caucasians. Amenities are available and friendly locals. The city has been experiencing retail, agriculture, agro-industrial and service sector expansion.

It has probably one of the largest and prettiest parks of the Philippines, morning fogs, treks to different mountains, horse riding, mall, loads of restaurants, coffee shops and even a cozy resort that produces insect eating plants. The whole city is air-conditioned thanks to an average 650m elevation, much cooler than other cities in Mindanao.

Malaybalay is known as "South Summer Capital of the Philippines. It has the population of about 155, 000, 70% are Christians and 20% are Muslims

Cool weather

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11 Tagum City

The palm capital of the Philippines, the truly Mindanao's great city! A city in perfect harmony.. Tagum city is the only city that has the state-of-the-art new city hall, the only city that has the state-of-the-art school buildings. Tagum city is clean,.

Visit tagum city the home of festival, the city of parks, the widest highway in mindanao sorounded with palm trees, the banana beach the only beach in the world inside the banana plantation. The music capital in the philippines, the most beautiful public cemetery in the philippines, the city of paving blocks, the durian capital in the philippines. The city of river cruise.

No other cities in Mindanao that had been planned well in terms of road infras, tourism facilities, zoning and accessibility. Thanks to the good governance of Tagum and Davao del Norte. Tagum, you're the one!

The friendly business city

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12 Pagadian City

Straddling the bottleneck of zamboanga del sur by the moro gulf, the city of pagadian strategically links the zamboanga peninsula with the rest of the massive island. nicknamed the Little Hong Kong of the south.

Go go" my place of birth pagadian :-)

Its a modern city lots of hotels

Nice there

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13 Marawi City

I hope the Philippine government will develop this city into a tourist destination of ARMM like what it did to Baguio City for the Cordillera Region. This City has a lot of potential, with its rich cultural heritage and cool weather. I just hope that the peace and order of this city will improve and be open to outside investors. Cleanliness of the city is also a must. - dalematian

The only ones Islamic City in the Philippines

I like this city for the climate and respectful women's...!

The cleanest City in the Philipines

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14 Polomolok City

A sub-urban city... The richest municipality of Mindanao and also home of dole Philippines... Pineapple capital of the Philippines

A soon to be City. - dalematian

Ehem... cagayan de oro is the pineapple capital of the Philippines...

Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon is the Pineapple Capital of the Philippines. Home of Del Monte Pineapple Plantations, the first Pineapple Plantation in the Far East.

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15 Kidapawan City

Kidapawan city is swiftly developing from its infrastructures:buildings, schools, hospitals, highways, etc.

Granted as number 16 as the most competitive component city in the Philippines out from the 50 cities surveyed and evaluated in the year 2013..

Kidapawan City is the capital city of North Cotabato. Dubbed as the City of Fruits and Highland Spring. The host of energy source called Geothermal Power operated by Energy Development Corporation (EDC). Kidapawan City is the gateway to th country's highest peak, the Majestic Mt. Apo. Come visit Kidapawan and enjoy the gift of nature that the Supreme Being poured into this place.

Kidapawan is one of a kind,Its trademark 'CITY OF FRUITS AND HIGHLAND SPRINGS' 2nd to Davao(entire Philippines).Kidapawan is located in REGION 12 which is commonly known as SOCCSKSARGEN. Also,it is located near Mt.Apo.Kidapawan has a population more or less 130 thousands.Thus,the city's landmark newly opened,it is called the 'RENDEZVOUS LANDMARK'.Kidapawan has an AWARD-WINNING school called KIDAPAWAN CITY NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL,it is one of the powerhouses in the region and all over the philippines,Also dubbed as 'TRADEMARK OF EXCELLENCE'.So, what are you waiting for? come and visit kidapawan to experince the BEST.

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16 Tandag City

Absolutely tandag city should be one of the top cities here in mindanao, in just a couple of years, after municipality into CITY.. Lots of good things happens in the city, more investors coming in the city, because it has a huge potential when it comes to business and also in tourism industry.. And I can say it that tandag city is a quite, safety and good place to live and to love..

Tandag is somehow the only city in mindanao that has a modern type design of boulevard, which enlightens the seashore of the whole city with its captivating shining lights which came from a expensive solar lightnings that are situated by the bay, thus with its peculiarity, it becomes a spot for the tourists to visit the city.. it is the only city which connected to the 2 islands namely Linungao Is... urbanization and tourism are also quite growing..

Tandag city is one of the most beautiful place in mindanao.

I love Tandag, peaceful city

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17 Surigao

What a beautiful city. Very clean and organize and easy to navigate. Impressive Boulevard and scenic vistas of the sea and islands surrounding it. I just hope the city government will develop and maintain the cleanliness of the boulevard and should not turn it into a pier of some sort for outriggers bound for the islands nearby.

Known as the City of Island Adventure. Surigao City is a Jewel in northeastern Mindanao. With its beautiful islands and beaches, visitors would surely fall in love with this small yet vibrant city. Surigaonons are known for being hospitable and friendly people. Not only that, the people proudly speaks their own language called Surigaonon. It is with great honor and pride that the people of this city and province was able to preserve its own language through centuries despite migration from neighboring provinces that speaks Cebuano. Surigao City is also very peaceful and is among the cleanest and greenest cities of the Philippines. The best time to visit this beautiful city is during summer and in the months of August to October. Rainy season is from November to February. Visit Surigao City and experience the culture of the surigaonon people.

Surigao is a fast growing city. I wish that the airport runway in Surigao City be extended the soonest so that tourists and investors alike will find it easy to visit Surigao City. Limited flights going to and from Surigao City is a big problem for tourist because they will have to endure the long travel from neighboring provinces just to get to Surigao City. This City deserves a good working airport that can cater an A320 aircraft and bring tourists directly to its destination. Surigao City afterall is a tourist haven of Caraga

I like Surigao City because of its wonderful, amazing,and beautiful tourist destination,And the people lives in is verry kind,friendly and generous that we will not experience in the other cities, Surigao is a Environment Friendly a lots of Mangroove plants at Sabang, I like also Surigao because this City is very Peaceful, so Come, live and Visit Surigao.

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18 Digos City

Because of responsible political leaders. PINAS

Nice place to live, almost zero crime.

Forever in the shadow of Davao City

A place where you can say it is a home...
A place within a city which is simple, nature lover, peaceful...
A place where you can say a passage from neighboring cities...
A place where you will love to stay...

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19 Dipolog City

Dipolog City is the gateway to Western Mindanao, fast growing city and an easy access to major cities such as Manila and Cebu, with a busy port and daily flight to the national capital. Offers wonderful nightlife especially in the famous Dipolog City Boulevard. Another thing, the city is clean and peaceful. I suggest everyone to visit the city.

Having been to so many places in Mindanao and Visayas, Dipolog has been the best I've ever been. It has something that you'd always look forward to.. Maybe because of the people and the cleanliness of the city.. For me, it's the best city in Mindanao!

Dipolog City is the best and clean city in the Philippines peoples are friendly and hospitable...

Gateway to the Visayas very near to Dumaguete City, Abundant Marine Life, Peaceful, Business Friendly, One of the competitive cities in the Philippines, Bottled Sardines Capital, Dipolog Airport, 2 seaports Pulauan and Galas, Capital of Zamboanga del Norte, Historical Places, Sports City, Affordable Food, Abundant Fruits, Major Exporter of Coconut Oil, Tourism in the nearby Dakak, Greeneries everywhere, Cost of living is cheap.

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20 Samal City

Born to be Island Garden City of Samal

This clusters of islands is presently known as the Island Garden City of Samal or IGaCoS after being declared as city in January 30, 1998.
The island offers world class choices of unspoiled beaches and niches which are ideal refuge to escape the hectic and fast paced urban life.
Its year round fiestas and celebrations provide entertainment to the visiting tourist.
Its terrain and unspoiled marine life are magnets to avid mountain bikers and divers.
Lined with coconuts, white sand and cozy cottages, its resorts offer the best venue to view crimson splays of sunset in the horizon.
Unspoiled underground caverns can be best explored by foot store myriad surprises for spelunkers to enjoy.
Vast rugged terrain waits for the bikers to conquer.
Each island visit promises a lot of places to explore...

SAMAL is a nice place many beautiful beaches and more of improvement,

This should not be a City

Visit Samal which celebrates 'Madyaw Hugyaw' this month...

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