Best Cities In South America


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1 São Paulo, Brazil

Not to envy Rio de Janeiro, has the best Carnival

Of of energy love it

2 Lima, Peru
3 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the best cities

4 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Undoubtly the most beatiful city because of his European style that makes her unique in this continent

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5 Bogotá, Colombia

An amazing city with a great clime, safety, and friendly citizens

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6 Caracas, Venezuela

A stupid murder city

A really beatiful city that is a valley surrounded of mountains, has a lot of trees that makes it kind of a green city.

Lol, i�'m from Caracas and the only good think about Caracas is the center side near Capitolio, the rest nothing special.

7 Santiago, Chile

Horrible place! smog all over the place! pollution, bad weather. Not a very big thing!

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8 Maracaibo, Venezuela
9 Medellin, Colombia

An amazing Colombian city that is still improving

10 Fortaleza, Brazil

Strong economically and beautiful.

The Contenders

11 Quito, Ecuador
12 Salvador, Brazil
13 Brasília, Brazil
14 Cordoba, Argentina

If I say that Buenos Aires was an European type of city, Córdoba is an European type of town, beatiful were Gustav Eiffel left a lot of great architecture too

15 Curitiba, Brazil

I Live in Curitiba, I love Curitiba, The Best City of Brazil

A great Brazilian city

16 Cali, Colombia

The city with the best beach thanks to the Caribbean

17 Porto Alegre, Brazil

The city has a lot of trees and a pleasant subtropical climate. It's a great place to live.

A lot of trees and a good subtropical climate leave this very pleasant to live

18 Montevideo, Uruguay
19 Bariloche, Argentina
20 San Luis, Argentina
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1. São Paulo, Brazil
2. Lima, Peru
3. Bogotá, Colombia
1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2. Lima, Peru
3. São Paulo, Brazil



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